Top 10 Most Influential Survival and Preparedness Blogs

by Erich

When it comes to the blogosphere there always seems to be a group of blogs, like individuals, that stand out from the crowd and provide great content and a lot of influence. In the survival and preparedness community this is no exception.

In this list I share the top 10 most influential survival and preparedness blogs. Although this may be my list, I did not pick these randomly. I used a number of factors in determining their “influence”: Google PageRank, number of incoming links, traffic, blog comments/discussions, and Alexa Rank as well as “that special something” (very scientific, I know).

Well, without further ado, here are The Top 10 Most Influential Survival and Preparedness Blogs:

10. The Survival Mom (

Starting out the list we have The Survival Mom. Although she caters to the matriarch of the family, Lisa Bedford (aka “The Survival Mom”) has plenty of tips and advice that are great for women and men alike.

With a wide range of articles related to survival and preparedness, consistent updates, and a number of fantastic guest posters, The Survival Mom will have you coming back for more.

Here are a few of my favorites:

9. The Survival Cache (

Although it is promoted as a survival-gear review site, The Survival Cache has such a great number of articles on preparedness and survival that brings it to our number 9 spot within the top 10 blogs.

Given their diverse background (former SEALs and Marines, scientists, hardcore preppers and more) the guys over at The Survival Cache have a boat-load of experience to draw upon — and they use that experience to write excellent gear reviews and articles related to survival and preparedness.

Here are some of my favorites:

8. Surviving in Argentina (

Fernando “Ferfal” Aguirre is unique in the sense that he has lived it (and is still living it). Easily pulling in our number 8 spot, Surviving in Argentina is about one man’s experience in a post economic-collapsed country and how he has had to adapt to the challenges and changes that came about. His insights provide a great model whereby many North Americans (and Europeans) can prepare for an impending economic collapse on their own soil.

Here are a number of great reads from Ferfal’s blog:

7. Survival Topics (

If you’ve been a regular reader here at Tactical Intelligence .NET then you’d know the importance I place on adding wilderness survival skills to your “survival portfolio”. Even if you live and exclusively roam around in a purely urban environment, the core principles you come to understand through practicing wilderness survival will translate and apply to an urban setting.

One of the best sites out there related to wilderness survival skills, and number 7 in our list, is Ron Fontaine’s Survival Topics. Instead of just regurgitating things found in survival books, Ron follows a very similar approach that I do in that he practices and talks about things that he tries/uses/experiments with personally.

Here are some of my favorites articles from the Survival Topics site:

6. Modern Survival Online (

Our number 6 goes out to Rourke’s Modern Survival Online, which aims to teach and inform the average person about how to prepare for difficult times ahead. With the understanding that not everyone has the funds to build and stock a “survival retreat”, Modern Survival Online’s hope is to help the every-day person become better prepared.

Besides the great articles that Rourke puts out, he also has the best (I haven’t found one better yet) free survival resources page — everything from weapons and communications to medical and gardening. All free and all fantastic.

Here is a great collection of articles from the Modern Survival Online:

5. Survival Spot (

Teaching not only the “how’s” but the “why’s” of emergency preparedness, our number 5 spot (no pun intended) — Survival Spot — is dedicated entirely to the practice and philosophy of survival.

William Atkin runs a great blog with plenty of articles, videos and DIYs on topics ranging from wilderness survival to homesteading.

Here are some great examples:

4. The Survivalist Blog (

Number 4 in our top 10 list goes out to

M.D. Creekmore’s TheSurvivalistBlog has an interesting backstory that makes it unique in the blogosphere. M.D. left the rat-race, bought two acres of land off grid for $2,000 and parked a 26 foot travel trailer on it where he lives full-time. Since M.D. lives what he writes, his articles provide many insights and advice that are rarely found in other survival blogs.

TheSurvivalistBlog has so many fantastic articles it’s hard to narrow them down to four. Here are some of my all-time favorites:

3. The Survival Podcast (

Although not specifically a written blog per se (there are some articles), number 3 on the list goes out to The Survivalist Podcast, an excellent “audio-blog” for all things survival.

Jack Spirko, who runs The Survival Podcast, provides a daily online audio program that focuses on modern survival concepts and philosophy. Some of what he teaches are skills such as gardening and permaculture, food storage techniques, alternative investing strategies, keeping small livestock, home energy production, food preservation, and creating individual liberty.

An excellent resource and well worth your time.

2. SHTF Plan (

For number 2 and our runner-up we have Mac Slavo’s SHTFPlan covers a host of topics that include preparedness planning, investing, geo-politics and self reliance. You won’t be disappointed with the daily dose of information, lively discussions (via the comments section) and eye-opening articles.

Here’s just a sample:

1. Survival Blog (

James Rawles’ Survival Blog is probably the best known blog dealing with survival and preparedness topics on the web — and for good reason. As our number 1 spot on the top 10 list, The Survival Blog has a wealth of information with a large amount of the articles coming from guest writers. This allows many “experts” to voice their experience and skills over a wide range of topics that no one person could do by themselves.

Given the thousands of articles, it would take you weeks just to make a dent in them.

Here’s just a sampling:

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Comment by Hercy Lord
2011-09-12 04:59:37

I discovered Mr. Rawles’ site a couple years ago, and you are correct! It is fantastic, but I am glad to learn about more sites, though I do visit SHTF often. Not strictly survival sites, but fantastic for financial/economic information, I highly recommend and and also for all the news that is fit (or not) to print, There are not enough hours in the day for me to read all the wonderful information on the internet.

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2011-09-12 08:48:30

Thanks for the great links!

Comment by SLHaynes
2011-09-12 09:03:58

I read Mr. Rawles’ Blog (Survival Blog) daily and The Survival Mom about twice a week. I enjoy both of them, have learned a lot and feel more confident about the future no matter what happens. I’ll be viewing the others too. Thank you for the list and the reviews of them.

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2011-09-12 09:06:25

You’re very welcome.

Comment by Jim in VA
2011-09-13 00:48:41

Rawles is indeed number 1, both as a survival knowledge base but as a one stop news source as well.

I don’t even bother to watch the news anymore. If I need to know something, Jim has probably linked to it in the last 24-48.

Comment by Scott R.
2011-09-13 08:48:29

An excellent all around list, there are those who are more specialized in certain areas but any combination of the above would greatly benefit anyone starting out or someone who is more advanced.

Comment by JK in Cali
2011-09-16 02:02:13

All of good stuff and some of the wall. I enjoy Jim Rawles and Jack Spirko, both seem to be pretty practical and both hope the S never hits the fan.

Comment by Richard Lincks
2011-09-21 17:16:00

Awesome as usual Erich….. This is a VERY helpful collection of websites to keep an eye on. Thanks.

Comment by Tahnee
2011-10-06 16:15:34

I am a huge fan of Kellene Bishop’s

2011-10-06 16:54:12


Yes, Kellene is great and she was very close to making the top ten.

Comment by dafin
2011-10-12 19:40:54

I acknowledge the wealth of information these sites have for people.
But, and as we know everyone has one- so here it comes:
The basic american “that may have a job at this time” reading these blogs can feel overwhelmed by what these sites feel an individual or family may need to even begin to try to survive a few weeks if the “UNTHINKABLEHAPPENS”.
Over many conversations with friends and informal chats with strangers there is a general consensus:
1 the people or organizations creating these sites ‘albeit’ with a wealth of information – are making money from their knowledge and advertising which in turn allows them to procure what is needed for their family and friends, which they should be paid for there tim.
What is a negative is the helplessness others feel when they read these blogs and see there is know way than achieve many of the qty’s of supplies and possibly having a another home to run to. Many people feel conquered already and try to make it week to week let alone stock supplies for an uprising.
Is there some type of assistance to help people or does that not exist and equate these sites to the banking industry as they gave people promise of loans and tricky Mtgs that vanished as fast as their jobs. Basically- if you don’t have $ then you to shall perish ? Its not to far from the truth for many people in todays USA and other countries. Just looking for some hope along with the knowledge these sites give. Thank you, one american for many

Comment by Charles
2011-10-14 13:10:14

I appreciate you putting this list up. It’s been awhile since I’ve visited the site. Things are looking great.
Wanted to thank you so much for the link to Surviving in Argentina. It seemed a very appropriate link to get some feedback from folks who had actually lived through a collapse.
Being able to see some long and short term effects on various parts of the population was eyeopening as well.
It was very intriguing to see that business people came out, by in large, the best from the whole debacle. Also, that bad as it was problems still presented opportunities, The sun continued to rise and set. People invested in cars, the country didn’t go back to horse and buggy.
Seems like a lot more preppers ought to be pushing, how to get in business for yourself,along with how to handle a glock. Just in case the collapse isn’t quite so final as projected.
I realize you emphasize being prepared practically and mentally over a spectrum of issues.
Those are a few of the takeaways that had an impact on me. Thanks again, your site is awesome and thanks for hooking me up with these other great sites.

2011-10-14 15:36:47

You’re very welcome Charles. Thanks for visiting!

Comment by sam
2011-12-02 10:31:25

Ms. Bishop’s blog is the advertising front for her husband’s products, often without any disclaimer. She flip flops on her own survival recommendations, based on his latest product or venture (which always gets a glowing review).

Comment by Nick
2012-02-20 00:40:37

Nice site, but you might want to add 😉

Comment by Alec Deacon
2012-04-06 10:32:40

Great sites indeed. I must have been on all of them in the past year. I’m more interested in the alternative energy area…rather than prepping. But you are right…I found a lot of great articles. Mac Slavo is my all time favorite though.

Comment by ozarked
2012-06-08 09:29:15

I read SurvivalBlog daily and SHTFPlan occasionally. along with a few others. Your list turned me on to yet others of which I had previously been unaware. Thank you for that. With all this good info available, one could spend their entire waking hours reading prepping sites and gathering information. So here’s my question: If you spend all your time reading about prepping, when do you find time to actually do anything?

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2012-06-08 23:35:52

lol. Everything in moderation my friend 🙂

There’s a time for learning and a time for action.

Comment by Dale Pack
2012-07-11 01:03:05

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Comment by AJ
2012-07-25 20:15:17

Check out …good site to recommend to friends and relatives new to prepping so they don’t get overwhelmed.

Comment by Steve Marvell
2012-10-16 00:32:47

If you like a more scientific approach, try Survival’s Cool. It also has a free wild food course ongoing.

Comment by survivalken
2012-11-03 13:25:17

If you want survival training try Sigma III survival school (www.Survivalschool.US) I have heard good things about them.

Comment by Tom
2013-02-10 14:22:08

Ive been getting my food preps from they have pretty good prices on most stuff, and free shipping if you buy a certain amount. cant remember the exact amount off the top of my head. Hopefully it will help someone.

Comment by George Henson
2013-03-18 17:33:11

Here for the first time and am glad I came. I have designed and built my own off grid home and existence in southern Colorado (solar powered) but have yet to create my own food supply (aquaponic) in the future or survival preparation to the extent I hope to in the near future. Thanks so much for all the site info and looking forward to your eBook and newsletter.

Comment by Doug
2013-04-03 13:16:12

Thanks for a great post & website, I’m glad to have found it. The more we share the better off we all will be.

Comment by katey
2013-04-17 07:58:37

i like the survival podcast blog very interesting. You might also wanna add, it’s a pretty new blog but they are growing..

thanks for list, very informative

Comment by William Adams
2013-05-27 11:00:48

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Comment by Austin
2013-10-09 01:28:04

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Comment by Kenneth
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Great list of websites! Thanks for taking the time to put these together.


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Comment by jackson
2016-03-01 04:44:53

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Comment by SG
2016-05-01 13:08:05

A great new site with risk analysis and prepping articles, survival gear reviews, and monthly giveaways:

Comment by Eyal
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Comment by kyle
2017-02-25 18:06:55

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Comment by Mary Lou
2017-04-06 15:39:34

Ditto on kenneth,s comments. Greatlist! Most of what I know so far is from fiction and pinterest and other readings. I had to decide if I really wanted to live after the Shtf. I am retired military and have diabetes and had a stroke in Nov. I have grit~completed a 26 mile marathon. But now find it hard to do anything. I am A “young” 68 y.o. according to my doc. How can I find other me so we can split up the the work and get organized ? Thanks in advance

Comment by Jerry
2017-04-13 01:18:15

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2017-11-22 00:25:03

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Comment by askeri
2018-01-13 08:36:41

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Comment by Patrick Allen
2018-01-31 02:40:46

These guys have some awesome tactical survival preparedness gear!

Comment by Bruce Haney
2018-02-02 23:51:56

most sites recommend starting with getting food resources for 1 week, then work to a month, then to a year. No one can do it all at once. You need to set priorities and make lists of items you need. The main thing is to START NOW !!

Comment by Mr. Surv
2018-02-05 15:25:35

Great start to getting a safe food supple in place. Just get off the couch and get started NOW!

Don’t wait until something happens because it will be too late.

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2019-10-17 09:19:57

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2019-10-17 12:05:41

really loved this blog and thanks for this great list of blog!!!

Comment by Survival techie
2020-06-11 01:51:29

Love the list, tons of great resources for a beginner like me. Looking forward to learning more tips!

Comment by Savvy Survivor
2020-06-19 10:50:33

Great list of the survival blog. Thanks for sharing.

Comment by Marcus
2020-07-19 08:38:33

Nice resources for people starting out, thanks.

Comment by a_wee_surviver
2020-10-06 13:46:11

Thank you for an interesting list!

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2021-01-14 17:04:13

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