Peace Through Superior Firepower: The History of an Iconic Air Rifle

by Erich

I thought you guys would dig this. The video, put out by the National Firearms Museum, gives a little history into one of the oldest air rifles in history: the Girandoni air rifle and it’s importance in establishing the United States of America.

The Girandoni is a late 18th Century .46 caliber 20 shot repeating air rifle. It was used in the Napoleonic wars and at least one managed to find its way into the hands of the Lewis and Clark.

Although the curator does exaggerate a bit with his geography (United States is not larger than half of North America…I think he forgot about the Canadians ;)) it’s nonetheless a great presentation.

Now if I can just get one with a rail system, thermal scope, and collapsing butt stock I’d be happy…(kidding guys, I’m kidding)

Check it out: (email readers will need to click on the title to be directed back to the blog)

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Comment by Josh
2011-03-16 15:41:28

We just posted this video the other day in one of our articles over at
I guess that great minds think alike.

Comment by TacticalIntelligence
2011-03-16 16:37:19

I guess so! Thanks for the comment Josh, you’ve got a great site over there at Survival Cache. Keep up the great work so we can all benefit. The more we learn and practice preparedness the better off we’ll all be.

Comment by Josh
2011-03-20 18:41:20

Thanks for the compliment. I love your site as well, I have been reading along for several years. I rarely comment as I just read your stuff through the RSS feed.

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Comment by Kenny
2011-04-02 18:32:48

I thought about getting a 22 rifle. I just ordered a air rifle. The Benjamin Discovery PCP with a hand pump. About the same price as a rim fire 22 . I’ll bet I can make my own ammo if needed for the air rifle.

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2011-04-05 22:10:22


I like air rifles mainly do to the discreetness (they’re very quiet) and ammo is very cheap. Given the cheapness of the ammo I would recommend storing it instead of expecting to make your own. Although it would seem easy enough to make, the size needs to be perfect and the shape flawless for an air rifle to be the most effective.

Comment by Kenny
2011-04-07 21:26:45

I received my air rifle and so far I love it. It is a bit of work to pump / charge it. At seventeen foot it will penetrate 3 and 1/ 2 inches into a 4 inch phone book. Should be great for small game if needed. Your correct in that I should stock up on pellets and I will. When / if I get around to trying to make my own pellets using the rocket stove I’ll post about it.
Thanks for your site. Great info here.

Comment by TacticalIntelligence
2011-04-07 23:22:13


Definitely keep us posted if you manage to make some homemade air-rifle ammo. I’m curious to how effective it is.

Comment by Kenny
2011-04-25 20:35:51

I gave it my best try, kind of. I couldn’t find a nail the correct size so I went a little smaller. From 4.5 mm to 4 mm. It did not work so good. While I would not walk away from trying again, I will stock up on premade ammo. There are air rifles out there that you can make ball ammo for. Point being able to make ammo / weapons from basic material. You have a great web site and have made me think. Thank You.

Comment by TacticalIntelligence
2011-04-25 23:42:39

Thanks for the update Kenny. Have you looked into the swaging tools available for air rifle pellets? Check out for an example.

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