Dual Survival

by Erich

For those of you who are into the survival type shows like Man Vs. Wild (my least favorite btw) or Survivorman, Discovery has put out an all-new 10-part series called Dual Survival. Dual Survival follows two survival experts, military-trained Dave Canterbury and minimalist and naturalist Cody Lundin. The show airs every Friday night at 10pm EST.

The premise of the show is to take these two experts, who have very different philosophies on how to survive in the wild, and throw them into some of the planet’s most unforgiving terrain to demonstrate how the right skills and some creative thinking can keep you alive. It’s pretty entertaining to see how they have to work together — despite the differences in philosophy — in order to reach the common goal of getting out alive.

I’ve been following (and learning from) both Dave and Cody for a few years now. They are both excellent teachers and very skilled at what they do. It’s comforting to finally see some top-rate wilderness survival experts being depicted on these survival shows (although entertaining, I don’t find Bear Grilles show very accurate or educational).

If you’re interested in learning from David or Cody (which I would highly recommend either of their schools), here’s their info:

david canterbury David Canterbury owns and operates the Pathfinder School out of southern Ohio. He’s got a great collection of YouTube videos that you can find on the wildernessoutfitters channel. He’s also got some great online classes/certification programs that you can find on his website.
cody lundin Cody Lundin is the founder of the Aboriginal Living Skills School. With more than 22 years of southwestern experience, ALSS is one of the premier survival schools to attend if you want to know how to survive in desert and arid environments.
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Comment by Gregg
2010-06-30 12:34:39

I can’t find any details of this on Discovery’s website. Anyone have a link?

Comment by Erich
2010-06-30 13:06:16

The full episodes (at least the last 2) are available at the Discovery website. Go here for that page: http://dsc.discovery.com/videos/dual-survival/

Comment by Dustin
2010-07-01 10:49:18

This is an excellent series – Cody and Dave are very approachable (both on Facebook, but Dave is more active) and good-natured (no pun intended) guys.

Dave just came out with a book/DVD combo, and Cody has 2 VERY good books about common sense survival.
Dave also has public (nominal fee) annual Pathfinder Gatherings where he teaches and has guest teachers give hands-on classes over a weekend. Cody also has a great (albeit short) series called “Lost in the Wild” that you can catch up on via YouTube.

The cat is now out of the bag, sort of – Dave recently commented about season 2 of Dual Survivor. It’s currently the #1 viewed TV show by men in the US during that time slot. Hopefully, Discovery Channel will get smart and release a director’s cut DVD series for the show.

Comment by Brian
2010-08-09 20:47:21

Just returned from the Pathfinder Gathering #2. in Hillsboro, OHIO – Rocky Fork State Park. Sat 31 July thru Wed 4 Aug. The entire Canterbury Family was involved. Many of the Instructors & Vendors participated in Cooking Breakfast & Dinner. Not A
Harsh Word was Heard all week. Very informative and well worth the 1600 mile round trip drive.
SIgn-Up Early for next year, Success Will Cause larger turn-out!
Brian Oh’Brian

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2010-07-01 14:30:38


Thanks for the comments. I wasn’t aware that David had a book/DVD out. I’ll have to check that out.

Comment by Steven
2010-07-02 11:52:06

It seems that the idea of surviving with strangers has seeped into the social consciousness. I guess its a good thing, but it seems to confirm a problem that a popular show is telling us what to do when surviving with a wacky neighbor. I just want to figure out how to curb the politics of fear and violence / (scapegoating) in a survival situation. american tribal policics… how is that gonna work?

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2010-07-02 16:48:38

In an end-of-times scenario, it’s community which will save us. Remember, training may trump gear but it’s community that trumps training. That’s why it’s crucial that we put our communities together now (this may be a few friends or family) and stock them with well-trained individuals. The difference in specialties will allow for a stronger chance of survival then a single well-trained individual. We cannot all be experts at everything.

Comment by Charles
2010-07-20 16:12:35

A really good scenario book to demostrate what you are saying in “One Second After” with the event centering around an EMP attack.
Here your community trumps super individual is laid out two fold. The story focasing on a NC community needing to rally its people and resources. A small non developed segment speaks of early thoughts of a extended family living just beyond this community and the judgment if it is worth taking their resources by force.
As they were highly prepared and the community leaders were overwhelmed with the sudden distigration of their location it was decided this sure waste of man power and limited resources should be postponed. Later mention shows as the community galvanizes to repulse a much larger centralized threat these “Survivalist” share technology to help in the struggle against Annihilation.
I found this a very sobering book dealing with WTSHTF reality and strips away a lot of the shallowness of being able to take your 4 and no more with a few bugout bags or a basement full of MREs and really outlast a true total system breakdown.
I believe most of the type of Prepper and basic survivial anticipation really is limited to a partial breakdown like a Katrina or tornado or ice storm situation where, only a small portion of the fabric of civilization comes apart and even if for two weeks there is a realative restoration of at least martial law.
Other than that One Second After has a lot to stir deep contemplation about how a group and, family, tribe, community will have to come together to be able to have any hope of survival.
Also the Discovery Channels earlier End of the World” scenario in downtown LA showed that even with talented, and genius innovation this community failed when it came to being able to provide food. So if you can’t provide consistant food all your Gilligan Island technologies and expended energy may well leave monuments to your accomplishments but bleached bones as well.
It was all really cool but, you couldn’t eat it. Once again pointing out what are the real priorities in a survival situation.
Just my two cents.

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Comment by Steven
2010-07-02 21:16:44

Apu: Stand behind the flaming garbage cans. We’ll be letting you into
the store, seventy people at a time.
Kirk: Oh, let’s just beat him up and take his stuff!
Apu: No no no, do not listen to that man. Remain calm. You will all
have a chance to be gouged.
[the crowd murmurs in approval]
— Hurricanes make for excellent extortion opportunities,
“Hurricane Neddy”
simpsons reference/urge of the hoard

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2010-07-03 06:52:07

Lol, I love that episode!

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2010-07-23 04:40:45


I’ve heard some good reviews about that book. Will have to check it out. Thanks for the great examples!

Comment by noyb
2010-07-31 01:13:35

These guys are awesome! My favorite Survivalist is Les Stroud, but these guys really know their stuff. I’ll definitely be buying their books! Can’t wait for the first “Dual Survival” DVD.

Comment by Erich
2010-07-31 21:41:04

Yeah I think I’ll be buying it too.

Comment by Rob Andrews
2011-04-20 23:01:44


Im a recient fan of dual survival and have enjoyed the first series immensely, can’t wait for season 2! I have watched alot of survival type senario shows and have noticed alot of crossover ( regardless of the host ) with life saving info on technique and strategy.

Shows like survivorman, man v’s wild, dual survivor etc all exhibit the senario of being lost and try to dramaticly recreate something for the camera to make a “show” and within this context you have the inherent problems of production crews and the machine required to capture this for the audience. I would love to see a behind the scenes show on dual survival as they display, by far, the most abundant array of camera angles and post production work of all survival shows i have watched. How much assistance do they recieve and how long are they in these environments? From what i can see it is usually one night so perhaps 48hrs?

You have displayed a number of comments of least faveroute being man v’s wild, why so? That guy seems to be Cody and Dave rolled into one. Im not an advocate for Bear Grillis i just dont see them as being so different. Unless its a racial thing?

Im Australian and have lived in the top end my whole life and in my opinion some of the most beautiful and extreme environments in the world. If you would like to watch some low key no fake drama survival entertainment on Australian environments check out “Bush Tucker Man” by Les Hiddins. This guy is the real deal, Ex Australian Army he did two tours of Vietnam and has been educated by the local Aboriginal people. He was awarded a defence fellowship in ’87 to research survival in the top end and his subsequent series are a record of his exploits.

If you enjoy realistic content without fake drama check it out!

Comment by Russell Shaw
2011-04-28 22:56:14

This is from the BushcraftUSA Forum via SUrvival Magazine

Found this interesting just passing it along


I want to put this Dave Canterbury (aka “The Pathfinder”) issue to bed. He was asked to leave, by ME. He had violated the advertising and self-promotion rule numerous times, but had several chances, which others have not received, as I am sure they will attest to. Canterbury decided to call it politics when I informed him that he needed to make the 100 post minimum like everyone else. Part of his response was “I am not some unknown knife maker brother.” I am not a knife maker, but that is pretty insulting to me. He felt he was above the rules, because he is “The Pathfinder.” He’s not.

I knew he had falsified his military experience, and as a combat veteran, and disabled at that, I take a dim view of folks lying about their service, and disparaging the people who have actually giving their time, blood and sometimes their lives, to the service of their country. It does not matter if you served in combat, peace time, are disabled or not. If you served, then you served, and I respect you…as long as you do not compromise your integrity in telling about your service.

Here are the facts about David Michael Canterbury. He has had a couple of aliases, but we will use the name on his military records. I have acquired a copy of his military records, through the POW Network, via the Freedom of Information Act.

Claims by Mr. Canterbury, from his own words on this site, as well his biography on Discovery and his personal site (some of these items disappeared the last week of June 2010). His claims are in bold, followed by the facts as presented in his official military records.

1. Over 20 years of Combined Military and Civilian Survival: No survival training annotated in military records.
2. US Military Veteran 1981-1988: Dates of Service: 12/03/1981 to 11/25/1987. That is just under 6 years, not 7.
3. Airborne: FALSE
4. Sniper: Not US Army Sniper. He DID attend a local 4th ID Sniper/Counter-Sniper Class (2 wks – 1986).
5. Scout: FALSE. He only attended the Law Enforcement 95B Course. He was an MP ONLY, not a 19D Scout.
6. SRT Member: He did attend the local 4th ID Course (2 wks – 1986), but there is no record of him being on SRT, per his Assignment Record.
7. SRT Coordinator and Instructor: He could have been a coordinator, but until doctrine changed in 1993 (after he was out), you had to be an E-6 (SSG) in order to be an instructor. Canterbury never attained this rank.
8. Joint Service Operations in Central America 1986-87 (Honduras/Nicaragua): NO RECORD
9. Performed Security Escorts for Military Equipment in Korea for Specialized Equipment to Forward areas near the DMZ between North and South Korea 1983-85: According to his military record, while stationed in South Korea, he was an “ID Badge Clerk.”
10. Squad Leader 4th ID 1982-1983: Not unless they make Privates squad leaders.
11. Ranger: FALSE
12. Instructor in Close Quarters Combat in US, Central America and Korea: See #7 & #8.

Military Decorations and Awards:
1. Army Service Ribbon (For completing AIT) (x1)
2. Army Good Conduct Ribbon (x1)
3. Overseas Service Ribbon (x1)
4. Army Achievement Medal (x2)
5. Expert Badge with bars: auto rifle, pistol & hand grenade
6. Driver’s Badge

I disparage no one from being a success. I love success stories! I do however, abhor someone with no integrity, and refuse to hold them in high esteem, regardless of their accomplishments, especially when those accomplishments were achieved through lies and deceit, and at the expense of good people.

This is not a board for Dave Canterbury. This is a board for bushcraft, and although we may experience mission creep, it is still about the outdoors, and the honor and integrity of ALL of US.

Comment by ArcticTiger7
2011-06-12 04:13:16

I agree. I would love to see a behind the episodes show. Question I’d like to ask is about the crew. Do they have to survive with Dave and Cody or do they have their own supplies? And if they do, how much does that suck for Cody and Dave?

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2011-06-13 00:05:49

(Dave and Cody to crew): “C’mon guys, do you HAVE to bring out the smores! I mean really now!”

Comment by Tom P
2013-01-01 22:05:55

This new guy Joe is bad ass. He really know his stuff compared to Cody.

Maybe Cody should be replaced with a more experienced guy.

Comment by Elise
2013-11-12 18:20:13

Oh man, I thought I was the only one obsessed with the insane camera angles. About 3-4 times an episode all I can think is “man those cameramen must be badasses..” especially in the episodes where dangerous animals could potentially attack at any moment. I mean I’m sure they have some sort of protection, but those guys are out there surviving with them, too (in a way). Would love to see a whole episode devoted to what it’s like to be a cameraman on Dual Survival. Would be sweet.

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