Ruger 10/22 Takedown: The Ultimate Survival Rifle?

by Erich

If you read my article a while back on the Ruger 10/22 then you know how much I like it as a great all-around survival rifle. However, the biggest issue with it fitting the “ultimate” survival rifle designation is due to its shortcoming that it can’t be broken down like the AR-7 or Marlin Papoose.

Well, about a year ago Ruger finally released a 10/22 model which now gives you the ability to take it down to be easily stored or carried in a small compartment or bag.

Potential Uses of the Takedown 10/22

How does this rifle benefit you as a prepper? Well, the most obvious use is being able to store it in a small container or carry bag like your bug-out bag. When collapsed it’s only 20 inches long and will easily fit into most backpacks allowing it to be the perfect bug-out bag rifle.

Another fantastic use for this is storing it in containers that would appear to be anything but a rifle. For example a full sized violin is just a little over 23 inches so this at 20 inch long when broken down would easily fit in a violin case making it a very discreet way to carry a rifle.

Which Takedown Version Should I Buy?

Ruger currently sells two versions of this takedown rifle.

The first version is a stainless steel option and the second one is a blued steel version that has a threaded end on the barrel.

Now obviously if you are looking to put a silencer on this for nighttime hunting (especially if you looking to be discreet) then I would definitely pick the threaded version. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a robust steel that can weather the elements then the stainless might be the better option.

Now, I plan on doing a more thorough review of this rifle when I get one in the near future but for now I wanted to let you guys know about it. So in the meantime, Youtuber hickok45 did a great review on it if you’re interested in learning a bit more about it:

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Comment by Martin
2014-05-20 10:02:17

I bought a 10/22 Takedown several months ago and have been very happy with it! I found a good, compact 3-9x scope that still allows the receiver half of the rifle to fit in the bag while mounted. It has quick-detach mounts, though, so I can remove it, if necessary, and use the iron sights. I also replaced the factory Weaver rail with a picatinny rail that is machined so that it also allows the use of the iron sights while installed.

I made a sling out of paracord, and have 4 of Ruger’s 25-round mags loaded up with CCI mini-mags, which makes for a nice little survival rifle package, I think!

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2014-05-20 13:43:43

That sounds like a sweet package Martin. Thanks for the comments! (now I’m really drooling about getting one).

Comment by mr e man
2014-05-23 21:30:01

I see a lot of hype trying to sell the 10/22 as the ultimate survival rifle. Ultimate is a big claim not really supported by the facts. Don’t get me wrong , I had one but it’s not even close to an AR15. The AR is also a takedown remember, and it can be converted to 22lr with a simple change of the BCG and magazine. Can you change your 10/22 to shoot 5.56/.223? Is it available in the huge # of configurations that the AR is? The 10/22 wins on cost but looses on everything else and if you get in a real gun battle 10/22 against AR too bad for you.

Comment by jimfin77
2014-05-24 01:00:36

Sure, in combat the 5.56 NATO is far superior to the .22 LR. If I’m shooting dinner, though, I’ll take the .22 any day. There is also the weight issue to be considered. I can carry a lot more ammo if I go with .22 LR. Give Me the weight, size and accuracy advantages of the 10/22 any day.

Comment by mr e man
2014-05-24 13:03:31

The title of this sales pitch is “The ultimate survival rifle”. I am not saying this is a bad, get a rabbit for dinner gun but there is a lot more to surviving than shooting game. I don’t know what situation you are envisioning but in a SHTF situation you better be in a combat mode or you won’t last very long because a lot of people won’t just hunt food, they will kill the guy who has it! If all you need is the ability to discreetly hunt food take a lever or bolt action 22 that will shoot any kind of available 22 round and not limit you to 22lr, which by the way is the hardest ammo to find. I can shoot 22lr in my AR no problem so you have little or no advantage there but if I want I can also hunt larger game meaning fewer trips out and more time protecting the home front. Momma will be glad you did.

Comment by Alaskan Dan
2014-12-26 20:09:35

Boy, what a bunch of comments off subject when it’s a review of a compact survival rifle. First off, I own this 10/22 and I also own an AR, several in fact. This is a great rifle for what it was made for and in a pinch I wouldn’t hesitate to use it for defense for several reasons. A) the little 22 was was the assassins weapon of choice for such a long time because it was lethal but quiet.
B) where I grew up the 22 was preferred by poachers bagging deer for the same reason.
C) In the upper areas of Alaska the 22 is used to take Caribou by Natives because it puts them down quick but does not damage much of the meat.
D) Remember, it’s shot placement. I get quarter size troops at 150 yds all day long with mine so is a head shot too much to expect?
Bottom line, this is cheap enough to put in a BOB with ammo and not worry about it. Ammo is cheap (when you find it & soon it will be back in stock in the stores like all the other ammo is now) and doesn’t weigh a lot. AR’s are fun to shoot and I highly recommend anyone to buy one but they are 3 times as much as a 10/22 and ammo is 20 times as much, your choice.

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