The Weekly Tactical Touch-Point: Reorganizing My Food Storage Edition

by Erich

Each weekend (Saturdays) I’ll be posting up a collection of links that I’ve found during the week which have interested me, introduced by a short blurb about what I’ve been working on this week relating to the topics of this site.

This week I’ve been focusing on reorganizing my long-term food storage. While much of it is in food-grade plastic buckets, a good deal of it is also in Mylar bags packed within cardboard boxes that are stacked on top of each other and directly on the floor. Bad mistake. Unfortunately, the lower boxes had started to buckle under the strain due to the moisture they’re wicking up from the concrete/stone floor. This past summer we’ve had so much rain that the ‘wine-cellar’ portion of my basement — where I keep my food storage — has received a lot more moisture than typical. Luckily nothing had happened to the food — thanks to the air-tight and waterproof Mylar bags — but it definitely needed to be stored differently.

To fix this I got some new boxes but this time stacked them on the top of wooden pallets. We’ll see how this holds up…

  • Chris Martenson’s economic crash course – I’ll be doing a future post on this (since I’m almost through it) but wanted to put it up here for reference and give you something to do over the weekend.;)

    Basically it’s a free collection of videos that you can watch that’ll give you a baseline understanding of our current economy to better “appreciate the risks that we all face” in the near future.

  • – This site contains a wealth of information relating to how you can become less dependent upon the grid and ultimately self-reliant.
  • Peter Schiff interview – A good interview with Peter Schiff about deflation/inflation in the current economic times.
  • How to Build Your Own BBQ Barrel – A cheap way of making your own off-the-grid cooking source.
  • Paracord Survival Rescue Belt – A reader gave me this link (thanks Dan). This is a sweet way of getting a lot of cord, and fast. Great for any EDC first-tier survival kit. I plan on making this sometime soon and posting my results.
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Comment by Caitlyn
2012-09-28 23:48:26

I realize this may be a stupid question to ask someone who puts so much into preperation, but have you used something like Thompson’s water seal on your walls and floor in your storage area? Something else that could help is a dessicant (I hope I spelled that right) pack like is used in safes to keep guns from rusting.

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