LifeStraw Personal Water Filter Review

by Erich

Hey guys. I’ve got another product review for you, plus the chance for three of you to win one of these (more on that at the end of the review)!

Recently, I got my hands on one of the LifeStraw personal water filter “straws”. If you haven’t yet heard of a water filter straw, they are basically an oversized “straw” with a water filtration element inside. These straws allow you to simply place one end into a contaminated water source and suck through the other end — drawing up filtered, clean drinking water.

There are a few other filters on the market like this LifeStraw; most notably, the Seychelle Advanced Water Straw and the Aquamira Frontier Filter Straw. In this article I’ll be reviewing the LifeStraw, and since I own both the Seychelle Advanced and the Aquamira Frontier I’ll also be comparing it with these other ones as I go along:

LifeStraw Water Filter Form and Function


Since I own both the Seychelle and the Aquamira “straw style” water filters, what I noticed immediately is that the LifeStraw is a bit bulkier than the other straws. You can check out the comparison between the three here:

The size may or may not be an issue for you depending on how you intend to use it. For a larger bug-out bag or if on an extended hike, this would obviously not be an issue since it will easily fit in your backpack. If you’re looking to pack some type of water filter for a small Get-Home Bag or to fit in your pocket for every-day carry, the Aquamira (the smallest of the above three) would be a better choice.

Other Components

As for other components, the filter has a built-in lanyard for easy carry around the neck as well as two caps to cover both the nipple end and the base (which is inserted in your water source):

I do think the covers are an important feature for these types of filters. This is something that the Seychelle does have but the Aquamira lacks. I think not having some type of protectent cover could potentially lead to cross contamination with the water-source end (depending on how you store it).

Filter Use

The filter is easy to use. Like the other water filter straws, there is no need for electricity, special pumps, or even a separate container. You simply insert one end of the straw into your water source and from the other end, you draw (or suck) the water through the filter element — giving you get instant, clean drinking water.

I really like the design of the LifeStraw in this aspect since the drawing/sucking end is clearly distinguishable from the water-source end. The Aquamira (when assembled correctly) is also pretty clear. However, the Seychelle can be confusing as to which end is up or down — potentially causing cross contamination if you stick the wrong end in your water source.

Another pretty nifty feature (or requirement) of the LifeStraw is that you should regularly blow through the LifeStraw to prevent clogging and to clean the element. As a side note, this feature may account for the huge difference in filter capacity (read below) compared with the Seychelle or Aquamira (although I’m sure the size is also a reason).

You can see a video review of its use by me here:

LifeStraw Filter Performance

From a filter performance standpoint, the LifeStraw is markedly better than the other two. Let’s compare…

Filter Capacity

The LifeStraw is rated to be able to effectively filter around 1000 liters (~264 gallons) of water. I think this number is actually conservative since tests run by the Department of Soil, Water and Environmental Science of the University of Arizona have shown effective treatment up to 1500 liters (~396 gallons)!

Compare this with 75 liters (~20 gallons) of the Aquamira and 95 liters (~25 gallons) of the Seychelle. Yes, I think the size difference has something to do with it, however, it does not account for everything (It’s not 10x the size of the others). Again, it is probably due to the ability to flush the filter by blowing air out through the water-source end.

Filter Effectiveness

I’ve effectively used all three water-filter straws with various outdoor water sources and have not had an issue with any as far as water-borne sickness. However if I were to choose which one I’d PREFER to have with me, it would have to be the LifeStraw. Here’s why:

The LifeStraw has been tested by the Department of Soil, Water and Environmental Science of University of Arizona to meet (and in some cases EXCEED) the filtration standards set by the U.S. EPA in the following categories:

  • BACTERIA (i.e. Escherichia coli): Removes 99.9999% of bacteria. It was measured at > LOG 6 reduction (this is higher than the required EPA standard of LOG 6)
  • PROTOZOA (tested against *Cryptosporidium oocysts): > LOG 3 reduction (99.9%) of protozoan parasites. This is higher than the U.S. EPA requirement of LOG 3.

*Note: Keep in mind that Cryptosporidium oocysts are much smaller than Giardia cysts (8-12 Β΅m vs 3 – 5Β΅m) so if it’s able to remove Crypto it will have no issues with Giardia. (many testers by the way will test against Giardia and not Cryptosporidium).

From the above studies, we can see that the LifeStraw meets or exceeds filtration expectations from the EPA.

As a comparison, how do the others stack up? Let’s see here:

Aquamira Frontier Filter Straw

This comes directly from the Aquamira website:

“Although the Frontier Filter does reduce bacteria and virus, it is not certified to remove >99.9999% of bacteria and >99.99% of virus required by the US EPA water purifier standard. For maximum protection, use in conjunction with Aquamira Water Treatment Drops or Aquamira Water Purifier Tablets.”

Seychelle Water Filter Straw

The Seychelle website says that their straw is “proven effective against bacteria and virus to six logs reduction (99.9999%)”. My antennae always go up whenever I hear something like “effective to” or “up to”. I think that this is a slick marketing way of hiding that only the smallest hole in their filtration element will filter out the “six logs reduction” of bacteria and virus — implying that the larger holes in their element won’t. Since it really doesn’t matter how small the smallest holes in a filter is; a filter can only be as effective as the weakest link (or largest holes in this case).

Not sure if this is the case with Seychelle, but I couldn’t find any worthwhile studies to prove me otherwise. In addition, they make no mention of their filter being effective against protozoan parasites like Giardia or Crypto — not a good sign.


The LifeStraw can currently be bought from many distributors (including Amazon) for around $20. Here’s a link to Amazon.

In comparison to the other filter straws, the LifeStraw is more than double in price. The Seychelle goes for around $12 and the Aquamira is the cheapest, running about $8 at Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Although more expensive, the price is justified since I believe LifeStraw is a superior filter compared with the Seychelle Advanced and the Aquamira Frontier; It can filter out more biological nasties, making your water safer to drink and its longevity (in terms of how much water it can filter over its lifetime) is more than 10x the amount of the others!

A clear winner in those terms.

However, I do still feel the others have their place — especially the Aquamira. I’m not a huge fan of the Seychelle for reasons that I can’t find their filtration studies; and the fact that they indicate “up to” in their marketing messages is not comforting in my mind.

The Aquamira is my go-to filter for my Get-Home Bag since the LifeStraw is a bit too big for that application. However, for other applications like my Bug-Out Bag and for filters that I take camping or on a hike, the LifeStraw is my top choice.

Final Note: In response to the video above: after two weeks of drinking water from a few water sources near my property using the LifeStraw, I did not feel any ill effects. Given the transparent studies and my personal experience, I highly recommend the LifeStraw.

A Chance to Win Your Own!

If you liked this review and specifically the LifeStraw, I have three LifeStraw filters that I would love to give away to three lucky winners this month.

To get in the running here are the requirements:

  1. Leave a comment telling me your favorite water filtration/purification method and why.
  2. In the email field (it’s not displayed to anyone but me), leave your best email so that I can contact you if you win.

Using a random number generator, I’ll choose three commentors to win a LifeStraw filter (more than one comment will not improve your chances). I’ll then contact the three winners through that email from #2 above to get the address you’d like me to send it to.

That’s it!

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Comment by nathan simpson
2013-06-24 23:11:39

I use a Propur for home filtering because it will filter all the nasty stuff out and the flouride with one filter. I prefer the life straw for my camping bag and bob because of the filter quality and long life.

Comment by Tom
2013-06-24 23:21:57

Hey TI great review! I wondered if the lifestraw was all that…. apparently so…My favorite water purification device is the Kinetico K5 reverse osmosis drinking water station. It’s an incredible under the sink unit with a classy water dispenser mount at the sink. Definitely not some cheap China knock off. The unit is NSF certified to extract the most particulates/TDS/VOCs/pathogens that any RO on the market. It’s can produce over 75 gallons per day. It smokes the competition and has been rated #1 by consumer reports three years running. I cook with it, wash veggies/fruit and me my wife and kids are better hydrated than ever. Water is life…stay thirsty my friend….

Cheers !


Comment by Dennis
2013-06-24 23:28:20

I like the lifestraw and have always wanted to own one. I used to have something similar I carried in my camelbak while overseas in Kosovo.

Comment by Richard Mateosian
2013-06-24 23:33:36

We’re looking into this and haven’t settled on a favorite, though we’ve heard great things about Berkey. Nathan’s comment about the Propur is interesting because we are concerned about fluoride. Tom’s comment about the Kinetico is interesting too, because we use a lot of water.

Comment by Thomas Eberlin
2013-06-24 23:35:17

I currently don’t have a water filter straw but am shopping for one. In the event of electrical grid failure, our water would have to come from the creek.

Comment by Misty
2013-06-24 23:36:24

My favorite water filtration system is one that uses blue light to purify the water. However, this system is large and not practical for my b.o.b. so I am eager to try something like the lifestraw for that purpose.

Comment by Hujonwi
2013-06-24 23:36:40

I have a ceramic filter but will be getting a life straw…

Comment by Fred
2013-06-24 23:36:46

I use a ProPur gravity filter at home, and a LifeStraw in the field and when traveling.

Comment by Timbrely
2013-06-24 23:36:47

This is a great review. Thanks for doing such thorough research and for risking getting ill for the rest of us. I have been eyeing the LifeStraw for sometime now and intend to add one to my BOB when I can afford to expand it.

Comment by Edwin Sanchez
2013-06-24 23:40:36

The method I use most is boiling when I am in the field. Not much after taste when I boil my water. I remember using purification tablets during my military career but the after taste was not very nice.
I never use one of these LifeStraw filters but would like to try it out.

Comment by Justin
2013-06-24 23:41:56

While we use a Brita at home the best filtration system I’ve seen is the RO system at work, I wish I knew the brand but I do not. I will look into getting a LifeStraw for my various kits.

Comment by Pineslayer
2013-06-24 23:43:50

I own the Frontier and it seems to work fine. I guess it is impossible to know if these things work as advertised unless you drink from known bad water. My INCH pack has an MSR Marathon, so far so good with that too. The Lifestraw seems to be a better deal when you look at the cost vs. liters filtered. I will have to read more. Thanks for the review.

Comment by Neotoxo
2013-06-24 23:45:10

Interesting article – sounds like a good item to include in not only a bug-out bag but also my hunting gear…for the price maybe two.

Aside from the bug filtering I prefer something with activated charcoal to help with the taste and absorbing assorted minerals. However something like that is bulky.

Comment by Tina
2013-06-24 23:48:39

My husband and I are relatively new to prepping and I must say, you provide a great deal of very helpful information, not the least of which is this review and comparison of the straw filtration systems. I must admit that we were rather skeptical of these types of products and now are glad to have it validated by someone who has used them. This would be perfect in our area as we do have some fresh water creeks nearby that we could utilize in an emergency situation, and it seems to be a very easy product to utilize quickly. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and information. Knowledge is power!

Comment by Nathan king
2013-06-24 23:49:35

I currently don’t have a filter. I am researching now so this article couldn’t have come at a better time. We have multiple water sources around us in the event of grid failure. Fortunately some are safe to drink but having a filter would be the only way to play it safe. Thank for the article. You are a lifesaver. I hope I never have to use the information given but would rather have it and not need it.

Comment by David Moffatt
2013-06-24 23:50:16

I carry a “space blanket” and a square of clear Mylar when in the field, along with a Sierra cup. Dig a hole, set the cup in the center, stretch the “blanket” or Mylar across the hole, set a rock in the middle to create a low spot, and in a short time (on a sunny day at least) water vapor from the soil will condense and drip into the cup. That water will be, essentially, distilled. On can capture water using this method in areas where no surface water is available, including desert areas.

Comment by hemi
2013-06-24 23:53:00

I still prefer using my first need filter. It’s considerably heavier & bulkier than the LifeStraw. I’ve been considering purchasing a pair of LifeStraws, but the way the they state their filtering percentages throws me off a little because they break everything down separately ( bacteria / protozoa / viruses ) when all of their competitors only show one rating, which matches the lowest of the three ratings on the LifeStraw. Is this simply because they’re not as good or is it just a marketing tactic on LifeStraws part?

Comment by Chris Filyaw
2013-06-24 23:56:39

Hi, I enjoyed the review and fully intend when I can afford it to get a LifeStraw for my camping gear (I kayak a lot) , and one for my bug out bag. As for my favorite water filtration, I use a Britta pitcher for the well water at home because that is what I could afford when it was on sale after I moved here, I would prefer the Berkey as I have seen good reviews on it, I think I remember seeing a review on that one here.

When I am camping and run out of water from home, I let the river water settle in a container (marked with black tape for (dirty) and pour it off to a cooking pot to boil it and clear it of live microorganisms. I don’t have a filter for my gear yet. My budget says boil, so I boil. When my budget says filter, I will filter. however, I prefer filtering. It takes less energy, and is much quicker.
Keep up the great reviews- It’s good to see a reviewer actually use the product.

Comment by mike gaqjdos
2013-06-24 23:57:42

I am an abolute new comer, but very very curious of this life straw the only other place I have seen it and spoken of was on an ad for 3rd world countries children. Good work.

Comment by BobbyD
2013-06-24 23:59:58

We use an electric distiller for all drinking water, with all the benefits that distillation offers.
Not exactly the answer if the grid goes. We keep about 30 gallons on hand all the time for the two of us. The Life Straw sounds like the perfect backup purifier for emergencies. One question I have is what effect does intermitent use have on the longevity of the straw filter?
If it is not continually “wet” does the filter degrade with periodic dry periods?

Comment by Tamara Alleyne
2013-06-25 00:02:41

We are currently using the Zero Water filter at home with wonderful results. After years of using a Brita filter average results this one is wonderful. Lifestraw is the next product I’d like to try.

Comment by Jake
2013-06-25 00:02:56

I love my Katydyn Hiker Pro water filter… though it’s no where near as portable as a lifestraw is!

Comment by Annie
2013-06-25 00:03:08

I have one Life Straw in my preps but have not used it. I’d sure like another as I travel a lot and need to carry one with me. Never know … Could be a long walk home.

Comment by J. Lee
2013-06-25 00:03:22

Thanks for the info Erich. My wife bought the Seychelle for our 72 hr kit. We haven’t had a chance to test it out yet.

Comment by Sergeant Major
2013-06-25 00:04:25

I like the Life Straw but for quantities of water I am one who pasteurizes water using 145 degrees of heat, even solar and a $20 WAPI. Coffee filters from Dollar Tree for particulate matter and 6 minutes at 145 degrees and you have potable water. For 5 gallon batches the Mission system from Eagle Spring does as good a job as a Berkey for one Hell of a lot less money.
For the doubters of the 145 degrees for 6 minutes formula please Google water pasteurization.

Comment by Thomas
2013-06-25 00:06:12

I use Berkey’s at home and in my bob. I carry Aquamira in my ghb. I have read about the Lifestraw and IMO I think that it’s the best straw on the market.

Comment by Ken Dillie
2013-06-25 00:08:28

Good review and good comparison to the other similar products.

My favorite camp filter is a homemade bag filter using a dry bag with hose fittings, a 7′ hose and a Sawyer inline filter: This set up filters very fast (the long hose giving good head pressure to the filter is the key) and can be back flushed to clean and extend life. I added CamelBak on/off switch to control the flow (also drilled out the switch to improve flow). I don’t use this in winter since the enclosed filter could freeze and crack.

On the water/trail, I use a MSR MiniWorks EX Water Filter for a quick nalgene fill and like how they screw on and the filter cleaning is easy. I also don’t use this in the winter to prevent the ceramic filter from creacking – also, don’t drop it. I’ve used extensively and never broken a filter.

The overall easiest and simplest foolproof method is tablets. For winter (unless boiling) and times where you have 30 min to 4 hours before you need the water, I use Potable Aqua with iodine neutralizer and Katadyn MicroPur Purification Tablets for bulk treatments. These work in any conditions and are simple, with no mechanical filters to clog or break, no hoses to accidentally cross contaminate and small and light to carry.

Never had any issues using any of the above – they all have their optimal use and having at leat 2 always (1 is always tablets) gives a backup that doesn’t require boiling.

I picked up a SteriPen on closeout and haven’t used yet – have a friend who uses them exclusively in the BWCA and loves it.

Comment by Devyn henrichs
2013-06-25 00:09:48

I prefer the method of a bowl and a black trash bag and digging a small hole in the earth it’s simple and you can find materials most anywhere

Comment by James
2013-06-25 00:10:37

Old school coal, sock, coffee filter(if available) reason being you can create the coal and usually have a sock you can use.

Comment by Ray Thomas
2013-06-25 00:10:39

I liked your review and feel better about my purchase of 2 lifestraws, one for my wife and one for me. For emergencies I like the sand charcole filter systems which can be made using plastic soda bottles.

Comment by wendy b
2013-06-25 00:10:46

My favorite system so far has been bottled water. But I’m trying to diversify the methods that I have available to me….so this looks like a great product.

Comment by Bill Moldt
2013-06-25 00:18:58

I appreciate your review. I do not have a favorite as I am just now looking into them. I think this one wil be my first purchase.

Thank you
Bill Moldt

Comment by Gina
2013-06-25 00:19:00

I have a Pur filter on my faucet, a bobble for everyday, and would love to sneak a Berkey across state lines, since they cannot ship to CA. The LifeStraw has been on my Amazon wish list for sometime now, and I read several positive reviews. I’m just starting my family’s journey to preparedness and my wish list just seems to get longer and longer!

Comment by saffron
2013-06-25 00:19:01

Thanks for the very informative review – the ability to see the stats for three straws side by side is very helpful. I am also new to the water filter selection but I know it is definitely needed in a BOB as well as elsewhere. I had been researching the straw types and wondered about them – then I saw the Life Straw demonstrated in a local documentary about water. WOW! I am impressed.

Comment by Dana
2013-06-25 00:21:38

I boil water and prefer it that way, cheap and easy. However I do keep tablets and a small amount of bleach (since it takes a very small amount) in my b.o.b. the plus with using the tablets is they don’t take much room. I haven’t heard much about the straws so I greatly appreciate the information. I am going to look into getting some. Thanks for all your great tips and info.

Comment by Debra
2013-06-25 00:22:03

Berkley water filter but not too handy in your BoB

Comment by bigbadwolfe
2013-06-25 00:22:18

I havent done a lot of looking yet, but I think the life straw is pretty neat.

Comment by Holly Jones
2013-06-25 00:26:45

I keep the Life Straw with me. It is big but but easy to tuck in places and it has not been damaged with rough handling. Two suggestions: use a primary filter (scarf / piece of coffee filter) and mark one end of the filter with something you can feel in low light conditions. I put a thick ring of super glue near the dirty water end.

Comment by Angela Perry
2013-06-25 00:27:28

I really dont have enough experience with different fitlers. I buy bottled water for everyday drinking. Lifestraw is the first “straw” filter I heard about and I am wanting to get several of them, or at least check them out. I really need to do alot more research and trial.

Comment by TripWire
2013-06-25 00:29:17

I have a Katadyn Hiker that I use when backpacking and also for my BOB. I chose this method based on friends suggestions and their published studies. However, a Lifestraw sounds like the perfect fit for my EDC bag so I guess if I win one then I will have a back up because I will be ordering one soon. Thanks for the info and great review.

Comment by William Jewett
2013-06-25 00:29:37

I have done a lot of research for my family on what would be the best filter for us to have in our BOB and we want to go with the life straw. I really would like to win so I don’t have to buy five.

Comment by terry Lussier
2013-06-25 00:35:19

I have one of the hand held pump units for my bug out bag but it takes up about 2,5 inches dia. and is around 5 inches long and therefore is almost useless in a limited space bag. I have no other experience with small filters but woulod like one of these.

Comment by Lil
2013-06-25 00:37:37

I have enough Life Straws for the entire family and my husband carries them in his travels on business. Living in Florida, fresh water is a big concern. I was lucky to find a business geared toward running and extreme sports nearby that will give me 10% off and 10 or more.

Comment by Michael Brady
2013-06-25 00:38:44

Steripen and some water purification tablets

Comment by tulip
2013-06-25 00:41:15


I’ve been looking at the LifeStraw for awhile now but haven’t used any filtration system in the past. I’ve been impressed with everything I’ve heard about the LifeStraw and would love to win one!

Thanks so much!

Comment by susan
2013-06-25 00:43:28

we don’t have them yet, I was waiting to be sure to pick correctly, which you have just kindly let me know I was leaning the right way. Life Straw is now the choice, thanks everso.

Comment by Walter Ondola
2013-06-25 00:43:35

I use the msr products only because they are easily got at my town and I have them in my bug out bag and motorhome, like the fact they are rebuild able and cleanable never tried a straw filter interested though for sure thanks

Comment by Larry
2013-06-25 00:48:05

I weighed all the parameters and decided that if I was going to get a filter to keep me hydrated, I also wanted to make sure it would keep out -all- the little bugzes, too. I settled on the Sawyer Point One SP181 full kit. It’s small enough to pocket, but is 2.5x the price of the LifeStraw. Allt he extras it comes with (BOB-able) are enough to hydrate a whole group of people. For the extra money, it also has zero limits. It will easily filter a million gallons. The smaller kit, the SP161, is only $40 and comes with several bags. With the 0.1 micron filtering, it takes out EVERYTHING. (Well, except heavy metals and radiation, which will get through everything else, too.) When (not if πŸ˜‰ I win one of the straws, I’ll send it to my niece, an avid hiker.

Comment by Cindy Kohlmaier
2013-06-25 00:48:12

My favorite water purification at this point in time is the Steri Pen. I have more than one kind. My 4 adult children have them. Some run on batteries, solar & just plain wind up. They work with UV rays. I feel this is very safe.
My husband’s job is building a UV water treatment plant near NY city. If it’s good for a city, it’s good for me.
My mind is always open to other things. Most things have their place.

Comment by Mike T
2013-06-25 00:48:18

Still use our old school Big Berkey at base and sweet water guardian in the pack with iodine backup.

Comment by James
2013-06-25 00:48:27

I have a MSR MiniWorks EX Water Filter for the bug out bag plus a couple of different tablets. In a bug in situation I would supplement with bleach and boiling.

Comment by Rachael
2013-06-25 00:52:16

I prefer the LifeStraw filter because of its sheer capacity and effectiveness. Should the SHTF… I’m preparing for 4 adults (self included) and a toddler. I’ve got to be able to provide the safest environment, food, and water I can. Plus, its the one my husband got be for my birthday. And after all the comparison shopping he did, price was not the issue, its quality was.

Comment by steve
2013-06-25 01:02:41

I have a ceramic gravity filter that filters 5 gal at a time. It’s good for a set camp camper at home when space is not a problem but obviously you can’t take it on a hike, fishing trip, elk hunt, in the glove box ………….

Comment by Sophie Plate
2013-06-25 01:02:58

I have seen the Life Straw and have been wondering about its effectiveness. Thanks for the informative article.

As for my favorite filtration method, I use a Brita system at home right now. I have read about building a survival system made of sand, gravel and activated charcoal. I do like my Brita but that wouldn’t be effective under survival conditions. The homemade system would be effective but not portable. So the Life Straw sounds perfect.

Thanks again for the article on the Life Straw. Very helpful.

Comment by Dances Shaw
2013-06-25 01:03:07

We are looking into the Lifestraw for our homesteading and camping…very good review of the product! As for home right now we have SteriPen with iodine.

Comment by Anthony J.
2013-06-25 01:21:57

I use the Sawyer SP140 water bottle filter. It’s gvery reasonably proced, it has got a 63mm cap that fits my camelback and nalgene water bottles so I can vary the capacity I carry. It’s also has an effective filtration of 1,000,000 yes that’s one million gallons, which sawyer claims can basically mean lifetime because of the requirement of cleaning the system which basically resets it to zero. It’s very similar to the life straw in that respect.

Comment by Gene MacDonald
2013-06-25 01:26:10

While these filters appear larger than the others noted, I think the ability to clear the filter and extend it’s life is a no-brainer. The difference in price indicates I go through or reactivate several of the others while the LifeStraw would require nothing more than clearing after use. It might take up a little more space, but being plastic, shouldn’t add too much weight.

Comment by robyn marriott
2013-06-25 01:30:00

I received a life straw for Christmas! I hope to never have to use it. But since I live, work and play in Alaska, its in my BOB and goes with me when camping and hunting. It would be nice to have more than one so I wouldn’t have to keep transferring from my BOB to my pack, to my fishing bag!

Comment by Debbra Walter
2013-06-25 01:32:04

Thank you for the helpful review. I’ll be saving the article for future reference. Our family of seven has a nearly everyday need for something to filter the outdoor water we drink. We live in the San Gorgonio Wilderness in the San Bernardino Mnts. in Southern California. When we walk or hike around town (Forest Falls), and in the forest we find little springs (have to dig a bit to get to the water), the falls, and lots of creeks and other small running waters. If we run out of our bottled water we use a tampon with essential oil and a drop of chlorine usually sprayed onto the tampon. We got that idea from Creek Stewart. It works just fine, but we can’t use the tampon on a lower source of water (as opposed to a higher elevation source). The tampon can’t be used too many times. The microbial buildup danger is just too great. Yes we get tested all the time. Haven’t had a problem yet, but we would like to have a Lifestraw. We would like to be sure we don’t get microbial invasion in our house!

Comment by Betty Westbury
2013-06-25 01:32:55

WOW! Looks like a lifesaver to me! I live in an area where we fortunately have a lot of water around but not that you would want to drink without filtering. This Lifestraw is the answer to my prayers! Thanks for the great info, as always!

Comment by Victor Gunn
2013-06-25 01:36:43

I use a Kinetico reverse osmosis filtration system for home use. I have two Life Straws for two separate bug out bags and I have a Katadyn Hiker Pro with spare filters for camp use. I store bleach for water treatment, too.

Comment by James Kyle Holman
2013-06-25 01:40:35

I’m new to the survivalist/prepare arena. I currently use a Brita water bottle to filter tap water at home. I enjoy the TI articles and read almost all that hit my inbox. Keep up the good work. You seem to answer all my questions, in short concise articles. I like that.
Please enter me for a chance to win a Life-straw. Thank you.

Comment by Gary Pomraning
2013-06-25 01:50:22

I don’t have a favorite water filtration/purification method for the field, yet, but will have to get one of these LifeStraws.
I used to use Brita for the house, but now use (and am happy with) Clear2O.
Thanks for the great review and articles.

Comment by charles dailey
2013-06-25 01:55:31

Do not currently have one , but thinking of getting a Berkey for home use . Am currently researching afield unit .

Comment by Louise Price
2013-06-25 01:57:47

My husband & I are still checking our filtering system. Given that drinkable water is so crucial to life, we aren’t rushing into any purchase. Your review of the LifeStraw was great. You made good comparisons and pointed out some not so obvious things about all three straws. I am putting your review on my husband’s reading list. Thanks for the review, it sure will help us decide.

Comment by Theresa Everest
2013-06-25 02:03:12

Currently we’re using self filtering water bottles, but I love the idea of the Life-straw for our B-O-B. I believe the Life-straw even does a better job on filtering than the water bottles we have. Would love to win this!

Comment by Pam gray
2013-06-25 02:09:39

I have a steripen for bob. Would love to win this life straw. Thanks for your articles. Great review!

Comment by Rob
2013-06-25 02:19:21

I carry the aquamira in my EDC. I value its small size. When I setup camp I have a ceramic filter with two 5 gallon buckets set one on the other. I’m thinking about and researching how to build a large sand/charcoal filter for emergency home use.

Comment by Bill
2013-06-25 02:48:17

Don’t have one yet drink bottled water. This product looks good hope to get two one for both my wife and I.

Comment by L. Roemich
2013-06-25 03:08:03

I like the Katadyn Pocket Water Purifier, it has been tested and is currently used by U.S.Special Forces. I feel confident in the product.The company has been around for 80 years and the purifier is guaranteed for 20 years.The water tastes clean, no smells, no aftertaste just great tasting fresh water. It filters up to 10,000 gallons and the ceramic filter can be cleaned and reused. It is a product I feel every family should have in their emergency supplies.

Comment by Shane
2013-06-25 03:18:16

I don’t have any filtration system. Although I do use the reverse osmosis machine at my publix. Filling up 10 1 gallon jugs for a .25 cents s piece.

Comment by radarphos
2013-06-25 03:24:30

I drink a lot of water, and volume wise, intake more water per volume than food. I use the SolarStill (George Meder) to make distilled water (to eliminate everything harmful from water) in my normal drinking. I add minerals after distillation. said on June 25, 2013 that glyphosates (pesticide found in Monsato’s Round Up) is cancer causing (especially breast cancer) even in the trillionths and has been found in 40% of water supplies, including well water. So I keep learning about more harmful man-made toxins in water, and am pleased to drink distilled water. I have not yet gotten a travel filter straw partially because of my dumb delusion that since it is cheap and available I can get it anytime. I also buy essential products for my adult children, whose priorities are still adulterated with many youthful delusions.

Comment by Andy
2013-06-25 03:36:42

My current water purifier is a SteriPen that uses UV light to neutralize bacteria, protozoa, and viruses. I have complete confidence in using UV light to purify water. We have been using UV light at work for years to purify water and never had a failure. I am currently touring the Philippines and have been using the SteriPen for 2 weeks in both natural and questionable municipal water supplies and have had no ill effects. The only disadvantage is the need to to use something to filter out any dirt in the water before purifying but is easily accomplished using cloth.

Comment by Deborah Hockley
2013-06-25 04:04:13

Loved the review! It’s very timely since we just experienced a 3 day boil water advisory. Although I’d stored water for such an event, I still felt vulnerable somehow. I’ve been looking into the Berkey Royal, but I’ll have to check out all the great information you have all shared before I commit. The Lifestraw maybe just what I’ve been looking for. The kids are so accustomed to drinking from ss water bottles, there is the exposure of forgetting and refilling with contaminated faucet water. The Lifestraw used in their ss bottles would eliminate this potential problem.

Comment by Beth Harmon
2013-06-25 04:20:43

I would like to have a straw. Currently have only bleach in need and boiling. Thanks for the review and opportunity!

Comment by susan
2013-06-25 04:57:43

Brita system at home but live where water supply could be contaminated with salt water and wonder how the Lifestraw would handle that.

Comment by Toby
2013-06-25 05:01:24

Often when I am out in the field I am leading groups so go for a larger filter option of an MSR AutoFlow. An excellent piece of gear!

Comment by Morana Revel
2013-06-25 05:01:46

I do not have a water filter device as yet. It is on my plan to. So far, when I have had to bug out, I have either had a water source or water was not an issue.

Comment by Christine L.
2013-06-25 05:47:48

I use Berkey filters for our filtration/purification needs. That said, I have been contemplating getting a couple of Lifestraw’s for my husband and I as they are so much smaller than what we currently have. After looking around on-line I saw the different brands sold and decided more research was needed. Thank you for the review and comparison. It helps me make a decision prior to purchase.

Comment by Anne Barnett
2013-06-25 05:48:11

I have used brita personal water bottles and like the charcoal filter. Have not tried many others as of yet

Comment by Joe Thomas
2013-06-25 05:56:37

Great review. Lifestraw is a great product. My preferred on the go method for water filitration. For bulk filitration, I have built a “sand filter” with carbon on top then feed into a second container with a ceramic filter element, then a third container where I add chlorine. I use washed fiberglas screen material to line the first bucket and to seperate the gravel, sand, and carbon. The same screen made to repair window screens. This keeps the layers seperated. I put a clean cloth over the carbon as the first stage, effective on large particles and easy to replace.

Comment by Heather
2013-06-25 06:00:11

I keeps tablets in my B.O.B. and have also boiled water. Been researching other faster methods, and this might fit the bill as a good addition to my bags. Thanks for the review!

Comment by whitney
2013-06-25 06:19:09

I’ve been watching the filtration straws for a few years now and absolutely love the concept for a bug out bag. I live about 20 miles away from my ultimate destination in case of grid failure so bug out bags will be essential. Also i would be traveling with three young children so carrying that much drinking water would not be a viable option. I have a large supply of the chlorine tabs already, but for a bug out bag, these are unparalled.

Comment by Mary Shue
2013-06-25 06:19:40

Using a Brita filter at home and saving to get a Katadyn Pro Hiker for bug out bag but would like to try the Lifestraw. Like the size of it.

Comment by Jim
2013-06-25 06:20:53

At home I use the Zero water filter for day to day use and I have tablets packed for emergency – Thanks for the great review – sometimes I question reviews on manufacture sites – good to have an honest look at things.

Comment by tonka dial
2013-06-25 06:29:37

I haven’t used any of the bought type filters for the reason haven’t been sure if they work. So I’ve always used the old field method sand, gravel, and charcoal. Then maybe a coffee filter or bandana for extra safety. Now I have saw a good review the life straw would be my bug out bag and camping choice. Thanks for the review

Comment by j r honeycutt
2013-06-25 06:34:06

my favorite is largely determined by availability – the KATADYNE was the only one

available 40 years ago when I started backpacking. It has been a fine way to keep

from having to carry so much water. After reading about your test the Lifestraw will

be included in my BOB and BOV. Thanks for your efforts.

Comment by andrew
2013-06-25 06:36:54

I think the life straw would be awesome to have and use… I currently use a walmart version that is just ok, but i dont know how it stacks up against the life straw. hope i get picked…

Comment by j.h.
2013-06-25 06:37:07

I use to carry a older PUR Scout with a guide filter until introduced to the Lifestraw. Now that’s all what we carry in our GHBs. In our BugOut kit, we still have the Katadyn Combi and a pair of Monolithic ceramic candles for longer term base camp water filtering.

Comment by Marcia
2013-06-25 06:52:12

I am new to prepping. Have ordered a Berkey Light and was thinking about purchasing a Katadyn Vario. This Lifestraw may be a better option. Thanks for the review!

Comment by Bob Hepburn
2013-06-25 06:54:57

Actually, I know diddly about “in the wild” water filtration systems, but I do use Brita water filters at home. I’d like to give the LifeStraw a shot (a sip?) in a Maine mountain spring-fed brook that looks free and clear — but you never know. Thanks for the possibility of being able to get one!

Comment by John D.
2013-06-25 06:56:32

I like the Sawyer gravity filters for their simplicity.

Comment by snb
2013-06-25 07:11:52

I currently don’t have a water filter system. I have looked at the Berkley and may get one in the future. I also have been interested in a ceramic filter system for long term use. I have been considering a portable filter but wasn’t sure which one would be best. Thank you for posting your personal experience with three and for finding and posting the independent study on the LifeStraw.

Comment by Tim Cooper
2013-06-25 07:28:21

I currently use the Brita filter at home and use the Aquamira drops with boiling for field use, however after your review I do believe the LifeStraw may be a good addition to the BOB. Thanks for the review.

Comment by Alicia Hamilton
2013-06-25 07:28:26

I have a battery operated light purifier but it’s in a faraday cage. The Lifestraw would be a great addition to our X3 redundantcy for our emergency prepareness. Thanks for the review.

Comment by Ginny
2013-06-25 07:30:40

I haven’t had cause to carry a portable filtration system, but I have been admiring Lifestraw for quite a while. I’d love to have one of these!

Comment by Bob
2013-06-25 07:32:16

I have always been able to either carry in the water I have needed and had water purification tablets along as a backup. I have read about this type of filter and it looks as though they have advanced to the point of being usable. For personal use, the Lifestraw looks to be the best choice.

Thanks for the info.

Comment by John O
2013-06-25 07:35:32

Thanks for the article, I was planning to buy one of these 3 filters, was not sure which was best at filtering, I now plan to buy a Life Straw. Thanks!

Comment by Art V
2013-06-25 07:38:41

I really like Lifesaver Jerrycan 20,000 for a family use, and lifestraw for BOB.

Thanks for the opportunity!

Comment by MJ
2013-06-25 07:39:00

I use a Clear at home. I have never used any type of straw while hiking or camping but after seeing your review, I am considering a purchase. Thanks for all of your great information!

Comment by goat haunt
2013-06-25 07:46:01

I believe that any water filtration system that can keep you from getting sick is a good one. As all events and circumstances can and do change, no one water purification system is the best. Multiple options are best. The small “straws” are very convienent and portable. Good to have since they don’t take much space.

Comment by joe w
2013-06-25 07:46:26

I believe in using a cotton or silk cloth and also ammonia. pure and simple. not so great when you are on the road, but it is easy, cheap, accessible.

Comment by terri
2013-06-25 07:49:19

I see the main advantage of the straw filters as being compact. We have the Berkley travel cups, which are very bulky, but would allow you to carry some water with you. Thanks for offering the Lifestraw.

Comment by Patricia Wright
2013-06-25 07:50:58

I do not have a water purification device although I figured I would use condensation for abstracting potable water. The life straw according to your review seems to be the way to go.

Comment by Joey Miller
2013-06-25 07:51:15

My favorite method is passing it through a coffee filter, then adding a little liquid chlorine bleach. These are things the typical household has on hand, so it’s useful knowledge even when you’re caught unprepared, not that that could ever happen to us πŸ™‚

Comment by Yvonne V.
2013-06-25 07:58:30

I have got to get a LifeStraw before they are all sold out!!!

Comment by olly
2013-06-25 08:00:36

I currently deal with any impure water by filtering it through a Milbanks bag, then either boiling it or using steritabs on it. This is very simple and only requires me to Carry the millbanks bag as I Carry the stove and tabs anyway. It also allows me to purify water for cooking etc. As it doesnt all go straight in my mouth. The downside is that it requires more time to use than a straw

Comment by John
2013-06-25 08:02:25

Enjoyed you review. Have been looking at the straws but couldn’t dig thru all the hype. Thanks this was very helpful. if i don’t win I’ll purchase one.
I have a Lifesaver 6000UF. Seemed effective, practical and has a high volume capacity for a relatively portable filter. Also have the ceramic filters with 5 gal buckets to be used in a real extended emergency.

Comment by Ted
2013-06-25 08:05:23

We use the MIneral Water System in the home and its great. We are drinking so much more water because it tastes so much better. I also carry a frontier straw in my GHB and have considered a life straw for my BOB. You have convinced me.

Comment by David
2013-06-25 08:05:25

I use ceramic filters in 2- 5 gal. buckets for home use. You are always able to see your storage, the filters are able to be cleaned and they take out all of the bacteria, parasites and viruses. For my get home bag I use 2 part purification tablets to save space and very lightweight. After the review of the Lifestraw I may get one for my wife and I. Thanks.

Comment by OleEd
2013-06-25 08:06:00

I’m just beginning to start my “bob” and survival necessities. This review is great and I will buy several for my family’s use if god forbid we need to use it. Happy I found your sure.

Comment by Duane Leavitt
2013-06-25 08:15:42

First off we always carry a 6 pack of 500 ml bottles per person when we travel. Beyond that my :”favorite” (what I feel safest with) method is a 2 prong approach. Treatment with halozone tablets (mil-spec if I can keep getting them) and then a pass through the Katadyn water filter. Belt and suspenders. Yeah I know, takes time, need to lug a steel canteen so you know you have a quart of water… BUT no runs, no slips, no errors.

Comment by Oaktree
2013-06-25 08:23:37

Dear Sir
Ive been camping out for about thirty years now, and truth be told i always boil my water when needed. Worked for me and my family when i was a kid when the power went out for weeks on end and still works for me now, that been said i think that these water filter β€œstraws” is the best thing since the sliced pan bread.

Much as i like a campfire, sometimes i just like to keep walking carring less weight and i think that Straw might fit the bill so thank you for your time and effort in writing this article.


Comment by cane
2013-06-25 08:24:29

I am a subscriber to the rule of threes. When it comes to water purification there are many options depending on the various circumstances one finds themselves in. For an emergency scenario,whether man made or natural the Life Straw excels.A little more bulky? yes, but you are able to filter water on the run,filter much more and able to carry it around your neck so you always have the ability to procure water. Along with water purification tablets and an mini ceramic filter I have the ability to purify water without building a fire and boiling. Simple to use and clean,good tasting water and inexpensive.

Comment by Dustin
2013-06-25 08:27:48

I use a homemade burkey filter, it works well but is bulkey i think i will try life straw

Comment by Anna Lapping
2013-06-25 08:31:31

I prefer the Life Straw over the other two. The long-term filtering capability and the ability to filter out viruses and oocytes are the main reasons. The size doesn’t matter in this case because I’m not planning a hike where every inch and ounce counts. This would be to sustain me in a SHTF situation, and since water should be your first priority, then this fills the bill nicely.

Comment by Dee
2013-06-25 08:36:46

I was always told water purification tablets, & boiling water OR catching water or condensation using a tarp method worked as a rudimentary method in the field…..but if I had a choice of a LIFESTRAW, I would use it. Brita filter at home is what we use, as well as a refrigerator filter, for our drinking water. Thank you for the informative article.

Comment by Vern Guilford
2013-06-25 08:44:51

Im going to make my own Home filtration system using removable filters and 5 gallon buckets. I also will have a life straw in every one of my familys BOB’s.

Comment by Michael Rezendes
2013-06-25 08:50:51

I’ve wanted to get a Life Straw since I first heard about it. Thanks for the great review. The best thing I like is the size and the fact it will go great in my everyday carry bag. It will be a great supplement to the bottle of water I always keep with me.

Comment by Don Jameson
2013-06-25 08:55:23

I don’t currently have any filtration devices but have been thinking about getting a few to stock in case the need ever arose. Your article was very helpful.

Comment by larry kendall
2013-06-25 09:08:09

i have only used a homemade water filter using plastic bottle sand gravel charcoal and grass with lake water, seemed to work fairly well. i would like to try the others. thanks

Comment by Pamela McGaha
2013-06-25 09:14:49

Thanks for the reviews, they were very helpful. At our location, we have a sand/gravel/charcoal system set up, but I have been wanting to know more about these straws. I have seen photos of them being used in third world countries and it seemed like such an aha! product.

Comment by Jerry Kimbrel
2013-06-25 09:18:32

I currently use Aquamira, but I’m excited and willing to try the new LifeStraw.

Comment by Derek
2013-06-25 09:18:46

The Platypus Gavityworks filter is my choice. It is very simple to use and has long lasting filtering capacity. I have read about to many pump filters failing and being difficult to use. I have read about many many pump filter users switching over to the Platypus once they saw how easy it is and the giant capacity it has.

Major drawback is it is pretty expensive, but I don’t mind paying extra for a superior product. The same would go for a straw filter and it sounds like the LifeStraw falls into this category.

Comment by Christa
2013-06-25 09:26:53

I just use water purification tablets. I will be buying a lifestraw as soon as possible. Thanks for the review of this product. I have been looking at it for a while but wasn’t sure.

Comment by Eileen Johnson
2013-06-25 09:27:46

We use an aquasana on our kitchen tap b/c a friend had done research and suggested it.

Comment by Laura Johnson
2013-06-25 09:35:55

My emergency water supply is a 275 gallon tote tank hooked up to the gutter with a roof washer. I can draw water and put it my Berkley. Never had to use it for drinking water, but, have topped over my water feature with it. Don’t have a “carry with me” water purifier.
Need one, this one sounds great.

Comment by Lloyd S
2013-06-25 09:37:35

I do not have any of the filters reviewed but I do agree that the LifeStraw filter sounds like it is worth the extra price.

Comment by Rowan McDirk
2013-06-25 09:38:02

I got Katadyn in my BoB.
I has a good filter and enormous water filtering capacity.

Comment by Randy
2013-06-25 09:38:25

Have the lifestraw, but haven’t used it yet… This review is very comforting, seems we made the right call… currently using RO for water filtration, but have lifestraw and the Big Berkey for emergency use.

Comment by John R
2013-06-25 09:44:47

I’m old and may have my head screwed on wrong. I drink water out of my tap. When the tap water dries up, I feel it is most urgent to be able filter all my water. If there is ever something that is double redundant, water filtration is. I have 10 each 55 gallon barrels that catch my rain water, now to water my critters and my garden. When the crap hit, I will use it to water John.
I have colloidal silver (with a generator) as number one bug killer. I have hydrogen peroxide (food grade) for a back up. I have chorine, iodine tabs, and oh yes, I believe there is a British Berkley in my basement from 1999 (Y2K), still in the box. I have knowledge to build a small solar still, and I have the cut glass to make them with.
I am thinking I may be going overboard, so maybe a straw to suck water from my small pond that is full of fish, would be nice.
Thanks for the good work….John R

Comment by Rick C
2013-06-25 09:45:52

I prefer to use either Iodine tabs or I just boil water when on the trail. The iodine is for quick drinking and boiling is use at camp. These methods are used to keep my pack as light as possible. I have been reading about the LifeStraw for some time now and would love to try one out before investing in one for each family member. Thanks for th great review.

Comment by Jeff gilchriest
2013-06-25 09:47:35

I have several berkey filters for bucket filtration (passive), and a couple of old, but never used hand pump charcoal filters. I don’t have a truly portable filtration system yet. Steripens were bought for my daughters trip that seemed positive, but they do not filter water, just sterilize it. I was glad so notice the viral filtration ability of the LifeStraw!

Comment by RoyG
2013-06-25 09:48:31

I have the AquaMaria Military Pro 1 for each person (4) for my GHB and im very happy with them i also carry the purifing tablets for a back up or to use together if i have to. better to be safe than sorry.. Iv been looking at getting a life straw and read several reviews so now im sold.. I also have the saywer SP181 for the BOB..

Comment by Kay
2013-06-25 09:48:36

I don’t have any portable water filtration system yet; a significant hole in my preps. Based on this review, the LifeStraw is the way to go, for travel anyway.
BTW, I do have pool shock and lots of large filtration devices (coffee filters for example) to make bleach for home purification purposes. But we don’t always get to stay home.
something like the Life Straw is definitely needed.

Comment by JenR
2013-06-25 10:16:36

We have been researching water purification systems and are ready to purchase a Berkey since it sounds like the best as far as filtration, and we can use it at home as well as travel with it on camping trips. I think the Life Straw sounds like a must as well since we won’t be lugging the Berkey while hiking! Thanks for the info!

Comment by mississippi_man
2013-06-25 10:32:37

From your reviews I will go with the “Life Straw” I like the extra certification/testing from the “Department of Soil, Water and Environmental Science of the University of Arizona”, too often today you hear about small/large problems with products that were “said” to either “this” or “that” and we find that they are neither. After the shtf I want to be prepared with the “best” I could afford before that event. I will sacrifice a little extra size and weight for the added assurance.

Comment by Hoss
2013-06-25 10:44:48

We use a Big Berkey at home, and a First Need in the field. I have a couple of Aquamiras and find their disclaimer disheartening. I’m leaning towards a Steripen for its portability. My hands down favorite is distillation as most of the water available to me in Hawaii isn’t drinkable any other way.

Comment by Eric
2013-06-25 10:44:49

I personally do not own a water filtration device yet. I have read several articles on the various brands and except for the larger size, the LifeStraw appears to be the winner hands down. I will be adding to my Bug Out Bag(s) for the family.

Thanks for confirming decision!

Comment by Ray Graves
2013-06-25 10:46:35

I use Sawyer water filters – lifetime warranty on the filters, so never have to change them. In my opinion, the best filter on the market.

Comment by Barbara Miller
2013-06-25 10:48:03

I have been looking for some time at these filters. At present we boil. I want something quicker and had not picked one yet. I am Glad to see your review. It makes up my mind for me. Thank you so much.

Comment by Kevin
2013-06-25 10:58:48

Our long term/volume purification is dichlor, as it is much more stable than bleach, we also use boiling. I’m new to prepping, and have no water purification in my BOB yet. This looks great (though I want to see one live, since everyone keeps saying the Life Straw is larger than comparitives ).

Comment by Alanea liston
2013-06-25 11:18:10

Im a berkey girl! but have been wanting to try these for a while now. I think they would be great for my kids hiking bags and BoBs.

Comment by ozarked
2013-06-25 11:20:47

This is one of the best product reviews I’ve read lately. I like the Aquamira Frontier Emergency Filter. Why? Because it’s the one i own, that’s why. But, after reading this review, I’ll definitely be in the market for a LifeStraw!

Comment by Cynthia Howe
2013-06-25 11:24:09

I have Seychelle pitchers and sport bottles with the RAD filter. I saw a program with the company owner and he had studies showing RAD filter. Seychelle’s exclusive filters are the most laboratory and field-tested of their kind in the world using EPA protocols and tested to NSF/ANSI Standards 42 and 53 by Broward Testing laboratory..
The Seychelle RAD Water Pitcher removes 100% of major contaminatnts found after a nuclear catastrophe including:
Aesthetic (Chlorine, taste and odor)
Biological (Pathogens),
Chemicals (from Industry and Agriculture),
Dissolved Solids (heavy metals such as lead, mercury, Chromium 6)
100% Radiological Contaminants such as Radon, Radium, Uranium and Cesium 137. The filter is designed with a hard shell that is formed to exact or 2 micron absolute porosity. The filter is impregnated with various proprietary media that have the ability to remove, absorb, adsorb, chemically bond and chelate different contaminants as they pass through the tortuous path designed in the filter.
They advertise 150 gallons but test rate them 300+ gallons. RAD filter also lowers the PH of water.
The water bottle filters 100 gallons. Reusable – made of FDA approved plastics – will not leach! BPA free! Filter is replaceable.
β€’ Filters made in USA.

Comment by David R.
2013-06-25 11:29:31

My favorite filtering method is pretty simple. I strain the water through a clean bandanna into my cook pot or steel cup and then boil it. The bandanna filters out any large junk and the boiling takes care of the rest.

Comment by James
2013-06-25 11:34:36

We don’t use a filter at home, nor when we are camping at campgrounds. If in doubt, we boil the water for my wife and four year old, but I usually take my chances with the campground tap water. No problems so far in my life of 44 years. We recently travelled to the Philippines during the rainy season where all the water is suspect except the bottled water and the bulk supply water in larger cans. I did try the tap water (some people drink it without apparent ill effects) only to experience minor gastrointestinal upset. I settled for the bottled water which was fine. When travelling to the remote areas bottled and bulk container water are harder to come by so planning for the young one is essential. For our next excursion to the wilderness, I plan on having some kind of filtration system for our family. One day my luck or intestinal fortitude might run out or one of my family members might become sick. After joining your site, I have learned that water safety can be simple and effective.


Comment by Karen
2013-06-25 11:42:02

The only water filter I own is an AquaCera Mini Traveler Personal Gravity Water Filter which uses a Doulton ceramic candle (SuperSterasyl). I have tried putting the top half over a 1 1/2 gallon plastic water pitcher with a spout, so that I have room for a flouride filter (PF-4). I have filtered a lot of tap water this way at home. I have had problems, though, with the plastic pitcher being very easily cracked, especially near the spout. When I purchased a glass pitcher, I dropped it immediately in the parking lot and, looking at the shards, I decided it was way too fragile for my purposes. I like the low price and high portability of the Mini Traveler, but it would be nice to have something even more compact for a BOB (which I haven’t got together yet–I’m just in the planning stages right now). The LifeStraw looks like a good pick for that.

Comment by Pam
2013-06-25 11:45:35

I dont have a water purification system yet, but am looking at these pens due to their portability and the fact I could carry them hiking!

Comment by Connie - AlteredRoute
2013-06-25 11:58:21

I’m a Berkey girl but would love to have the mobility of the Lifestraw. You provided a great review and I thank you for it!

Comment by Dove
2013-06-25 12:06:06

I had never heard of such a straw until I read your review. Humans are such amazing creatures when we put our minds to it! I value your reviews, as a newbie to being aware of how to take care of myself and be prepared for life, they are life savers. thank you.

Comment by Compton Cypress
2013-06-25 12:17:21

I personally love the Life Straw, I keep one in my survival packs, and in the car to get home with, since if stranded I’d be with at least my wife and needing to share it for a 30-90 mile hike all the way home.So for me I’m most concerned with portable, and long lasting, because it could take a few days to get home or somewhere safe and I need a water filter I can relay on to get me there even if I have nothing else.

Comment by Melanie
2013-06-25 12:18:04

For years I’ve just used the Polar Pure iodine water disinfectant because of the ease of use and long shelf life with no worries about clogged filters. Now with more health concerns, an non chemical option would be beneficial.

Comment by Cynthia Howe
2013-06-25 12:29:38

Seyschelle now has a water straw with a RAD filter that is replaceable. Advertised at 50 gallons but safely goes past that. Not as bulky as Lifestraw. Same purifying qualities of Rad water bottle and pitcher.

Comment by Cyndi Gracie
2013-06-25 12:47:58

We don’t any personal water filtration at this time but Lifestraw was the one we were considering,

Comment by George
2013-06-25 12:56:34

Bleach and boiling so far, but putting my Bob together. Excellent review, I’m going to put a life straw in my bag. Keep up the good info.

Comment by Judy Peterson
2013-06-25 13:03:13

we have a reverse osmosis filter for the house and use a ceramic filtration system for our chickes. I really like the reverse osmosis as we have well water and I was not able to drink it (because of all the chemicals the well owners put in it) before we got our system.

Comment by Carole Pilon
2013-06-25 13:14:19

I have just bought 7 Aquamira Frontier Filters to add to our BOBs,for my family of seven as it was all we could afford. I wondered how they compared to the more expensive ones. Your article has provided me with a clear answer. Thanks!! I hope we never actually have to use them. Now have to organize a get home kit for my husband’s office and a kit for our car. Love your blog!

Comment by Karen Massey
2013-06-25 13:19:01

I never really considered water filtration before now, we have stored distilled and bottled water. This is an awesome article and I Thank you for taking the time to share it with me and everyone else.

Comment by Charles
2013-06-25 13:26:27

I boil currently because I don’t have a Lifestraw yet!

Comment by Kathys
2013-06-25 13:29:18

I Live In A Large Metropolitan Area. If I ever Had To Purify Water, I Would Boil It To Drive off VOCs FromAgricultural ChemIcals Used Upstream.

Comment by Chris K
2013-06-25 13:30:16

I don’t currently have nor have ever tried a water filter system but am very interested in putting together my BOB and this looks like a great addition!

Comment by Tom Towey
2013-06-25 13:42:01

Bingo! This is the type of article I search for in order to know which products really work! You used it, you dissected its functionality and practical uses. I don’t have to assume or doubt your data because there is not an influence from the product manufacture. Thank you a million times for the review and sharing your insight. Much appreciated!

Comment by Greg
2013-06-25 13:48:57

Just starting out and only have a Brita. The straw is very interesting and would love to try it camping.

Comment by Justin
2013-06-25 13:52:32

My Katadyn micro water bottle gets the most use and is by far my favorite so far. its very useful for in the field as it filters and i’m able to carry a small supply of water in it away from the source.

Comment by Chris
2013-06-25 13:57:03

I own a life straw and by far it is the best product when you are on the go in my opinion.

Comment by Rick Helstrom
2013-06-25 14:03:52

I have become a “prepper” somewhat by evolution. I enjoy deer hunting and have progressively been adding to my fanny pack for emergency purposes and now I have a bug out bag backpack that is too much to take deer hunting. So I have scaled back to the bare essentials for deer hunting but have been building up a stockpile of food and necessities for whatever event that might occur. I have a Aquamira straw that I have yet a need to use. I also have a gravity filter water bag from CTD that also I have not unwrapped. I also have several bottles of water treatment tablets and a quart of bleach. I have been aware of the Life Straw and have been contemplating adding it to my stock of preparations. My wife thinks I am going overboard. Hope she is right.

Comment by Ernie Dreese
2013-06-25 14:06:54

Thanks for the great review. I have been looking into the Lifestraw. Now it’s a definite purchase item.

Comment by Jeff
2013-06-25 14:09:21

I am new to learning about water filtration. If hiking or in an emergency something like the lifestraw would be my favorite way to filter water.

Comment by Ashley
2013-06-25 14:14:22

My favorite filtration system is the Aquamira straw filter. I was out on a hunting trip and both my hunting partner and I had to use some form of filtration. He had is own filtration I can’t remember the brand and got super sick. While I had the Aquamira straw and was fine. Since than that’s all I have used never had a problem.

The LifeStraw seems like it is worth investing in for my bug out bag. Thanks for the review.

Comment by Susan Burney
2013-06-25 14:19:50

I live in Calgary, AB. We just went through our 100 year flood (the one everyone said couldn’t happen!!). Thankfully, we never had a boil water advisory, but I saved water just in case (we camp frequently, and have 6 five gallon jugs). I had to bleach out the jugs, but was able to fill from the taps. Thankfully, I didn’t have to boil it before hand, which would have been my preferred purification method in a metropolitan area.

Comment by Tom McMillan
2013-06-25 14:24:02

I would use either the propane stove to boil water or the wood cook stove. I do have a backpacker water filter that has ceramic filters but I’ve never used it. I look forward to using some simple reusable filtration device.

Comment by kathy edwards
2013-06-25 14:32:03

Great comparison. Saw the life straw at Glenn Beck rally in Dallas. Was not totally convinced. Now I am. Want one for each family member. The comparison and research looking into them has convinced me that This is a must have. Thank you. Erich

Comment by Brodie
2013-06-25 14:35:28

I am lucky enough to get my water from a well.

Comment by joshua morris
2013-06-25 14:43:23

I use the lifestraw! Convenient and portable! My family each has one in their bug out bag.

Comment by Kevin A
2013-06-25 14:46:40

I use a CamelBak UV purification bottle primarily because I do not want to deal with clogged filters at the wrong times. I addition, those filtration versions can be pricey. The Life Straw however is perfect for the fishing bag or hiking and much more affordable.

Comment by Ivan
2013-06-25 14:51:42

I prefer boiling for all my water purification. If that is not feasible, I like to use iodine crystals. My favorite pump is a katadyn hiker pro

Comment by Darren
2013-06-25 14:55:27

I usually just boil my water fetched from the lake and put in a aquatab if the water is stagnant. I use this method only because of not wanting the dependence on filters.

Tried a few solar purification techniques like using a clear bottle in direct sun but it takes too long to purify.

Thank you for your great reviews!


Comment by Jean
2013-06-25 14:56:25

I have 2 ceramic filters and a double bucket gravity system. Kinda like those expensive systems. Only on the cheap.
The straw would be great for my bob

Comment by Earl Guernsey
2013-06-25 15:01:28

Awesome Review, either way, if I win or not, I will be defiantly picking myself up a few of these. I usually use water purification tablets or simply straining the water through a towel or some other cloth. Thanks For The Chance!

Comment by Tom Wardell
2013-06-25 15:04:05

I would absolutely LOVE to get a LifeStraw! I have typically boiled water in order to purify it, but you may not always have the time to do thatAND wait for it to cool before drinking. Having a LifeStraw on hand would be awesome for a situation such as that!

Thanks for the review. Good job!

Comment by Scott
2013-06-25 15:18:17

I have used the Auqamira Frontier, I keep one in my hunting pack for those long hikes to go and chase down the game in winter. It has been a good filter for the creeks that are in the areas I hunt. But getting a LifeStraw would be great for the mountains.

Thanks for the review information it has been very helpful.

Comment by AZdp
2013-06-25 15:22:06

We have a Berkey water filter for home use. I ordered one of these straws from Amazon right before reading this review. Now I wish I would have ordered more than one!

Comment by Kenneth West
2013-06-25 15:30:12

I have a pump filter, since it will attach to my hydration bladder, but after seeing these filters I am willing to give them a chance.

Comment by John
2013-06-25 15:35:35

Great review on filter straws. I have seen the LifeStraw advertised several place, but did not know if the product was all that good. I plan to puchase a couple of the LifeStraws for my bugout bag. Currently I have built the 2 5 gallon bucket system using the Doulton (candle ceramic filters) for home use in a emergency. Thanks again for the review and look forward to your next email.

Comment by Olivia
2013-06-25 15:39:29

Glad to see someone else has bought the ceramic gravity filter. I assume they use the two 5 gal. plastic buckets….. I have two stored and haven’t set them up for testing yet. Plan on using at home if needed. They wouldn’t be of any use if you were moving without a spot to set them up. Would love to see reviews on how well these type filters work.
I bought the LifeStraws for our BOBs. Glad to see a review. Hope to buy a two more soon.
I have purification tabs in each BOB too.
Just can’t afford the more expensive filters.

Comment by Margie
2013-06-25 15:46:35

I use a ceramic filter for all our home drinking water. Would love to own at least two Life Straw Filters.

Comment by James
2013-06-25 15:55:04

My favorite water purification system would have to be the basic boiling of water in a metal canteen, then storage in a canteen or other container. The reason it’s my favorite is because fire is generally free out in the wilderness.

But the Lifestraw (or any other similar straw) would be even more convenient as one wouldn’t have to start a fire to get clean water.

Comment by Anita
2013-06-25 15:59:22

Don’t use a filtration system as of yet…just getting started on prepping. The straw filters are something I’m really interested in because of power outages in our area during the summer.

Comment by James Strunk
2013-06-25 16:06:54

I purchased a Sawyer Squeeze Filter system because it has a 1,000,000 gallon guarantee!
It cost me $55.00 and only weighs a few ounces. Filtration is through a micron mesh and the system also includes a backflow syringe to clean out the filter for repeated use. Check it out!

Comment by Phil
2013-06-25 16:13:04

I like to catch rainwater on a plastic sheet after ascertaining which way the wind is blowing as there is a chemical plant just south of us and it is worth knowing just what can contaminate your water.
next I put it through a sand filter and finally through a Katadyn filter, if I was still worried I would boil the water.
The ground around us has been contaminated for decades with fallout from Saltend and cocoa mills chimney rendering ground water unsafe for drinking.
You put up some interesting subjects unfortunately the firearms ones are not much use to us in the UK as it is very difficult to get a FAC,
If we were ever invaded we would have to use catapults and bows and arrows.
Keep up the good work.

Comment by william a. fraley
2013-06-25 16:22:16

strain and boil

Comment by Jane
2013-06-25 18:40:39

I use the big berkey at home. I just purchased a solar oven with wapi. My next purchase will be the sawyer filter. I like the idea it will filter a lot of water without having to change the filter

Comment by Deb Failor
2013-06-25 19:28:44

I have the Frontier and the purification tablets. One straw that does it all would be a great addition to my bag. Thanks for the info.

Comment by Josh Christian
2013-06-25 19:51:24

I like the method using a plastic sheet and sun to condense evaporation from the ground, collecting in a container with a weight above it on top of the plastic. However, purification tablets are an indispensable addition to any bugout bag.

Comment by Tim Sims
2013-06-25 20:31:46

I like the Fill Pure 2 bottle. I can fill it and take water away from the source for later consumption. It is especially good if you’re on the move.

Comment by Robin
2013-06-25 20:35:50

Great companion in bug out bag in addition to bladder. The number of gallons could easily sustain someone for 72 hours or more. Wish they came in camo.

Comment by CMR
2013-06-25 21:00:47

I loved your review. We use a Pur filter at home and I purchased water purification tablets but haven’t used them yet. I heard that you have to mix the water with a Kool-Aid type packet in order for the water to taste any good. I’d love to try the LifeStraw.

Comment by Timothy
2013-06-25 21:02:50

We use Berkey gravity filters, and have Katadyn filters for mobile uses. Cleanable and good for lots of pure water. Extra filters in storage round out the set-up. Chlorine and activated charcoal as a back-up.

Comment by Gdawg
2013-06-25 21:21:52

I have 2 Katadyn filters with the Pocket being my favorite. Filters all the water I will ever need to filter. Use it in my GOOD bag, and general BOB bag. I have been looking at the LifeStraw for some time now. Great review.

Comment by wiley
2013-06-25 22:02:01

I am new at this and have not yet taken any steps to do any water treatment.

Comment by Todd
2013-06-25 22:43:13

As an airborne Infantry paratrooper (retired now) I had no choice , for years , having to use the old iodine tablets. Yuck. Bad juju… hated the taste it always left in your mouth. Currently we have a Culligan RO system under the sink. For hunting and hiking I have a Katydin backpack filter. However , recently I have purchased 4 bottles of the Aquamira tablets. I remember once in North Carolina (Ft. Bragg) I drank from a stream out in the local training area. As I finished chugging half a canteen of the ‘cool’ somewhat murky water , my Squad leader looked at me and said , ” Hey dumb** don’t drink that water!” Too late , I ended up with Montezuma’s Revenge for days. Serious lesson learned….

Comment by Susan
2013-06-25 22:58:42

I have to be honest, I don’t really have a method of water filtration. I have water stored at my home, I have purchased a small bottle of water filtration pills (expensive), but not a preferred method.
I am trying to move up the ladder in my prepping, but haven’t progressed to that point. I was thinking of getting a Berkley or a hand pump for the well.

Thanks for all the advice! Stay safe!

Comment by Ryan
2013-06-26 01:15:13

I use a ceramic filter, but would love to try a life straw as I have already read a lot of great reviews.

Comment by Josh
2013-06-26 01:37:19

I enjoy using the Sawyer Squeeze Filter. This device gives me the chance to store water that I have filtered. I would like to go lighter and try one of the three straws you have mentioned above so if I don’t win one of the three I will be forced to visit Amazon.

Comment by Mark
2013-06-26 01:42:22

My favorite water filter is a combination of materials/methods. I have a Sawyer Point Zero Two Purifier kit for a 5 gallon bucket for long term use, a Fieldline Nalgene water bottle for clear sources, and water purification tablets for on the go. I would prefer a Lifestraw for on the go use as I believe it to be a viable source of clean drinking water with convenience of a self-contained system. I have looked into these but I’m on a tight budget and would like to test one out before investing in one for each member of my family.

Comment by Mark
2013-06-26 02:06:43

I keep a Katadyn Pocket Microfilter in my bugout bag and use it when hiking or backpacking. I also always carry a bottle of iodine water purification tablets.

Comment by Cody
2013-06-26 07:45:40

I use a Sawyer Point One bucket kit for my water filtration needs.

Comment by brian jinier
2013-06-26 08:28:35

We are new to prepping and the survivalist thing, but it is something we are getting serious about. These lifestraws have been on my wishlist for some time now and can’t wait to get my hands on a few. Currently doing a lot of research in water filtration, but as of right now all we have in my stock is a few bottles of iodine and a portable gallon for water

Comment by Teresa salerno
2013-06-26 11:42:52

I like the and and charcoal drip method but would love to win this for my go bag. Thanks for the chance.

Comment by Bob Bailey
2013-06-26 12:18:33

I like the concept but getting down so low to a water source and using a straw would be hard for me. I just came out of the mountain yesterday and getting my old carcass down to the water to release fish I had caught was a problem. Banks can be cut and above the water source. I am wondering if a tube from a camelback system could make the process easier to use from a height or for old guys. I understand when you are thirsty enough a bank will not slow you down. Getting wet feet is usually not a great idea, though. Getting so low also takes out your filed of vision and if you can keep your head erect you can keep scanning. Would it work with a tube? Using a cup or a water bottle could also work.

Comment by Simon
2013-06-26 13:38:49

When out in the field I’ll use physical particulate removal material, coffee filters or close woven fabrics, I have used a product from the wine making world to cause the fine particules/sediment to clump together and sink to the bottom then syphon off the clear water above, its called Bentonite Clay and comes as a powder, half a teaspoon will easily clear a gallon of water, its ideal for processing gallons of water at a time…I then boil all my water,…lets face it I like camp fires!…however I do like the figures on the capacity of the LifeStraw and for that reason alone I will be getting at least 1,..for my B.O. B…….Come On Random Number Generator!!!!!

Comment by Eva Osborne
2013-06-26 14:27:31

I love my Big Berkey water filter….I have a kidney problem so have filters on faucets and fridge, but no straw….next

Comment by Wil B
2013-06-26 15:47:18

Thanks for the great review. I’ll definitely be looking to add these to the get home bags in my vehicles.

I have a Steri-Pen solar-rechargeable UV filter that I love! It will treat a liter of water in about 30 seconds. The solar charger is built right into the case and can be clipped onto you pack to recharge while you’re hiking or you can leave it in a sunny spot at camp. I use a handkerchief to filter out anything initially, as needed.

I’ve had mine for three years and never had an issue with it. I’ve used it in low-lying lakes and in Appalachian streams. I highly recommend it as an option in your water treatment plans!

Comment by Vodin
2013-06-26 20:52:14

I can only resort to boiling water as my filtration choice. And for emergencies, Iodine would be the purification process. I have gathered information about the major brands of filters and what you have stated is in agreement with my findings.

Comment by Steve
2013-06-27 05:39:40

I have the katadyn pocket microfilter which is in my pack and recently purchased a katadyn manual survivors desalinator which I haven’t tried yet but it looks good

Comment by Kelly
2013-06-27 09:23:26

New to water filters – this was a great article. I think the LifeStraw is going to be our choice.

Comment by monty
2013-06-27 11:49:39

Being new to all this I don’t currently have a water portable purification system. Thanks for the review. Looks like a must have for hiking.

Comment by Nick
2013-06-27 14:32:02

Love the life straw! much better than just boiling/ distilling water. I would imagine you could stash up on these and put to as small pump for a small system if needed for slightly larger scales in survival conditions…

Comment by Sandra
2013-06-27 14:51:57

I’ve never used water filtration except indoors before. I am just learning about survival in the wilderness and unfortunately am on unemployment which is running out in a week, so I also don’t have the money to buy one.

I have been reading up on water filtration and am reading that the ceramic filter is best. However, you can’t carry that with you if you have to go on the run.

Comment by Joel Dorr
2013-06-28 01:24:31

For the time being, until I win this, I like using the filtration system on the refrigerator water dispenser.

Comment by Marilyn Lindsay
2013-06-28 07:33:43

We use a Leveluk but it requires electricity.
We have a gravity flow Veralux.
Considering the Lifestraw for portability.

Comment by marilyn lindsay
2013-06-28 07:35:53

We use a Leveluk but requires electricity.
Have a Veralux gravity flow.
Need Lifestraw for portability.

Comment by jeff kelley
2013-06-28 13:53:51

Hello TI,
Love the blog. I use the Katadyn Vario Microfilter when in the woods. It meets EPA test standards for bacteria and protozoa.It can filter up to 530 gallons. The multistage filtration is very useful depending on water quality. For dirty water the ceramic disc is used for extra filtration and not when the water is cleaner. I can screw the 32oz. Nalgene bottles onto the base and fill’em up. The outlet can also be hooked directly up to my CamelBak. The LifeStraw would be a great addition and very useful while taking a day trip to the canyon and BOB.

Comment by Tyler Price
2013-06-28 22:31:55

I’ve been a Katadyn man, but I’ve seen these around and in use and am highly impressed. Quite enjoy learning and applying what I find with Tactical Intelligence. Thanks.

Comment by Johanne
2013-06-29 13:57:59

Thank you for the review. It is very insight and thorough. In response to your My favorite water treatment system is the one I use at home – my whole-house water treatment system is an AquaMaster AMS950. I love it because it not only softens my water, it also reduces chlorine taste and odor and and filters sediments. It is NSF certified, so I know the claims made have been validated by a third party. I carry my water bottle everywhere I go. It is water I bottled at home myself!

Comment by mike
2013-06-29 16:22:07

I prefer to boil water, if I have a pan with me that is. I can leave it on the fire an just let it be. I have found that although this does take awhile to make lots of and time to cool down it is something I have always done plus it is a known fact that severe heat does kill the bad stuff in the water.

Comment by Josh
2013-07-01 02:45:18

I think the Life Straw is also too. In most places in the USA there isn’t a huge concern with viruses, but this product (and most other filters) don’t kill them. In a SHTF scenario protection against viruses may become a concern. I read here about chlorine dioxide and how it cheaply and effectively kills the viruses.

Comment by Kristal Seymore
2013-07-25 10:51:54

I have just started some bags and I didn’t even realize that there was something like this available. Guess this goes on the list of things to add. Thanks for the info

Comment by PHPV
2013-08-20 06:07:56

Hello TI,
I was in Vietnam, has owned over the last few LifeStraw filters (to share with friends and to store emergency kit. I have a big question that is not answered on the expiry of LifeStraw. I after 5 years, do not know whether my filter can be used or not? If I can store it until the best.
Looking forward to receiving your feedback (and everyone). Thank you very much. πŸ™‚
p / s: I hope you understood my English because my sketchy. I was in Vietnam.

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2013-08-26 20:18:34


As long as its stored correctly (preferably in the plastic packaging it comes in) there should be essentially no expiration (within limit obviously). The best thing to do is to contact LifeStraw. They are pretty good at answering customers questions.

– Erich

Comment by PHPV
2013-08-28 12:03:01

Well, thank you for your advice. I have now received its answer, which is that it can be up to 8 years. πŸ™‚

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2013-08-30 18:50:37

Great to hear. Thanks for checking in on that.

Comment by jenny
2013-09-05 14:45:15

i’ve never had a water filtration system-i’ve been curious about the sechelle brand-this one looks pretty awesome-would love to win it/try it! thanks for the chance πŸ™‚

Comment by Elise
2013-09-15 17:03:59

Wow, really interesting product. Should definitely buy one to try it out.

Comment by Rick Runyon
2013-10-24 01:15:17

Well – I have always been a prepper at heart and moved to the country quite a few years ago. I am 70, live in the country, have some stuff and just recently encountered a water ‘crisis’. We are on a well – and have a 3000 gallon water storage tank, When the well stopped working we figured we had lots of water in the tank. We would have if we had not just irrigated – empty tank!!!! Got pump fixed – 3 days – dipping water from pool – flush toilets. Ok – we failed!! 2ND TIME – big wind came up and we lost power for 28 hours – had pool water again but this time had a few bottles of water. But when they were gone they were gone. Crisis #2. Decided to invest in 2 LIFESTRAW FILTERS. NOW, when the power goes out again and it will – we feel comfortable we will be able to drink the water around here. Should have had them before and we would not have had 2 water crisis’. Glad we have the LIFESTRAWS!!!! We are getting better prepared as we all are feeling uneasy these days. Would recommend that these be placed on the TOP of your lists!!!!

Comment by Jackie Severance
2014-03-11 20:02:39

This is the first I have heard of LifeStraw, so I googled it and this is one of the pages I found. I am wondering what it is made of.



Comment by Al
2014-03-22 16:17:56

How does it work with salt water????

Comment by Vic Vergara
2014-05-12 20:53:38

Thank you for the review, it was well done. I am looking for a good filter that I can use at home and with the youth group I work with.

Comment by Pamela
2016-01-23 06:54:07

The other comments appear to be a few years old but thought I’d make a note anyway. Bought a Seychille Water Filtration bottle last year from a survival gear store. The vendor assured me that it would work for contaminated water even if “dead bodies were floating by” (wish he had used a different visual.)

I am a missionary and travel to Africa every year. Recently India was added as well. The bottle worked well for me, but I wanted to have a back up of some sort. If you are still as sold out on the Lifestraw I would like to hear about it and any additional information you have discovered since first posting this information. I’m sure the offer of the free Lifestraw has expired, but it would be good to know about it anyway.

I see some have asked about saltwater and am guessing fresh water is the best bet as salt would more than likely corrode.

Thank you for your help.
Bless you.

Comment by Richardnar
2017-01-27 06:53:48


Great article, I like your view of things,having trouble with your dissertation or essay?find out more in my blog.

Comment by Hannah E. Edmond
2017-07-22 10:46:17

Great review. LifeStraw is a kind of one-person water filtration for drinking water. It can filter 1000 liters of water per year. This amount is enough for a person all the year round. It can remove all the practices and bacteria from water.

Comment by Arun
2019-12-08 02:12:58

Best choices for all people and me

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