Rite in the Rain Product Review

by Erich


Today I wanted to review a product that I really love. It goes by the name “Rite in the Rain” and is the perfect solution to those who frequently need to take notes in the outdoors.

rite_rain_bookAs an avid outdoorsman, one thing I love to do is sit in one area of nature nearby my home and just observe. Most of my understanding of the outdoors has been gained through this simple practice. Along with that, I tend to keep a journal about what I observe, noting any patterns, or recording any questions that require further study. I also use it to journal unknown plants and animals, as well as the sign (tracks, trails, scat etc) they leave. My biggest frustration in all of this is when the weather is wet. Even when very humid but not necessarily raining, my notebooks are always getting destroyed. In the rain it becomes even more frustrating when the pages moisten and the pen I’m trying to use rips the pages, smudges, or doesn’t write at all. I gave up writing in the rain until I recently found the Rite in the Rain notebooks.

riteThey are completely waterproof (you can completely immerse them without any ill-effects) and your pen will not rip or smudge the pages. Even during a downpour, you can write in them. They are also environmentally friendly since they do biodegrade and are recyclable. Another benefit is that they work well with pencil and the pencil doesn’t smudge (although it is difficult to erase but doable). What I usually do if I’m journaling a plant or animal track is to first draw it in pencil and then fill it over with pen when I get home. Another bonus is that the pages (from the field books) are more durable and do not get dirtly easily from sand, mud, or dirt.

The Rite in the Rain field books also come in various colors and sizes and have specific notebooks according to industry and activity (military, sports, public safety, hunting/fishing etc). My favorite is the green-colored military field book. Since it’s green, it blends well when out in nature (where I’m from) and doesn’t glare — perfect for when you need to be discreet when observing animals or avoiding man since their coloring and limited light reflection won’t give you away.

For more info check out their site at Rite in the Rain.

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Comment by Lisa
2009-09-23 18:37:09

Just a couple of days ago I was watching an episode of, “I Shouldn’t Be Alive.” A young man was hiking through the Utah canyons to get help for his brother when his trail notes were destroyed by a sudden plunge into a large pool of water. At the time I thought, “There’s not much you can do in a situation like that,” but now I know better! He should have used Rite in the Rain for his notes!! :o)

Thanks for this review. I will definitely keep an eye out for this product.


Comment by Erich
2009-09-23 19:59:37

Yeah I can’t count how many times I’ve ruined important field notes. This product is a must for any outdoor note taking.

Comment by Danny
2019-11-27 03:53:54

Wow, looks great, especially the end.

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