Bug Out Security System

Here’s a piece of gear that I thought you guys would find interesting.

It’s essentially a portable perimeter security system that can be set up when you are camping or in a bug-out situation.

The way it works is through a broadcasted RF signal. Basically, from the center of where it is placed, it will blanket an area 400 sq. feet with an invisible RF “fence”. Anything that breaches that area will trip a loud 120db siren.

Some of you are probably thinking the same thing that crossed my mind, “won’t every small animal that comes into the camp area trip the alarm?” Well, after doing some more research from the manufacturer, it appears that the signal is broadcasted in line with and above the device. So if you raise it up a couple feet, it will allow small animals such as racoons, skunks and others to come and go underneath whereas anything bigger (bear, deer, human etc) will trip it.

Without having actually tried this product myself, I can’t speak to its effectiveness. However, there are a couple of things with it that could be potential issues, especially in a bug-out scenario:

  • Limited Broadcast Area: The area that the RF signal covers is only around 400 square feet. So if you were to place the device next to your tent for example, it would only have a perimeter that is around 10 feet from any side of the tent (20 x 20 foot total).

    For this application, it seems that it would hardly be an effective early warning device since whatever threat breaches the perimeter would be practically right on top of you.

    One good thing though is the loud 120 decibel siren would definitely startle an intruder (especially an animal), perhaps giving you the needed time to reach for your weapon.

  • Weight: At around 10 lbs this device may not be heavy when carried by itself, but if you were to include it in your bug-out bag — where weight and space come at a premium — it could become too cumbersome.

There are cheaper DIY (I’ll post in a future article how to make these) perimiter security systems you could set up that would have a greater range and thus give you more of a warning. I would definitely recommend making a few of these to pack in your BOBs. Here are a couple example videos from southernprepper1 and modernsurvivalonline:

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