Survivalism to Go Mainstream in 2010

by Erich

celenteGerald Celente, director of The Trends Research Institute and probably the most prominent and accurate trends forecaster for the last 3 decades, has recently stated that we will see survivalism go mainstream in 2010.

In a recent issue of The Trends Journal, he wrote:

“Back in the Cold War days, survivalism meant building a bomb shelter and stocking it with enough food to outlast nuclear fallout.

In the late 1970’s, with inflation soaring, Iran raging, and gold and oil prices skyrocketing, survival meant cashing out of paper money and heading for the hills with enough ammunition and pork & beans to wait out the economic and political storms.

In 2000, the Y2K crowd – the most recent breed of survivalists – expecting computer clocks to crash, infrastructure to break down and the world to go dark, were armed and barricaded with enough food to feed an army and enough ammunition to hold one off.

In 2010, survivalism will go mainstream. Unemployed or fearing it, foreclosed or nearing it, pensions lost and savings gone … all sorts of folk who once believed in the system, having witnessed its battering, have lost their faith.

The realities of failing financial institutions, degrading infrastructure, manipulated marketplaces, soaring energy costs, widening wars, and terror consequences have created a new breed of survivalist. Motivated not by worst-case scenario fears but by do-or-die necessity, the new non-believers, unwilling to go under or live on the streets, will devise ingenious stratagems to beat the system, get off the grid (as much as possible), and stay under the radar.”

I think Gerald is right on the money here. I’ve been seeing the growth of survival and preparedness-related blogs/websites explode within the last year. More and more ‘mainstream’ folks are getting concerned about the fate of the nation — especially the economy — and as a result they are seeing the wisdom in preparing for what may come.

Overall I feel that this is all very positive. The more of us that are prepared the better off this nation and our communities will be.

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Comment by Ray
2010-02-05 20:11:09

I agree that survialism will go main stream 2010. We have reached a time period that has overwhelming consequences. World population has increased dramatically. We are now at 6.7 billion people on the planet. There are many people living in misery. Hatey is a big example of that. Before the earthquake they were living in severe poverty. Many were living in make shift houses and their wages only a couple of hundred dollars a year. Around the globe there are many situations like that. In some countries people are starving to death. A number of these countries depend on the United States being one of the biggest bread baskets to supplied them with food. With the change in climate occuring around the world so are the weather patterns changing. In places where crops grow in abundance someday may cease to exsist or produce much less yield. When the bread baskets of the world begin to have only enough for their own country, the people in countries that depend on them will leave their country in order to surrive. Needless to say the consequences of that happening. Nature has many things lined up for this planet. There is presently many tv programs bringing reality to the fact not if catastropic events will occure but when. Maybe some of these events may not take place for thousands of year, but they will happen sooner or later. We should be prepared for the worst.

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2010-02-06 15:09:19

You’re absolutely right Ray. We cannot sustain our current way of life for too long. Eventually it will catch up to us. And if not corrected, like you said nature has a way of correcting things.

It’s the duty of each of us to become self-reliant. One of my biggest pet peeves are people that give away their power to others and don’t take responsibility into their own hands for their own welfare. They become dependent upon others around them (neighbors, families, government) and when the SHTF they expect a bailout, handout or other way out.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a huge proponent of giving to those who are less fortunate. However, it’s this “leech” mentality that is very dangerous in an extended grid-down or disaster type situation (take Katrina for example). When the grid shuts down, those dependent upon that grid will look for resources elsewhere. And when that elsewhere ends up being your house, you’re in a world of hurt. It’s this type of situation that worries me.

Preparation and self-reliance are key. The more of us and our neighbors that get on this “Survivalism” bandwagon the better off we all are…and the less “leeches” we have to worry about. I sure hope Celente is right about this…

Comment by Kenny
2011-06-01 20:24:04

I know I should change my way of thinking. I have a bug out bag, but no plans on bugging out. My 50×100 lot and home offers very little hope of surviving in the city. I have food, water and ammo. Extra fuel and different ways of cooking and boiling water if needed. I have no desire to become a block leader but see that as being the only way to survive in a SHTF situation. The power to survive will be in numbers in the city.
Any concepts on this ?

Comment by KellyP
2011-06-07 20:30:18

Kenny, I am glad to see that I am not alone. My current situation is much the same due to work constraints. The only thing I can offer is the often repeated advice of building connections with people you can count on now. In case you are forced to relocate when SHTF, you would hopefully have somewhere to bug out to. Helping a friend or relative with their own preparedness may be a good investment of time and effort.

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2011-06-13 00:01:28


I agree with Kelly. Community, whether you’re in the city, suburbs or rural areas is of utmost importance. Finding like-minded neighbors that see what’s coming down the pipeline and working out a plan when the SHTF will be key to your survival preparations. Remember, training may trump gear but community trumps training.

Comment by Spencer
2013-12-08 10:38:45

Nope. 2013 and it’s still not mainstream. Don’t get me wrong, it would be great if it were. But, unfortunately, it isn’t.

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