Homemade Paracord Belt

In my article on how to make a survival kit I point out the importance of having certain items with you at all times (your first tier gear) which are ideally directly on your person. One of those items that I recommend is some amount of cordage — the more the better.

For example, I always have around 10 feet of paracord in the form of a bracelet on me. Being that it’s 550 paracord, it is made up of seven separate inner fibers and one outer sheath which can be used for many survival purposes (simple lashings, snares, bowdrill string, Paiute deadfall etc).

While 10 feet is good, what if it were possible to carry around 100 feet of cordage with you at all times that is just as unassuming as a bracelet and is available to access at a moments notice? Well you can…with a paracord belt. One of our readers (Dan) provided me a link that teaches you how to make your own paracord belt — so I went off and made one. Here are some of the pictures of that process:

<b>Buckle from an old belt</b>

Buckle from an old belt

<b>The Weave</b>

The Weave

<b>Finished Belt</b>

Finished Belt

Now for you women out there that don’t necessarily wear large belts, you could easily substitute your purse strap with paracord (Prada should really come out with a paracord option :)).

Here are some other belts which have been made (images link to the source site).

So check it out. Since I like to push self-reliance, make one if you can. If you can’t then purchase one. Here are some resources I found on the web:

Paracord Belt Instructions

  • (Update: December 7, 2010)Slatt’s Rescue Belt – This is an upgraded Paracord Belt that I made using the Slatt’s Rescue stitch. It looks much nicer than the above weaved belt, is easier to unravel and it stores around 120 feet of cord!
  • M4040′s Blog – This is the instructions I followed to make the belt you see in the pictures above.
  • Flat Braid Method – You can use this method to create a paracord belt.
  • The Chubby Survivalist – Nice looking belt with some easy to follow instructions.

Where to Purchase a Paracord Belt

Other Resources

  • Stormdrane’s Blog – Amazing things that you can do with paracord and knots in general. Very inspirational work.
  • Animated Knotes – A great resource into many different kinds of knots (many of which can be used to make paracord gear).

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