Survival Sanitation

by Erich

In a grid-down situation, if your toilet stops flushing and your local waste-disposal service shuts down, do you know how to deal with the buildup of waste and sewage?

Improper (or a lack of) sanitation is one of the key contributors to hundreds of thousands of deaths throughout the world each year. Although most of these incidents occur in third-world countries, recent history (Katrina; Auckland, New Zealand etc) has shown that even in short-term grid-down situations, major sanitation issues can quickly escalate into huge health problems. Combine that with a lack of medical services and you’ve got some serious problems.

For example, if the water services shut off and people lose the ability to flush, in a matter of a few days this can quickly turn into a sanitation and health nightmare. This is especially true in the cities where people don’t have other options as far as where to relieve themselves.

I know that sanitation is not as sexy a topic as the latest firearms, fire-making, or bug-out bags, but knowing how to keep clean and properly deal with waste and sewage are some of the most important pieces of knowledge to have as a modern survivalist. You CANNOT let your family become complacent about sanitation or you will all suffer the consequences.

In this upcoming series of articles, I’ll be explaining and demonstrating how you can keep things sanitary and properly dispose of waste in a grid-down situation — whether you’re a rural, suburban or city dweller.

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