The Weekly Tactical Touch-Point: Backup Bug-Out Bag Edition

by Erich

Last week I posted a quick alert that was going out of business and was having a 70% off of everything sale. Well I had purchased a bunch of items, among which were two ready-made 72-hour kits (bug out bags). And they arrived today!

Since we already have 72-hour kits at home which are highly customized to what I prefer to have in a bug-out situation, I figured my wife and I could also have these as back-up options in each of our automobiles in case we couldn’t get home before needing to evac (I’ll probably still end up customizing these as well).

In any case, it’s not a bad idea to have redundancy when it comes to emergency preparedness. For example if you have food storage think about also having a garden, as well as some livestock (chickens, goats, and larger animals if possible). If you store water, also have a rain cache system. For water purification have not only a good filter but have Iodine crystals(Polar Pure), purification tablets, and bleach.

This also applies with regards to skills. Learn to make fire not only with matches, but with flint and steel, as well as friction fire (bowdrill, handdrill). Learn basic first aid, as well as natural and herbal methods of healing. The list goes on and on…

Since it was a very busy week (as you can probably tell by my limited posting) I didn’t get much of a chance to get online and read a bunch of articles related to preparedness. However, here are a couple that I did find interesting:

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