Falling Skies

by Erich

For those of my readers into post-apocalyptic/survival themes, there may be a new show of interest for you. This past Sunday (June 19th, 2011) TNT released the 2-hour premier of “Falling Skies”, an end-of-the-world story set six months after an alien invasion that has exterminated most of the human population and has stripped the remaining population of electricity, advanced communications and other modern-day advances.

The main plot of the story (so far at least) revolves around a small band of survivors who call themselves the resistance. Led in part by a former BU history professor (played by Noah Wyle) they wander the apocalyptic aftermath of the Boston area trying to make some sense of their lives. This human underground is forced to find food, necessary supplies, and seek out a meager existence all while plotting how they can avoid and overthrow their occupiers who at this time in the show it is unclear why they came to Earth.

“Falling Skies”, airing Sundays at 9PM EST on TNT, appears to be a pretty solid show and, for you survival-minded folks, it opens up a slew of “What would I do in that situation?” or “How would I react?” questions that good survival stories inspire.

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Comment by Matt in Oklahoma
2011-06-23 17:02:40

Questions it opened up for me.

How much ammo am i gonna use?

What do they taste like, cause i’m tired of oatmeal?

Would I allow shooters and eaters (civilian non combatants) to be seperated and allow the shooters to be better quartered?

Would I actually join a larger group?

Even with humanity at stake can i trust them?

Would i allow them to be in charge?

Would i want to be in charge of that mess?

Why do we never fight aliens in 110 degree heat, tornadoes or snowstorms?

If they are sooooo advanced why do they still miss?

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2011-06-23 23:16:50

Yeah, that last question had me as well. How did they manage to fly millions (i presume) of miles to arrive at earth, take out almost the entire population, decimate the world’s miltary and take over an entire planet but are still unable to see small groups of resistance fighters walking the streets of Boston in broad daylight.

Comment by David Nash
2011-06-25 10:31:37

I thought it interesting how the fighters called the civilians “eaters” and took the best resources for themselves… Makes you think.

2011-06-25 13:41:38

Good point. Yeah history has shown that might is right when societies collapse.

Comment by Matt in Oklahoma
2011-06-27 20:04:46

New question episode 2

who’s the dummy that brought the enemy back into the camp, oh yeah a non military individual, super teacher, who just showed them where they are, what they have, what their capablities are, what condition they are in

Comment by Fatcat
2011-06-30 10:47:06

It sounded like he had a good idea already.

In the next episode he bring an alien back. When the scene came on my wife said “I could have been at a BarB-Que!”

Comment by Jason
2011-07-09 20:36:52

Was it any good? I had an alarm set to watch it, but my body hates me enough to make me have emergency surgery on the night of the premiere. I saw a bit of it, when it came on again, later, but all the drugs I was on knocked me out, again XD So far, from your comments, it seems unrealistic, as far as technology goes. But I don’t think the creators of it thought people were interested in that aspect. I think that they made it in the hopes that all the 2012 believers out there would watch it in hopes of learning a thing or two, upping their viewers and ratings.

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2011-07-11 17:19:35

It’s still entertaining at this point. I just hope it doesn’t flop like some of the shows lately.

Comment by Jason
2011-07-11 21:06:31

Well, you posted the times, I tried to watch it, again, last night . . . can’t seem to focus on it. Maybe cause I am not familiar with everybody’s roles, cause I did realize there are roles such as scouts and such and who is family and what’s going on. . . I’m just gonna stick to Dragonball Z lol

Comment by sirbiznatchderyk
2011-10-15 14:04:37

fuck it take care of those that can be useful can use a rifle screw the rest of them…bloody civilians. send them off who cares if they die they’re just a liability. consuming the resources that can be used by those that are more capable and can help.

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