TI News Brief: Gov't Initiative "Operation Choke Point" Aimed at Closing Down all Gun Dealers

by Erich

What Is Happening

I guess I’m not surprised anymore at the current administration’s obvious disdain for anyone (except their goons) being able to have firearms.

The latest anti-gun measure coming from the Dept of Justice is affectionately being called “Operation Choke Point” as detailed in The Daily Caller:

Operated under a cloud of secrecy by the Department of Justice and in coordination with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Operation Choke Point forces banks to keep a closer eye on companies in industries that are deemed “high risk”, including gun and ammunition dealers, coin dealers, payday lenders, and debt consolidation service providers.

What This Means to You

This may sound reasonable or benign since gun and ammunition dealers are just part of the mix with coin dealers, payday lenders, and others but in reality it has nothing to do with “high risk” in terms of the financial health of a company.

For example, Mark Cohen, who owns Powderhorn Outfitters, a Hyannis, Mass. gun retailer, said that his longtime bank, TD Bank, refused to extend a line of credit because of the business he is in.

It has nothing to do with his financials or that he is really a risk in any way, in fact Mark and his business have excellent credit and have been in business for over 20 years without so much as a missed payment.

“Our loan was turned not because of our credit — we had perfect financials and been working with the same bank manager for 20 years. It was just because we sell guns — and they said that to us specifically,” he said.

The Washington Times had reported the following about Operation Chokepoint:

Operation Choke Point has caught the attention of lawmakers in Congress, who have called for investigative hearings and potential legislation if the operation isn’t stopped.

The “extraordinary breadth of the [Justice] Department’s dragnet prompts concern that the true goal of Operation Choke Point is not to cut off actual fraudsters’ access to the financial system but rather to eliminate legal financial services to which the Department objects,” the congressmen said in their letter, of which The Washington Times has obtained a copy.

What You Should Do About It

TD Bank, who denied gun dealer Mark Cohen with a line of credit, was pretty surprised when Mark emailed his entire customer/contact mailing list as well as wrote a blog post for the website Northeast Shooters about what happened.

Because of that, hundreds (and growing) had closed their accounts with TD Bank and moved on to other banks more supportive of the Second Amendment. TD Bank had since tried patching things up with Mr. Cohen, but justifiably he wanted nothing to do with them:

“They want to kiss and make up, but it’s too little, too late,” Cohen said.

This should be an example for us all.

First off, if you do do business with TD Bank or another bank that is anti-Second Amendment, it’s time we take our business elsewhere…and tell others. If enough of us do this, they’ll be forced to push back against this administration.

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Comment by Rhonda
2014-06-14 14:46:49

OK, so this does not appear to be the feds who denied the credit, but rather TD Bank itself that decided to deny the credit. I say this because Mark Cohen was able to go to a different bank and get the credit. If the feds were preventing him from getting credit, then this would not have been possible.

Comment by Pat
2014-06-14 21:55:42

Rhonda, you better do your own research. The DOJ pressuring is the FDIC to broaden their definitions of “risk related” business’ and the FDIC has complied. TD bank is not the only bank doing this. BoA and others are doing the same. It really is a back door way to shut down the gun industry. Your question should be “Which banks are not going to conform with this?” Mr. Cohen found one and I bet a small, local bank.

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2014-06-14 23:24:45

That’s right Rhonda. Of course it’s the banks denying the loans but it’s because of the pressure from the government. It’s bad enough that they have any influence at all. It shows just how far we’ve come from being a “free market”…

Comment by Chuck
2014-06-15 23:08:09

Is there a list of banks conforming to Operation Choke Point? Is there a list of non-conforming bank? I have a business account with BoA that I plan to close if, when asked, they declare they are conforming to that initiative.

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2014-06-15 23:28:27

That’s a great question Chuck. I’m not sure if there is a list available. I’ll dig and see what I can find out…

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2014-06-15 23:40:44

From my research, so far it looks like Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, UnitedBank, and TD Bank are definitely part of this initiative with Bank of America leading the charge.

Here’s an example article about Bank of America: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/may/18/targeted-gun-sellers-say-high-risk-label-from-feds/?page=all

Comment by wb
2014-06-23 17:45:20

bank of america is also on board with this and is leading the charge to get all banking institutions here in florida to follow suit. florida only has 6 major banks now with all the mergers so the big banks have lots of leeway to influence the smaller ones. the fed can always play ball by making sure only certain banks get the best rates. also, we have a major fusion center here. the center has all the alphabet agencies here working hard to build a databank listing all gun owners. they are actually working with federal, local, state, and military agencies to build a one call central service where all gun owners are identified. among the major retailers participating here are gander mountain, wal-mart, academy sporting goods, dicks sporting goods, several others. in the old days the atf would have to go into the store to investigate their records in they had a case to work on but not anymore. here in north florida the feds have their computer system tied into the stores with remote access so anytime they want they can access daily sales records at each location. they also are tied into store survellence cameras whereby the get to have a record of each transaction. so they have your video of the transaction,this is why you are sometimes asked to show your id. your paperwork you filled out, how you paid, and who was with you at the time of the purchase. the way the system will work is that all this data will be available to the computer systems.now used in police vehicles. the fdle and florida highway patrol will be the first agencies here to go online with this within the next 6 months.so when you are stopped the officer will automatically know you are armed thus giving him heads up as to how he wants to treat the stop. incidentally, this same system is set up for the use of drones. the fdle already has small drones they can launch from the trunck of their car. their onboard computer screen access the camera on the drone. the officer can use the drone from a stationary position up to a mile away or can use the drone while car is in motion if the vehicle has two people in the vehicle. first use on these will the florida highway patrol in the i-95 corridor of the miami-ft lauderdale area. this way they can target a speeder and keep an eye on him so a cruiser down the road can stop him when it is more convienient. with traffic flow there may speeders are allowed to go by because pulling them over in such crowded conditions can actually cause accidents from the rubberneckers who like to slow down to see what’s up. another nice little device they have here is a new auto portable xray machine that can be used to scan vehicles as the drive by. the device is already being tested with the jacksonville sheriff’s office on the north and west side, our two biggest crime areas. the patrol unit simply cruises thru the parking lot of the local nite clubs and stores and record what they have. the device is sensitive enough to detect a pistol in a suitcase in the back of the trunk. the device has already been used here to make several arrests and has also stopped two drug deals and an attempted bank robbery from going down. please do not reply about any so called violations of the 4th amendment as here in north florida the judges give very wide latitude to the police depts and the feds. remember this area of florida has major military bases here so the locals get tons of federal money. they are only testing this at this stage but if all goes as planned the entire fhp will have these units, as well as certain number of units in the big cities within 6-12 months.another nifty device local police forces are equipped with will be small tracking devices that an officer can walk by and place by hand. a strong magnet keeps it in place and their signals are picked up by both the vehicle computer and the police officers cellphone. we have already had several challenges in court here with both local and appellate judges ruling in favor of the police in the name of public safety. .as you can probably tell i have alot of friends among the various police depts and military bases. i cannot use their names or say where they work and i hope you can appreciate that. this is going to get very serious. the police here are already being told to keep a close eye on the gun ranges, stores, anywhere people who own weapons may gather. you probably already know about the guy outside tampa who got busted because he was stupid enough to tell a fed about his preps. what most people fail to realize though is this sort of op is ongoing in more than a dozen cities and towns here in florida. from what i have been told the feds have identified hundreds of people in the jacksonville area alone who have weapons and are disqualified due to criminal or mental health issues. in order not to panic the locals they only go after them one at a time. they know where you are. they can pick you up anytime they want. after all, most of you are not going anywhere.

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