TI Book Review: The Survival Mom

by Erich

For those not familiar with Lisa Bedford (aka “The Survival Mom”), she is a wonderful lady who has a fantastic blog that I enjoy following (and you should check out too).

Well, a few months ago I got her book entitled “The Survival Mom” but did not have the chance to read it until recently and let me tell you…I wasn’t disappointed.

Much like her blog, Lisa’s book is jam-packed with a ton of practical information related to emergency preparedness.

Like many other preparedness guides, it covers the basics of food and water storage, creating an emergency plan, communication during a crisis, and getting your finances in order. But beyond that, it also covers many subjects that aren’t written about in other survival literature (probably because they are mostly written by us guys ;)) like some of the following examples:

  • How to do laundry in a grid-down situation
  • How to effectively deal with “that time of month” for you ladies out there
  • How to create DIY cleaning products for everyday use
  • Taking care of baby needs during a crisis
  • How to involve your kids in your preparation plans

If you’re a hard-core survivalist with a fully-stocked retreat and a huge stash of weapons, this book may not be for you. But then again that’s not who The Survival Mom is targeting.

The Survival Mom is a perfect match for your average, every-day suburbanite and apartment dweller who wants to get prepared. And best of all, it helps get them to do it through a chalk full of checklists, helpful tips, and personal examples so as to keep them organized and committed to staying on the path.

Lisa is able to teach and inform with a no-pressure approach that takes away the “overwhelm” that many survival guides instill. It’s organized into small easy-to-read sections that you can come and go to as you please and consume what you need to know at the time you need to know it.

And just because it says “The Survival Mom” doesn’t mean that there isn’t plenty in this book that us guys can learn from.

The greatest benefit I found to this book is that it’s an excellent primer for those of us with wives who aren’t quite on board with our prepping “obsession”. The Survival Mom really does an excellent job at bringing prepping to the masses and any prepper newbie reading this will not be turned off with any of the “end-of-the-world” fear mongering that other survival books push.

Personally, I think a lot more can get done with the carrot instead of the stick.

Well done Lisa, you get my vote with this one.

For those interested in purchasing a book you can buy it on Amazon via the following link:

Survival Mom: How to Prepare Your Family for Everyday Disasters and Worst-Case Scenarios

Although I do receive a small commission if you purchase through this link, in no way does it affect my review of this book. It’s definitely highly recommended!

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