How to Build a Self-Sufficient Cabin for under $4000

For those of you who dream of one day building a retreat where you can be completely self-sufficient but just don’t think you have the money, well you might be surprised to learn that it may be cheaper than you think.

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Lamar Alexander over at Simple Solar Homesteading has managed to build a completely self-sufficient solar cabin for under $4000 and with his $5 ebook, he shows you how you can do it too.

Being curious, I bought his ebook last week to check it out and you get a wealth of information that I think is well worth the 5 bucks. Even if you don’t plan on building a retreat, or don’t have the land yet to do it, many of the tips he shares can be applied to your own residence. And the instructions are really simple to follow.

Here’s what he teaches you:

  • How to build a cabin for under $2000
  • How to build a cabin addition for under $1500
  • How to build a solar panel and generator system for under $1000
  • How to build a solar composting toilet under $50
  • How to build a solarium porch and solar air heater
  • How to build a solar methane generator
  • How to build a rain water and gray water harvesting system
  • How to build a batch water heater under $50
  • How to build a solar clothes washer, dryer, and dishwasher
  • How to build a tipi greenhouse
  • How to build a solar oven under $50
  • How to build a root and/or storm shelter
  • How to build a great garden cart under $50
  • How to build a garden compost tumbler
  • How to install a wood stove in your cabin
  • How to build a portable chicken tractor for under $50
  • How to dig your own water well
  • How and where to find cheap homestead property

Granted, what he teaches you how to build is not some 3000 square foot log cabin but rather something that more resembles a glorified utility shed. But for the cheap cost and especially if you want to build something quick, it’s pretty cool.

And remember, if we were in an extended grid-down situation right now, then I’m sure you’d much rather be like Lamar living in a completely paid-off self-sufficient “shed” then in your dependent-on-the-grid in-debt-up-to-your-eyeballs McMansion. What he teaches here is a cheap way to self sufficiency and economic freedom. Not bad eh?

Here’s a video of Lamar giving you a tour of his place:

And here’s a video of the interior:

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