FREE DOWNLOAD – The Preparedness Review Fall 2013

by Erich

My friend Todd, the editor of the Preparedness Review, has just released the Fall 2013 edition as a free download.

For those of you new to The Preparedness Review, it is published two times a year, in the Fall and Spring.

Articles are contributed by authors who write for the online Preparedness Community and it includes some of the best prepper information published during that time.

Here’s what you’ll find in the Fall 2013 edition:

  • The Preppers Guide to Better, Safer, Cheaper Cleaning – Gaye Levy
  • Survival Antibiotics Primer, Part 1 – Joe Alton M.D. (Dr. Bones)
  • The One Hour Bug-out – Joe Nobody
  • Step By Step: How to Build a Rocket Stove – Jamie Black-Smith
  • Herbs For Sleeplessness and Anxiety – Silvia Britton
  • How to Cut Up a Squirrel for Cooking – Hank Shaw
  • Bugging Out vs. Hunkering Down – MD Creekmore
  • Survival Trapping : Basic powered trap – Survivor Don
  • Why You Need to Be Ready for Total Grid Failure – Daisy Luther
  • How to Make Homemade Yeast – Tactical Intelligence
  • WROL – Protecting Your Family When the Bad Guys Come Down Your Street – P. Henry
  • Preparing Yourself and Your Family for the Use of Violence – Chris Ray
  • 6 Trees Every Survivalist Should Know & Why – Creek Stewart
  • Natural Remedies for a Cold – James Hubbard, MD, MPH
  • 10 Survival Skills Every 12 Year Old Should Know – Jane – Mom with a Prep
  • The Prepper’s Conundrum: Bugging In – Tess Pennington
  • Emergency Binder Template – Linda Loosli

Fall 2013 Preparedness Review Download Link


Here’s another link that is working if you have issues with the above one: FALL 2013 Preparedness Review

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Comment by Johnny
2013-11-12 16:12:56

Hi the link above is not working

Comment by Frank M.
2013-11-12 16:13:41

Unable to download, the error is no data sent.

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2013-11-12 16:26:15

It looks like the link host just went down for a bit. Give it a few minutes, it should come back up.

Comment by Scalpel
2013-11-12 16:27:54

Can we just have this as a plain PDF?

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2013-11-12 16:32:15


Not sure what you mean by “plain PDF”. It is a PDF file. To download it you can either click the link above or right-click it and (depending on your browser) choose “save target as” or “save link as”. This will download the PDF to your computer.

Comment by Jerry
2013-11-12 16:32:46

Site still not working

Comment by Jerry
2013-11-12 16:42:13

Why post free download
When it won’t download
Is the like Obama Care

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2013-11-12 16:46:08


Jerry. It seems to be working fine now. Try another browser (I’m currently using Firefox). Perhaps its a browser issue.

– Erich

Comment by Myke
2013-11-12 16:55:22

You can get it as a PDF if you click on the link above then in the upper right it says “Download”. Click that and it will download (in the bottom left of my computer). After that just click it and it shows up in your PDF-reader where you can save it in your desired folder.

Comment by dmm
2013-11-12 17:09:12

Won’t download as a pdf.

Comment by dmm
2013-11-12 17:14:15

Just tried again. Error says that it’s not a valid pdf file.

Comment by Donna g
2013-11-12 17:47:47

I’m on an iPad (retina with safari browser) and it does not show up as PDF. After clinking on link, I am directed to download an app called “Media Fire”, said app may be fine, however, it should not be necessary for pdf’s ?
It looks like there’s a ton of great info here! Just not familiar with the app it wants…
Thanks for checking it out,

Comment by thebronze
2013-11-12 17:50:55

You guys need new computers. It downloads just fine, into a PDF file.

Comment by Darrell
2013-11-12 18:33:19

Downloaded ok for me. Thanks.

Comment by James
2013-11-12 18:47:47

Saved as,… but could not open. Tried to open directly, got to pg 9 or so and then would not open past that. As of 5;47 pm, 11/12/13

Comment by Pam S
2013-11-12 19:01:44

Thanks so much…downloaded fine.

Comment by Thomas
2013-11-12 19:14:36

Does not show up as PDF on iPad1.

Comment by Heather
2013-11-12 20:01:54

Not working on Samsung smart phones, I’ll get it later on my laptop but wanted to let you know. Thanks for the info!

Comment by Don Richey
2013-11-12 20:46:19

I just did the download and had no problems, I’d try again

Comment by iwillcya
2013-11-12 20:54:27

Same problem as others tried multiple times to save it & open it, it downloads then just says retry & won’t open allowing you to read it.

Comment by David
2013-11-12 21:23:21

Easy done on Windows ’98 🙂

Comment by David
2013-11-12 21:24:24


Comment by donpanagiotis
2013-11-12 21:48:00

Exellent work, nice rewiew. Thank you

Comment by Lewanna
2013-11-12 23:15:48

Got it, no problem.

Comment by Mark
2013-11-12 23:37:04

Heather you might want to say what model of samsung smartphone you use, because I could easily download it with my samsung galaxy s4 gt-i9505 and also with the phone I’ve for work the samsung galaxy s2 gt-i9100.

Comment by Prepper Website
2013-11-12 23:46:27

Try this link for ipad –

Comment by Scalpel
2013-11-13 06:06:37

Thank you for the link.

Comment by Ali
2013-11-13 20:28:40

Thanks so much for sharing the Free information with us. I had no trouble downloading at all. I just wish I could get some of my older friends to listen to me. They seem to think like the young ones do. Thanks again and please keep up the good work.

Comment by darryl
2013-11-14 18:28:35

Downloaded fine for me! learn how to use a pc…lol

Comment by Jim
2013-11-15 09:58:06

Mine downloaded just fine.

Many thanks.

Comment by adam
2013-11-15 18:21:21

It isn’t working for me ether idk maybe you folk’s could make it simpler and add a direct download link on this page as it keeps going to some lame ass site for the download and tells me I need some new mainstream crap and I click ignore and proceeded anyway and nothing happens…like hell advanced DOS was more easy to use than most this new crap online…hell from the monment I signed up for this site I haven’t been able to get anything usefull because of some new crap I don’t want nor do I need!

Comment by RUSS
2013-11-18 20:22:31

Thanks a bunch!! mine downloaded just fine.

Comment by Mary
2013-11-19 19:57:40

Works like a charm! Thank you very much!

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