Ultimate EDC Combat Knife: The Hissatsu Folder

by Erich

For a while now I’ve been carrying around the Doug Ritter RSK MK1 folding knife as my EDC knife. It’s a fantastic little knife that is perfect for wilderness survival tasks as well as a general all-around great EDC knife…

Since getting into knife fighting I’ve been looking for a knife more suited for self-defense than for pure survival. And although the MSK1 is better than nothing in a self-defense situation, it is far from ideal since the blade profile is too wide for effective penetration.

So by recommendation from my instructor, I’ve settled on the Hissatsu Folder as my go-to EDC knife…

Although the Hissatsu could certainly be used for wilderness survival tasks, it definitely is far better suited for penetrating objects (like the creep who’s trying to mug you).

So check out this Hissatsu Folder video review I did which includes a demonstration of it penetrating through a wood board:

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Comment by Mike
2014-05-27 18:45:33

I like the CRKT M16-14SFG. It has a good solid blade and serrations. I like that it double stubbs for a hilt to help keep fingers from sliding onto the blade as well.

Comment by KEVIN
2014-05-27 19:58:14

I like the cold steel ti light 6 inch it a big heavy folder but it ROCKS as far as everyday care

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2014-05-29 16:16:47

cool Kevin. I just took a look at that online. Looks like a pretty solid knife.

Comment by Joe S
2014-05-28 01:55:48

the demo was very impressive. Looks like a good knife. How well does the unit work if you’ve been crawling around in the bush and haven’t been able to keep it that pristine though? ie; it’s dirty and might have mud on it and you need it in a situation that requires you to pull it from your pocket or other place of concealment and just use it with a quick swipe of your off hand to get it open??

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2014-05-29 16:14:58

If you want pure survival, then I definitely would recommend the Doug Ritter or something equivalent. Like I mentioned in the post, this can be used in the bush but like you said it may not be ideal. Everything is a give and take…

Comment by Rowan McDirk
2014-05-28 03:08:38

A defense blade should be carried with an EDC blade. The SD blade should always be in top condition, as sharp as possible, lubricated and a very good lock.
The EDC will be used and will get blunted, you don’t want a blunt knife if you are in a knife fight.
According to Mr Janich, slashing and cutting attacks are more efficient in disabling an opponent. A stab will most of the the time not stop your attacker, cutting a tendon or muscle will.
A serrated edge will cut though leather and clothing, a plain edge won’t.
I prefer a serrated blade from Cold Steel for SD. A Voyager Vaquero XL or a Hold Out.

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2014-05-29 16:13:13

Some great tips Rowan. Thanks!

Comment by Thomas
2014-06-02 03:46:51

Where is the video? I see no link using iPad.

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