The following is a growing list of recommended and related sites. Be sure to visit them!

Activist Post – Independent News Blog for Activists. Original articles, video and documents/legislation research pages, exclusive interviews with activists, liberty quotes, and more.
AlertsUSA – AlertsUSA offers a specialized emergency threat alert service for mobile devices. If you want to stay informed of breaking events in a number of ‘in your face’ threat areas posing a risk to you and your family, this service is well worth a look.
Armageddon Online – Featuring daily updated news about disasters, survival, science & astronomy, paranormal activity, war and much more.
Backdoor Survival (aka “The Survival Woman”) “Survival and preparedness tools for creating a stylish, sustainable and frugal lifestyle using self-reliance, thoughtful prepping and optimism.”
Food Storage Made Easy Jodi and Julie have put together a site that simplifies the whole food storage process.
Internet Prepper – The smart way to prepare. Some great prepper products at fantastic prices. Check them out.
ITS Tactical “Imminent Threat Solutions” – Started in early 2009 as a joint venture between Military Veterans and those serving in the Special Operations community, ITS Tactical has quickly grown into a definitive resource for skill-set information, tactical gear reviews and DIY projects.
Modern Survival Online A blog focused on survival, self-reliance, preparedness, firearms…and thoughts on the world today.
My Family Survival Plan – Keep Your Family Safe
My Food Storage Cookbook Megan’s got a great site that guides you through the process of cooking with your preps and making your own custom food storage cookbook.
OnPoint Tactical Tracking and Survival School “Legendary Skills for Today’s Professional.” My friend Kevin Reeve’s school. I highly recommend it. – “A survival blog for the non-survivalist”
Preparedness Pro Preparedness Pro is devoted exclusively to emergency preparedness in the categories of food (including cooking), water, first aid, self-defense, finances, and emotional preparedness.
Prepping Blogs – “Your Blog Out Vehicle to all of the Best Blog Out Locations!”
Prepare Your Family – Jimmy runs a site that not only teaches you how to prepare but keeps you up to date on his preparations.
Prepared Christian – “Being Prudent in Today’s World” – “Suburban Family Preparedness for 99% of What Life Can Throw at You!”
SHTF Plan – “When it hits the fan, don’t say we didn’t warn you.”
SurvivalBlog – The Daily Weblog for Prepared Individuals Living in Uncertain Times. Jim Rawles has a solid site with loads of information.
The Survivalist Blog – “Live Better, Live Cheaper…Survive When things Get Tough.”
Survival Spot – “Dedicated entirely to the practice and philosophy of survival.”
Survival Topics – Your online survival kit!
The Survival Mom “Survival is a Mom’s Job”. Catered to matriarch of the family, Lisa has put together a site with topics ranging from food storage, to family preparedness, to finances.
Survival Outdoor Skills – “Dedicated to Teaching Survival Tips Outside the Box”. “Ranger Rick” has got some great survival tips in his Ranger Digests as well as quality products.
The Survival Podcast – “Helping You Live the Life You Want, If Times Get Tough, Or Even If They Don’t”
Shepherd School – “In a World of Wolves Don’t be a Sheep”. A Tennessee based firearms school that teaches you how to be better prepared to protect yourself and your family from human predators.
Survival Cache – “Dedicated to bringing you the most relevant survival information”. Excellent articles and gear reviews. Definitely check them out.
Surviving in Argentina – “Life in Argentina after the 2001 crisis”. A blog on survival by someone who is living it.
The Prepper Journal – “Information you need to help you prepare for anything”
Women of Caliber Women of Caliber is committed to empowering women through physical and firearm self-defense, for women – by women.
ZombieLyptic “SHTF Survival Forums”

Here’s a list of prepper resources: – Affordable prepper gear and supplies for us budget-minded folk.
Faraday Cage – A faraday cage to protect and shield your electronics from EMP.
Black River Outpost – Hope for the Best, Plan for the Worst

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