Product Review: LokSak

by Erich

When I was at the SHOT Show this past month, one of the booths that caught my eye was the LOKSAK booth. LOKSAK manufactures “the only resealable and completely waterproof, dust proof and humidity proof storage bags on the consumer market”. The nice people over at LOKSAK gave me a number of bags to test out so I thought I’d do a review for you guys here.

From first glance, they appear to just be heavy-duty Zip-Loc bags. However, the thing that sets them apart from standard Zip-Loc bags are pretty clear on closer inspection: The material it’s made from and the unique seal.

The bags state that they are “Certified waterproof to 200 feet” and “Puncture-resistant”. I thought I’d test these two claims as best as possible.

LOKSAK waterproof seal test

Unfortunately I don’t have access to a 200 foot depth of water to really test this claim, however I figured I could at least test the waterproof portion of it.

The first step in the waterproof test was to test the seal (since I didn’t feel submerging my iPad without testing that first). So I blew up the bag that fits the iPad with some air, sealed it shut, and stepped on it:

The bag easily held my weight without the seal opening or the bag breaking (clearly a Zip-loc would fail this test).

Once I was confident in the seal, I sealed up my iPhone and my iPad in two separate LOKSAK bags and placed them in my tub and ran some water over them until they were completely submerged.

It passed the waterproof test without issue (thankfully).

LOKSAK puncture resistance test

Next, on to the puncture resistance test.

Since the claim is not “puncture proof” it wouldn’t be fair to take a knife to the bag. So instead I took a semi-pointy object (a .223 round) and tried to push it through the bag:

The bag actually stretched to accommodate the increased pressure (pictured below). Although the round did eventually burst through (not pictured), I was surprised at how much give the bag had.

Industry proven

Although my tests were in no way scientific, I did find the LokSak bags to be extremely durable and well-designed. But don’t just take my word for it, here’s what the industry has said:

  • Certified waterproof to 60 meters / 200 feet
  • Tested and approved by the Navy Experimental Diving Unit
  • Safe – Constructed using medical-grade film that is FDA approved.
  • Temperature rated -40F to 140F
  • The US Army Special Forces Group Dive Detachment also uses them to protect their valuable electronics from salt water and hot humid conditions.

Beyond iPads

So what else can these bags be used for besides electronics? Well practically anything that requires protection against the elements. That includes food, important documents, valuables, cash and so on. And since LokSak makes bags large enough to accommodate your firearms (yes, rifles included) these would also fall under the list.

Given the strength of the seal and the sturdiness of the material, if you are into burying some of your preps or even submerging them to keep them cached away for a future time, these bags would be fantastic for that purpose.

In conclusion, if you can’t tell already, I highly recommend these.

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Comment by Ben
2012-02-23 00:18:05

What its the website where we can buy these?

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2012-02-23 00:28:19

Hey Ben,

A link would be good I guess. You can check out their site at

Comment by Rob Gonzalez
2014-06-07 11:48:06

I just ordered some from

Comment by Rob Gonzalez
2014-06-07 11:48:45

I just ordered some from

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