The Weekly Tactical Touch-Point: Paracord Belt 2.0 Edition

by Erich

After making a paracord bracelet and most recently the Paracord Belt two weeks ago, I’ve become addicted to paracord crafts. Since I find paracord to be one of the most useful survival resources you can have it pays to have some around.

This week I’ve been working on a paracord belt upgrade. I didn’t particularly like the belt I made the last time. It was hard to unravel quickly (in case of an emergency) and it was quite frankly pretty dang ugly. I discovered a better way of making it that stores more cord, unravels a lot quicker and best of all looks awesome. I’ll be sharing it with you guys soon.

Here are some interesting things I discovered and read on the web this week:

  • Preparedness Priorities – Kellene over at PreparednessPro writes a great article about the fact that it doesn’t take a ton of time or money to get yourself prepared — just a change in priorities.
  • A Free-Market Guide to Fixing Health Care – For those interested in seeing a free-market approach to the health-care issue, check out this article (with its list of articles). I’ve been a long-time proponent of the Austrian school of economics and the site is amazing.
  • I Shouldn’t Be Alive – The Survival Mom talked about how this show is great for spurring on “what would I have done” questions. I couldn’t agree more. Check it out. Or better yet Tivo it (like me).
  • Freeplay – For those looking for various handcrank electric generated emergency-preparedness gadgets (that was a mouthful), this site has some cool stuff. I particularly want to try out the 12V portable power generator.
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Comment by Garlick
2011-02-14 04:32:47

please send how you made your first paracord belt. Its something I like to make thakes

Comment by Garlick
2011-02-14 04:34:09

Please give me link that dan gave you.

2016-09-02 15:10:32

So you can sell fluffy toys of your game characters easily from within your app.

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