Prepper Academy is Now LIVE!

by Erich

Just wanted to let you all know that Prepper Academy is now open.

Thanks again for all your interest and support! It’s much appreciated.

You can sign up at this link: Prepper Academy

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Comment by Mike
2012-10-17 12:00:45

I didn’t encounter a step for setting up an account when I subscribed. How do you log into the site? Thanks.

2012-10-17 13:42:07

Hi Mike,

I sent you an email.

Comment by Brian
2012-10-17 12:22:53

I can’t find anywhere to sign up!

2012-10-17 14:13:36

Hi Brian,

Did you click the above link in the post? If you missed it, here’s the address:

the button to sign up is at the very bottom of that page.


– Erich

Comment by Carol
2012-10-17 14:01:09

I signed up through paypal, but cannot figure out how to log into site, tried but did not take my password, maybe I screwed up when i signed up, can you help me figure it out. Looking forward to the information.

Thanks, carol

2012-10-17 14:19:37

Hi Carol,

I sent you an email.

Comment by bob
2012-10-17 22:32:23

Hi, I am very interested in the prepper academy but have some questions. If I completed each course on the recommended time frame how long would it take to finish the academy? I can’t be committed financially to a course for an indefinite time period. Thank you. Also I am a Pastor of a church in Canada and would like to know if it is the same price for Canadians as we have to consider the exchange rate?

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2012-10-18 10:57:57

Hi Bob,

There are around 17 courses total in Module 100 through Module 400 and it will take around a year to get you through those. Since each of the courses are intended to be completed sequentially and are fairly involved, you will need the time to work through them before moving on to the subsequent courses and modules.

After that, Module 500 is for those willing to go beyond just “Prepping” and want to enter into the realms of self-sufficiency. If you continue as a member at that point, you will continue to receive more courses that further your skills of self-sufficiency such as gardening, wild edible and medicinal plant studies, wilderness survival and more.

Hope that helps!

– Erich

Comment by Wendy
2012-10-19 17:46:11

my daughter and I have just moved into a house that actually has a working coal and wood range, it also has a wet back to it, so our power bill won’t be that high. The only problem is I have no way of knowing how to use it.

I know where the wood and coal goes, but as for cooking well that’s going to be fun. but if it means that whenever the power goes off I at least have something that can cook and keep us warm

By the way I’m in New Zealand South Island in a coastal town called Oamaru, it very rarely snows here, but gets bloody cold in the winter. any ideas on how to use this thing would be gratefully accepted thank you

Comment by Sir Plush
2012-10-25 11:45:19

Can you send me the link as well?
I joined last week and can’t seem to navigate to the page that you actually log into for Prepper Academy.


Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2012-10-26 06:57:26

I sent you an email but in case you didn’t get it it’s

Comment by Jackie
2012-12-11 13:29:37

Ok, I can’t find it either, can you let me in on how to find it? Starting to wonder what am I paying for!

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2012-12-11 14:47:02


It looks like you signed up a while ago and set up your username, password and even a bio inside the academy itself.

I’m not sure what you are having trouble finding (is it the login page?). To login just use your username and password at

If you lost your password you can also go to and click on the “Recover Lost Password” link at the bottom.

– Erich

Comment by Larry
2014-04-17 20:39:43

I just subscribed to prepper academy and after the first day, the site was gone. What’s up?

If you are having server issues, you should email all subscribers and let them know….just good business….

Comment by Billy
2017-08-21 16:38:19

Has the Prepper Academy been shut down? I am no longer able to access my account.

Comment by George Lloyd
2021-01-31 01:55:13

I have been a member of prepper academy for a long time and I’m unable to access the site

Any help please

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