How Animals Can Save You From Disaster

by Erich

As I teach in my end-to-end prepping course called Prepper Academy, being aware of “pre-disaster indicators” is absolutely key if you want to make a strategic (and potentially life-saving) exit before the SHTF.

Typically these revolve around keeping your eyes on things like global economics, the currency, local and national crime patterns, newly passed laws, and other trends. As you become perceptive to these occurrences and trends you’ll be at an advantage when it’s time to bug out — avoiding the masses of “blind” people stuck or left behind because they didn’t see disaster coming (in whatever form it may come).

This cool infographic originally posted by does a good job at opening up your eyes to nature-related “pre-disaster indicators” courtesy of mother nature herself:

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Comment by kasili Mutambo
2014-06-14 13:41:16

very interesting but we hardly learn fromanimals

Comment by kasili Mutambo
2014-06-14 13:43:12

very interesting but we hardly learn from animals

Comment by Pat
2014-06-14 21:39:20

Kasili open your mind and eyes. Of course we learn from animals. For example, I learned when I hear crows making lots of noise and flying around quickly that some predator like a coyote is right below them and is about to or has just made a kill. Crows follow predators for the opportunity to eat. So I follow crows. Good thing to know if you are starving and need a fresh kill with the work done by another predator.

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2014-06-14 23:35:34

Good point Pat. In fact, not only crows but Jays (like Stellar Jays or Blue Jays) will do the same. Many of the corvidae family (like jays, crows and ravens) are great indicators for finding wild game.

Comment by hazel
2014-06-14 23:37:55

I learned from my dog that anytime he follows me and it’s more attach to me then usually is because am going to have a seizure and when I see him like am already prepared also you could train your dog to survive am teaching mines to find me with the smell of something that’s mine I can hide and he will find me I did this so incase of an emergency am not found my dog can bring help

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2014-06-15 23:27:08

Excellent example hazel. Some great thoughts.

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