Glow Ammo

by Erich

For you reloaders out there, a company called Hallam Inc. has come out with a new twist on the tracer round: a non-pyrotechnic, safe for the range, tracer “sticker” called Glow Ammo.

The actual Glow Ammo “sticker” is a plastic-like disc that is applied to the bottom of a bullet before it is loaded into the casing and pressed.

When the round is fired, the heat from the gunpowder’s explosion causes that little disk to glow a bright red giving you an effective tracer round.

Glow Ammo Reviews

Having scoured the web for reviews on Glow Ammo, the consensus appears to be the following:

The Good

  • They actually work: Most reviewers have stated that the actual results are very impressive and are more noticeable in person than the videos capture.
  • They are only visible from the shooters perspective: In a combat or self-defense situation, this would have some obvious tactical advantages if the person your shooting at can’t trace the round back to you but you can to them.
  • Work well as a training aid: These can be helpful to provide instant feedback as to where your shooting. In my opinion (I realize this is a relative statement), given there price, this wouldn’t be too cost effective.
  • They are non-pyrotechnic: Unlike true tracer rounds, with Glow Ammo there is no combustion taking place. This makes it safe to use in areas otherwise off-limits to pyrotechnic tracers.

The Bad

  • They are expensive: At $50 dollars per box of 255, this will add an extra .20 cents per round! Although if you compare them with the price of actual tracers, they are quite cheap. I guess, it depends on your intended use. I can see these as pretty effective in a low-light hunting or self-defense situation where the expense far outweighs the benefit.
  • They don’t work in the day time: Both the manufacturer and users state that they are not effective during normal daylight hours. The best time to use them is dawn and dusk (or in a dimly lit indoor range).
  • The adhesive isn’t always reliable: Some users have complained that the adhesive on the discs isn’t always reliable causing the tracers to peel off mid-flight. Since there were many others who did not have this issue, perhaps it was due to user error (not pressing them on hard enough) or the type or cleanliness of the bullet’s surface.

Example Videos

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