Eating the Backyard Harvest you Never Knew Existed

by Erich

If you’ve been a reader of this blog for some time now you know that I’m a BIG proponent of learning to identify and use wild edible and medicinal plants found all around you. Here’s just a small listing of the articles I’ve written on the subject:

The team over at have created a great infographic that I wanted to share with you guys that provides a nice introduction into some common plants you should know that are probably sitting just outside your home right now…

Eating Wild Plants in Your Yard - Edible Backyard Wild Greens
Source: Blog

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Comment by plant pots
2017-02-10 01:50:03

Nice sharing, thanks so much.

Comment by Bearcat
2018-02-23 15:41:04

Great article!
Like you, I became interested in learning more about the edible plants around me. Since childhood, I’ve plucked up dandelion and a few other plants, but the more I learn the more astonished I am at the literal salad bar around me(in suburbia, no less!).
Unfortunately, I’ve now become a fanatic, admonishing people who use commercial “lawn pest control” to kill perfectly edible plants in their yards. They think I’m crazy when I offer to do their ‘weeding’ for them if they’ll stop spraying poison on their yard.
The good news is, a few of the people to whom I’ve shown their edible plants are now also becoming fanatics, so my neighborhood has fewer “Home Beautiful” yards, and more ‘salad bar’ yards.
…And yes, they still think I’m nuts…

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