Doomsday, World War Z, and Revolution…Oh My!

by Erich

Over the last few years there’s been a HUGE growth of interest in pretty much anything dealing with Survival and TEOTWAWKI (“the end of the world as we know it”).

Nobody can doubt the popularity of TV shows like Revolution, Doomsday Preppers, Dual Survival, Man Vs. Wild, Survivorman and many others. And let’s not forget the recent spike in popular movies like The Road, The Book of Eli, and most recently World War Z, and This is the End.

So what do you guys think? Are all these movies and shows good or bad for the prepping movement?

And why do you think these types of themes are gaining in popularity?

I know, when talking with some friends of mine, they think it has to do with people “sensing” that something isn’t quite right in our society. That it’s gonna get real bad real soon and these shows and movies are just triggering what we all know, deep down inside, is going to happen.

Other friends of mine think it’s just a fad.

Personally, I’m somewhere in the middle of those two extremes. Prepping is a huge part of my life, but whether TEOTWAWKI happens tomorrow, in ten years, or never, I don’t let what I can’t control rule my life.

The only thing I can control is how I respond to the situations I’m faced with — and that’s why I prep.

American Blackout

By the way, I just got word from a Nat Geo representative that they’re releasing a new 2-hour feature on October 27th called American Blackout. It depicts life in the days immediately following a blackout from an EMP cyber-attack.

The film was made in collaboration with expert analysts who supposedly show what would really happen following an EMP attack.

What’s pretty cool is that the film mixes in crowd-sourced material – home footage from real Americans during recent blackouts.

Here’s a trailer to American Blackout

Doomsday Preppers, World War Z…Good or Bad for the Prepper Movement

On a personal note, I love watching these shows and movies. Beyond entertainment, I’ll often become aware of weaknesses or shortcomings in my own preps or plans or it makes me consider scenarios that I’ve haven’t before.

But as far as the “general masses” go, if these shows are what’s needed to wake them up out of their stupor and start preparing for the tough times ahead, then I’m all for them.

After all, the more prepared the general populace is, the better off we’ll all be (and the less we’ll need to worry about when times get desperate).

On the other hand, if these types of shows (like Doomsday Preppers sometimes does) causes people to ridicule prepping and turn away those who otherwise would prep because they fear being labeled as a “doomsday prepper”, then I think it does the movement (and preparedness in general) a disservice.

So how about you guys? Do you think these movies and shows are a good or bad thing for the prepping movement?

Let me know in the comments below…

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Comment by earthling
2013-10-08 18:00:39

The movies are entertaining and put the thought of possible danger in the minds of people. Unfortunately there is always a happy ending which probably would NOT be the case if a real event were to happen.

So yes, I think its good for the prepping movement in that it makes people think…but I really doubt many will start prepping (if they already haven’t).

Comment by wyproud
2013-10-08 18:10:07

I think you can take away new ideas when watching these types of shows. To be a great prepper you need to have a clear head and know how to react. Watching these shows puts you in different situations which should make you think, what would I do, or is there a better way. I find myself yelling at the TV, don’t do that or watch out how could you not see that coming. So I know my brain is thinking and letting me know what to watch for and to be ready for the unseen that are out there or to keep on my toes and not let my guard down at anytime.

Comment by jim in Va.
2013-10-08 18:10:20

these films might influence people’s outlook on what appears to be happening in society. Much of it seems so realistic that it will make one think. Shows like Doomsday Preppers have gotten people on them ridiculed and doesn’t help the movement. There have been good ideas on there but the show picks out the looneys in the movement too. The best thing perhaps is to keep preps to oneself and keep on booking. The rest is entertainment.

Comment by Alan
2013-10-08 18:27:33

I agree with earthling, some may start but most wont, because they think its all fantasy, the govt will bail them out,

It will wake up a few and as the saying goes, no better time then now to start.

I believe the movie, TV shows though are tapping into a current of what really motivating people to prepare for an event, not just people , but gov’ts also.

You see what the authorities are doing on the down low, you read and see what the weather and policies are doing to the financial system, Crops and live stock, rampant corruption not seen before on all levels from corporate to politics to military.

Whole infrastructures are buckling before our eyes, but many are stuck in place like deer in the head lights, because they can’t believe it and it’s over whelming.

I have more, but I will stop here.

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2013-10-08 20:11:14

You’re right on Alan. The rabbit hole goes deep…

Comment by Bruce Hartog
2013-10-08 18:33:16

Well let’s see……For what ever reason Korea has a vendetta against the United States & to be honest I really could care less except for one thing, they have threatened us quite a few times and now Japan wants to take on China! I feel that we should be looking at the Arabia, Iraq, and all of the Muslim countries. China has almost purchased this whole country for everything they need to rebuild China from the ground up.

All of the European are being very quiet and that is funny with Germany & Russia because they are “NO COMMENT”! I think that part of the world will wait and just walk in to what is left and take what they want and go back home like what happens after a Hurricane or Flooding and let the looting of this country begin!

If I said I wasn’t worried or not scared I would be a liar. we have a lot to loose if you want the truth and if most of the main countries around this world wants to they can take our country because of sheer numbers of everything We do not have enough resources to cover all of the openings to our world! How do I feel about Iraq and Afghanistan to be honest, pull our troop out, bring them all home and turn our backs on the whole world and take care of our home, screw the rest because for me, we have done more than enough taking care of the world and that is an honest assessment! I’m 67 years old, retired Cross Certified Detention Deputy with 21 years of service with Broward County Sheriffs Office. My age is not conducive to a war but if it comes, I will do what ever I have to with my participation and helping the units anyway I can!

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2013-10-08 20:10:23

Thanks for your service Bruce and your comments. You still have a lot of life and service to give.

Comment by Eric
2013-10-08 18:34:56

First off, movies can be a source of entertainment but they can also trigger a sense of fear in people who are less informed Sure it is good to be prepared in a sense of something going wrong. No one knows which event will trigger it. Best to have the essentials.

Movies like government want to bring fear of uncertainty and make either a profit or control off the misinformed. WWZ was a decent movie better than I thought, but would have been better without the zombie and just people merely trying to survive. The Road was good and felt realistic and Eli was decent but I think The Road was best to convey what could really happen if an EMP or Nuke were to be set off.

Doomsday Preppers is merely entertainment. I would never go on national TV and tell the world where and what I have. Although I have learned a few good things I find it more enjoyment than reality.

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2013-10-08 20:08:42

The Road was a great movie. I haven’t seen WWZ yet but have heard good things about it.

Comment by Muscoe
2013-10-08 18:47:42

The “government shutdown” is just an alpha test to see how people will react when the governmnet can’t be there to support them. And not just the citizens, but how the fed employees will react to the people. So far it doesn’t look good. I like the programs and movies but just for entertainment. Like we said in the military, “No plan survives first contact!” There is no “Big Picture”; in fact, there is no picture at all where the government is concerned. As far as the movies being good for the prepping movement, who cares? You are going to be alone for a long time in your group or small community. I care more about what they think than what some O’bamacrat does. Just my .02 and overpriced at that.

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2013-10-08 20:07:02

lol. More than .02 brother. thanks for the great comment.

Comment by Cynthia
2013-10-08 18:57:11

Even our best laid plans only work if we are at the right place when the shit hits the fan..and we can’t stop living to stay home in our protected and stocked fortress or lug a bug-out bag wherever we go. People in Boulder found this out fast when the flood hit… most lost everything and just managed to escape… and the event lasted only hours.
(Which doesn’t mean that personally I’m not as ready as I can be…my main concern…that we have a gun to escape any situation that gets too painful.) The above movies do wake people up to a reality outside of ‘la la land’. But what is out of balance is the promotion of collapse and the negation of solutions and success. Both forces are at work and we are just at the climax of our collective movie and it looks like the bad guys are about to win…but the action is exciting because of the many great people pushing great ideas…and so we may not have to go through hell to get our happy ending.

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2013-10-08 20:06:06

I sure hope not Cynthia.

Comment by Janice
2013-10-08 19:06:02

I’m a fan of most prepping shows & movies. Yes, I agree some are purely entertainment. I think Doomsday Preppers people, for the most part, are too narrow in their preps. Most are prepping for only one kind of disaster and are too focused on one kind of response. I believe in general prepping. Something is going to happen and sooner than most people think. I haven’t been prepping very long but any prep is better than none, right? I read “One Second After” and found it very eye-opening. An EMP would be a good terrorist tactic against the US. And I’m looking forward to watching the upcoming movie “American Blackout.” I hope it will wake up more people to what could happen in our so-called land of plenty.

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2013-10-08 20:05:10

An EMP or solar flare would worry me most. One Second After was a big eye opener for me and I’m looking forward to seeing “American Blackout” as well. Thanks for the comments Janice.

Comment by T Thompson
2013-10-08 19:34:08

I could care less if they lable me a prepper or whatever. When im doing fine and they’re kids are without, then we’ll see. We aren’t in high school, who cares what people think about us wanting to live longer than the one’s not preparing. Worry about those same people knocking at your door when the shtf.

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2013-10-08 20:03:43


Comment by Carla
2013-10-08 19:38:43

Some of the movies & shows are little more than pulp fiction. I’m ok with that. The Mad Max movies were more realistic, in some ways. I’ve been something of a prepper & diyer, pretty much my whole adult life, building farming & survival skills even as a teen. Unfortunately, due to several long distance moves, it has been all to clear (to me), that other than the strategically placed cache of supplies, building a huge stuck of ‘stuff’ just isn’t practical. Some of these shows/movies highlight that exceptionally well, so when I are things like Doomsday, it just makes me worry for all of the folks who are pouting all their eggs into one basket/bunker.
As far as the effects on the general populace, it I’d going to be a mixed bag. Some will roll their eyes, some will go off the prepping deep end, & most will fall somewhere between. What I can’t help wondering about, is the sites – to wide (not likely); too narrow?g probably), too long-term? (Meh – maybe); too sort-sited? More likely than not.

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2013-10-08 20:03:16


Right on about the need to diversify.

Comment by Nik
2013-10-08 19:42:56

Something I read a while ago but always find interesting is that Zombie popularity often surges during depressions and recessions where as vampires and all their luxury experience booms during economic prosperity. Their existence echoes our own- will we make it? Do we feel run ragged and desperate? Or do we feel we will live forever and invincible? I found this article ( Maybe a piece for your kindle) that talks more about this theory…. I think it is good for the prepping movement because entertainment aside it gets you thinking, what would you do? How would you survive? Would you survive?

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2013-10-08 20:01:26

Excellent link Nik. Thanks for that info, I never heard of that correlation.

Comment by Hazel Maunder
2013-10-08 20:20:51

I haven’t watched any of them except “Doomsday Preppers, and now Doomsday Castle. I have seen a lot of things we are short on in these shows, but we have only been doing prepping for almost a year now, and we already know a lot of what we need, and at this time can’t get. I do really enjoy watching these shows, and I enjoyed watching Appocolyps 101. I learned things from that show too.

Comment by Me
2013-10-08 21:20:55

These shows are not what people will be doing if something really does happen. People are not that prepared and different things in different parts of the country can happen, be it weather, EMP, colaspe of the country, what ever it might be, people will not be ready for it. As for me, my prepping will be reading the Bible and looking to God and praying for a resolution to these problems.

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2013-10-08 22:29:19

I’m all for reading the Bible and praying but on the other hand I feel that God wants us to be self reliant as well. After all, Noah was the earliest prepper I can think of — building a boat for the safety of his family before the flood came. And Joseph who stored grain for the 7 years of famine that would come to Egypt (which ultimately saved his family and his whole country).

Comment by Dads
2013-10-08 21:38:11

Are these shows good or bad for the prepping movement? The only answer I can give is ….. YES. There is always an “out”, “happy ending”, a shelter to run to or a “town” of the last survivors giving support to the other last few.
The shows in themselves do get some people thinking (That is a good start), while others blow it off as “just a movie”. People are taking more note of what is going on around them but few really know what to do to be ready for “IT”. What ever the hell “IT” is.
Personally…. I know we can’t plan for everything. The possibilities are too wide and will far out number our imaginations, Zombies (the living dead kind) or ( the guy from downstairs who is trying to break into your apartment to get YOUR stocked up food/water/supplies. YOU will have to deal with them one way or the other.

Then you have the government thugs who will take YOUR stores at gunpoint and distribute them as THEY see fit (most likely to their families).

Next you have the economic collapse of the U.S. Don’t tell me you didn’t see this one coming. So now your saved up money is worthless and how are you going to haul/protect that 2,000lbs of old coins you have stashed around? Tell me… just how are you going to store the 5,000 gallons of water you will need in your apartment?

Then there is the EMP set off by someone who does not like us for whatever reason. Now for my favorite, The Rapture. BOOM! OOPS all the Jesus freaks and nut cases are gone (I sure hope I’m with them). Yeah, Jesus done come and called the good guys home. The rest of us are in for some real serious shit now.

That is just the few my little brain can spit out at the moment.

So, the movies are helping us (nuts, crazies, peppers, whatevers) come together and talk about our shortcomings and helping us to band/plan/bond together in hopes that between us all…. WE can win in the end. So yes, these shows are good for the movement.


Comment by Mark
2013-10-08 22:13:09

There are many aspects of prepper scenarios and the most recent that comes to mind in this country is Katrina. In all instances you cannot rely on the government to “save us” . the level of incompetency in Katrina was glaring , unless it was intentional then it was criminal. Every day could be THE day. And that day could be a snow storm, ice storm or a local or regional power outage. These shows have awawkened my wife to those possibilities to the point she allowed me to put a BOB in her car along with appropiate footwear. We both work approx. 35 miles from home and getting home is a goal to focus on, but she had never considered how long it would take her to walk it or what path to take. This is the initial step to acceptance and it is PMA or positive mental attitude. That doesn’t mean everything is peachy quite to the contrary you start to see things for what they are rather than what you want them to be. These movies are prepping those who maybe are on the borderline of accepting the possibilty of a bad situation….I have had a number of people tell me they are coming to my house if the SHTF. To those who make that comment I tell them they had better bring “something” to the table because there is no free ride. And then I have had those comment that they would take what they needed and to them I tell them the only thing they will be able to “take” is a lead messenger and then they are taken aback stating they were only joking. I tell them I am not. They are the vultures or zombies who will try to feed upon the good people and all they have gathered. So these movies/TV shows do a good job of waking at least some people up to the possiblities.

Comment by Pineslayer
2013-10-08 22:30:11

I watch all the shows like these since I was little, that might explain a few things 🙂
If you saw The Road, read the book too. I was darker than the movie. I bought a second copy to loan out. I believe that the movies are only good to a point for most people. It will motivate a few to prep, most will just think about what to do or continue to bury their nose in their smartphone. World War Z was a great movie, very suspenseful, full of action. For the record I thought Revolution was really bad until I saw Under the Dome, yikes.

Comment by LBJ
2013-10-08 23:00:15

I gave up TV almost 8 years ago and haven’t missed much. Having seen about five minutes of some of these shows at stores and friends’ homes, I wouldn’t think they could do much to help get people prepping. A few of the movies might, though. Not the mindless zombie movies, but WWZ and others like it (Praise the UN! [bowing];) The movies which show the saner side of prepping do the most good. I’ve always overstocked the things I use, but now I’m putting away food and goodies which I can use -when- (NOT if) the SHTF. The little 45W solar array at Harbor Freight will power lights and charge batteries, so get one. Don’t forget baggies, too, folks. I’ve been getting ziplocks of all shapes and sizes, up to 8mil. They help you keep seeds and organize other things around you. And I found that the wash bags for delicates make great storage bags in my BOB, sorting out the food from the medical from the clothing from the firestarting. As Nike related, Just Do It! And ammo up, because there are a whole lot of bad guys out there (potentially millions) who will take what you store without hesitation.

Comment by abi
2013-10-09 00:44:50

Every canning season i get food in jars..hunting season..stocking up and preparing food has always been in my is just for entertainment but some things are educational..the shows are two fold..may help people be ready may not but has sent alot of prices sky high. SHTF is just the story of the ant and grasshopper..i dont need much but a few skills and reload skills..everything i need to know i learned in kindergarten……

Comment by Honora
2013-10-09 05:26:22

>How do I feel about Iraq and Afghanistan to be honest, pull our troops out, bring them all home and turn our backs on the whole world and take care of our home,

Yes! Please do that. (signed the rest of the world)

Comment by Bill
2013-10-09 07:52:45

These films et al have gained in popularity because people are beginning to realize that our society is sick and, without intervention, will soon die just like a terminal patient. I have held a fascination with this sub-genre since I was a teen. Growing up during the height of the Cold War probably assisted with this, of course. I think that these films and TV shows are dangerously deceiving for the UnEnlightened Masses. They give a sense that although society collapsed (for whatever reason in the show) “I” will survive. People naturally tend to identify with the main characters and “they made it this far, so can I” What isnt shown in the movies, due to censors protecting our delicate senses, is WHAT the main characters have done to reach that point; the things they have been willing to eat and the conditions that they have endured. Most don’t realize what it will take to survive and thrive. Another problem is these movies all depict self-sufficient loners. That is the wrong message to be sending to those who know no better. Community is the key to Survive AND Thrive. The impression they are given is that all they need to do is dig a hole, stock it and emerge later into a brave new world without doing anything to build that world.

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2013-10-09 11:31:42

Training trumps gear but community trumps training…

Comment by Julie
2013-10-09 09:00:06

I have been a prepper for a few years now, and I have mixed emotions about these movies. Usually the person who is prepared in these movies is portrayed as a tin foil hat wearing looney, and the hero swoops in with all of his “skills” and saves the day with a bic lighter and just the clothes on his back. Also it makes the people who I desperately want to convince to get prepared look at me and say they don’t want to be like the lunatic in the movie. They would rather be the hero. I think that a real life survival situation would be very different and the movies give people a skewed view of what it actually takes to survive in a situation like that. Have you really ever seen anyone in those movies sit down and eat? That probably wouldn’t get you too far in real times. For those of us in the prepper mind set already it gives us different scenarios to consider, so that can be helpful. Anyway that’s just my 2 cents.

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2013-10-09 11:31:03

I agree as well Julie. I think the broad-brushed negative painting of preppers prevents some from wanting to prep for fears of how they look. It’s sad but true.

Comment by Scoutmaster Al
2013-10-09 09:51:11

The recent surge in films and television depicting the various scenarios for TEOTWAWKI, while entertaining, usually depict preppers as being fringe citizens. The elitists operate under the attitude that no cataclysmic event could ever happen, and that the great & powerful Obama will save us all with a wave of his mighty arms.
While the possibility of a zombie apocalypse is a fantasy, the possibility of a natural disaster or governmental failure is a real possibility,. Anyone who doubts this should review the government’s failure after super-storm Sandy, and the shut down of NYC and the US air travel system on Sept. 11. Or maybe we should all just consider the current “shut down” of the federal government. In all these cases, it was not the government, but individual groups of prepared and caring citizens that led relief efforts.
There is nothing wrong with prepping and being ready for a disaster or emergency occurrence, but somehow, if you create a stable shelter, stockpile provisions and medical supplies to be prepared to not be one those desperately crying out for government help, you are some sort of doomsday fanatic as portrayed in the media.
Sadly, we are becoming a society of technobabble sheep that lack even the basic skills our predecessors had. Just a generation ago men knew how to build and repair things, use tools, hunt, fish and were comfortable with outdoor skills. Women knew how to grow produce, cook and make do with less.
During WWII every family that could had a victory garden to cover the shortage of produce. People prepared for the worst, and made do with less. They practiced air raid drills and were ready to do what it takes to survive.
In the Cold war period afterwards, every schoolchild learned to “stop, drop & cover”. Schools ran drills, and the civil defense department set up community bomb shelters throughout the country. Quick question, when was the last time you were informed of your local well-stocked, in place, government shelter? The closest thing we have now is when the Red Cross sets up cots in your local high school gym. Remember the New Orleans Superdome after hurricane Katrina?
As a husband, father and Scoutmaster, I take seriously the responsibility I have to my family and the scouts in my charge to teach them the basic skills to prepare for the possibility of disasters, handle emergencies and survive independently if necessary.
Depiction of apocalyptic events do help to raise awareness in people that cataclysmic events can and do happen (recent Colorado floods), but unfortunately also depict the ones who’ve prepared as crazed, fanatical, on edge, or simply disturbed individuals, bringing a sense of disreputability to preppers and prepping.
The simple fact is that we cannot trust our government to look out for our interests. There is no defined system in place to provide during any disaster or occurrence. The current administration is more concerned with social engineering than our security and protection.
If it hits the fan, we will be on our own for at least a period of time, and despite the negative view of prepping in the media, I for one, will continue to “be prepared” the same way previous generations of Americans have. SEMPER FI!

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2013-10-09 11:28:16

Well said Al. The self-reliance skills and “can-do” attitude our people once had that made this country stand apart is gone now. It’s going to be a rough road ahead…

Comment by Bro Geo
2013-10-09 10:23:11

Who would have thought? I mean the very idea of zombies is ridiculous right? Who would ever ascribe to the notion that dead people don’t die? You may wish to sit down before reading further because if you open your Bible to Revelation, you’ll find the answer there.

Speaking of how terrible the end days will be, Revelation 9:6 (Living Bible) says: “In those days men will try to kill themselves but won’t be able to–death will not come. They will long to die–but death will flee away.”

According to Scripture hordes of people will roam the earth who have at least two things in common: 1) they will have failed in their suicide attempt and their bodies will bear the aftermath of those attempts, and 2) they will hate the living.

To the question of whether we can learn from the movies and tweak our plans for the future the answer is “Yes”. And remember, it was not raining when Noah built the ark; only after he finished his “preps” did the deluge come. To postpone the necessary steps to prepare our families for the future is to court disaster.

The single most important “tweak” we can add to our preps, however, is to openly and honestly consider the salvation offer made by Jesus Christ and take him up on that offer which still stands.

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2013-10-09 11:23:59

Amen brother.

Comment by Dads
2013-10-09 16:43:23

I agree Bro. But the Bible also says that many will be “left behind”. I think some of US will be some of those. I also believe that GOD planed it that way so we could help some of the ones that missed that offer, either by ignorance or raised improperly. We (those of us who missed the rapture) are left to help those poor souls find Jesus and help them stay alive long enough to get on the right path to GOD.


Comment by SurfRunner (Expat Prepper)
2013-10-09 18:38:54

Hi All!
I really enjoyed reading all of your posts. Media (as I’ve learned in life and through my Media Arts degree studies many years ago), tap into contemporary fears, trends, and fantasies. People tend to have fears about forces and circumstances that are external to them and out of their control – even those that are make-believe, such as zombies. For some crazy reasons, we generally gravitate towards such movies, perhaps as a cathartic act or justification of those fears. Watching can either calm us by illustrating something totally unrealistic in relation to that fear, or strengthen us by showing us how to survive and giving us extraordinary examples of heroes and heroines who know how to find and use survival resources and skills and who possess the mental tenacity to withstand the most extreme circumstances – granted it’s a bit unrealistic, it is motivating for many.
I don’t have cable or any sort of television connection here in Germany, by choice, but I do watch what I want via the Internet, so I’m not totally disconnected from news and world events. I just watched an episode in the series by PBS, “The American Experience”, this one about The Amish. Having grown up in Wisconsin and also having traveled extensively by car throughout the states seeing both the Amish and the Mennonites, I have a real appreciation for their simple way of life. At about the 31:00 mark in the episode, I heard a statement by the Amish man being interviewed that I had to play over just to make sure I heard it right. It struck me hard and was an “aha” moment for me. So much of my prepping so far has been complex, full of research, consumerism, stashing, and making sure I have the most reliable items (in modern technology, that is). And then, this very simple statement from the Amish man about cars, electricity, etc comes along and hits me right upside the head! Listen until you hear the word “liberation”, then go back and listen again. Wow.. Isn’t that what it was all about? Liberation from the constraints of society in the old country. One of the tenets that brought our founding families to the shores of America in the first place. I think the Amish were – and still are – on to something. We can find the best of both worlds as we prep, build communities and learn from one another. Theirs, which hasn’t changed much since the late 1400s, and ours.

Comment by SurfRunner (Expat Prepper)
Comment by SeanD
2013-10-10 00:51:07

I find that these shows are, in general, not very well thought out … in a similar way to the old detective shows like Agatha Christie. They show that there is ALWAYS a way out which is not necessarily the case. Mostly, the protagonist staggers their way through the entire movie with no idea what is going on but always finds the one thing that can help them in whatever situation they find themselves in. They show NO forward planning but the script writer always lets them survive because they are the ‘good’ guys. We all know that there are not really any ‘good’ guys or ‘bad’ guys … there is only ‘us’ and ‘everyone else.’
The other main problem I find is when the protagonist builds ridiculously overpowered traps/weapons/tools from two packets of matches and a paper bag. You may find a useful idea, or two, in watching these shows IF you are a switched on prepper. For the sheeple, however, watching these shows will preclude the forward planning and attempt to make/do things that are going to get them killed in short order.
Overall, they are ‘entertainment’ that you ‘may’ find an idea, or two, from but as a leader for non-preppers …. I don’t think that they are a good idea.
I think we need to get some preppers to write a T.V. show/movie that incorporates all of the forward planning, along with real techniques, but in a package that will intrigue the uninitiated viewer.

Comment by Nigh
2013-10-10 07:28:55

Jericho, Revolution, even Under the Dome & others, help show at least this one common thing: When the government is powerless to help the people, weather from a dome, emp, or cyber attack, there is going to be a breakdown in society. It will be hard, ugly, & most assuredly violent.
This helps the movement. We can also see real life casses such as Katrina, & the storm that hit Jersey near election time, & society breakdown following the “Arab Spring”.
Sure Hollywood sensationalizes this, but the underlieing truth is a common theme tieing them all together. This underlieing truth is what is in the conscience of our current society.
After WWII, the underlieing truth was fear of nuclear annihilation. It manifested itself in Hollywood as UFO films/ radio shows where we were powerless to stop the aliens from destroying earth. The “preppers” dug holes for fallout shelters.
Todays societal fear is just as real as a nuke. It’s an understanding (maybe subconsciencely) that we rely too heavily on our governments & they can not possibly keep this up forever. Something has to give & when it does, a breakdown in society will follow. (think Greece)

So dig your fallout shelters, & forget what your neighbors say. Just remember the difference from the 50’s to today. Back then if you were a prepper & the bombs dropped, your neighbors wouldn’t be alive to knock on your door & kill you for a morsel of food.

So, are they helpful? Yes, if you see the underlieing truth. If you don’t (or won’t) see the truth, then preppers can be easily dismissed as “crazies”, which is (I feel) how Doomsday Preppers paints us. Regardless, there is usually something to be learned from these shows/movies if you pay attention.

I’m leaning toward long term self reliance. Gardening, farming, homesteading, livestock, hunting, trapping, fishing, etc… I’m collecting hand tools like crank drills & drawing knives. Simpler days are ahead, & the Amish are going to be several steps ahead of the rest. I live in Ohio not far from the worlds largest Amish community & I watch & learn from these self reliant people every chance I get.
Doomsday Castle just showed an episode where they are planting a hidden garden in plain sight. THAT is a diamond in the rough from that show. ( I’d love to get to know more on that subject!)
The other thing I learned from them is how difficult relationships are going to be in your “bunker”.

Happy prepping,

Comment by Gena.KY
2013-10-10 09:30:15

I like Revolution pretty much. Doomsday Preppers picks out some looney people to put on the show, which makes non-preppers think that preppers are crazy.
I think it may help some average people wake up & start to prep. Which, like Erich said, the more preppers that are out there, the less we will have to worry.
So, I am thinking it is a good thing to have these shows on TV. I like to watch them all, except the zombie thing. I am terrified of zombies & cannot watch them. I can’t wait to see the special that Erich mentioned. I hope a lot of people watch it. There needs to be more awareness out there. Thanks Erich for all you do.

Comment by Dave
2013-10-10 14:29:14

I love most of those types of movies, and I am a bit of a prepper. I’ve always been a bit of a prepper. It started when I was a kid in boy Scouts, and our motto was “Be Prepared”.
I think people should imagine what the workld will be like when the SHTF, and then try to imagine it 10 times worse.
A couple years ago I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things on the Saturday immediately following good friday. the store was absolutely PACKED, and most people were experiencing various levels of distress. In some parts of the store, the shelves had been picked clean. Common items that people wanted for Easter dinner were sold out (canned gravy, canned pumpkin, boxes of stuffing, oxo cubes, etc).
It dawned on me that the store and the shoppers had not been able to successfully prepare themselves for a positive event that happens every year on the same date.
I think if/when the SHTF, people will have to make do with what they already have in their possession. I don’t want to be anywhere near the thousands of frantic unpreppared people flocking to every grocery, department, and hardware store, and fighting over the last can of tomato soup.
Gas stations will be just as bad. When the gas runs out or the power goes out, there will be hundreds (or thousands) of cars lined up, boxing eachother in. The few people who were able to fill up will be frantically trying to leave. Everyone else will be trying to get in to fill up.
It’s going to be a huge mess, and the people with the best chance for survival are the ones who can either:
1- bug in. Barricade the house, blacken the windows, and ride out the storm quietly, giving no indication to anyone that they are even home. or
2- bug out immediately. Load your family, gear, and supplies into a vehicle and get the hell out of dodge.

Comment by tracy
2013-10-10 16:39:29

I can say that I have been a fan of post apoc fiction since I was in the 6th grade. (many, many moons ago) and I can tell you this, reading those books made me really thankful for the things I have around me now. I know I cried when my grandparents took me to their country house (it wasn’t very big) when I looked at the lush fields of green things growing. they asked me why and I said, “It would be a shame if we lost all of this because of nuclear war.” ……and the rest of the car ride was awkwardly silent.

My opinion on all the post apoc stuff is that it seems to be showing that even when you have nothing, you have someone else always willing to help or plan. there was a great 2 hour special on discovery channel called “after armageddon” that was really good and realistic. i really liked one of the guys in there because he was just really blunt and straightforward.

But then again, this all could have come around because someone is always screaming about the book of Revelations, the world was supposed to end in 2012 and people are afraid the earth will be invaded (oh there was a great special on that on the science channel about invaders that was really good.)

besides last year it was zombies, this year it’s witches. I think zombies coincide with the end of the world because it’s the last vestige of humanity-people hiding out or from the undead. who knows, this could all die down again and be nothing.

btw i really like this group. thanks.

Comment by tracy
2013-10-10 16:55:01

sorry it was the history channel. here is a link on wikipedia.

Comment by The other guy
2013-10-10 17:03:41

Most people realize it is not far to chaos, and it shows with the popularity of all the movies. Half of which get to far out, Hollywood does that to keep things interesting. The favt remains the path we are on is un-sustainable. Knowing when or how it will fall apart, well that is anyones guess. Just hope you will be ready when it does…

Comment by willy
2013-10-10 19:20:20

Hello All, I like all these movies -N- Stuff, pre- programing for the real deal but the sheeple will not know if its real….Some may think its go time and open season on people, some will.
Lets look to November 13 th 2013. This is Grid down day, this will be a drill of the national power grid shut down and restart …this is ONLY a test….So what if it will not reset…then I guess we will have to put all our dreams and plans on hold and GO TO THE GROUND.
I hope all will go well, and if it fails then we just put our plans into action.
Please be carefull in all you do, cool heads prevail. Think,Plan , action.


If you are not in your bug out location then you are tresspassing…….

Comment by Nathaniel Hamilton
2013-10-19 22:27:30

While all the shows and movies listed here are fun more than anything else. As a prepper and a pragmatist I try to take a more objective view of the “lessons” that they convey. While The Walking Dead is an awesome show, I know for a fact that there is NOT actually going to be a zombie apocalypse. I don’t have to wield and crowbar like a samurai, but having a good stockpile of food amd water, a couple guns and start up a small garden in the yard. Considering carefully along the lines of “what can’t I get in the event of an earthquake/superstorm/volcano” I try to get my hands on different pieces of equipment that will come in handy.

In the case of American collapse of some kind, that’s a big part of why I started a garden I really do believe in “be the change you want to see in the world” I am trying to be more and more independent, while also trying to be as sustainable as possible.

Comment by Pat
2013-10-31 22:14:18

History is repeating itself. Study Germany post WW1. The Weimar Republic which printed and printed money forced the system to collapse and the people to starve. The unprepared people were desperate and anyone that promised to help them and fix the problems they ran to. It was all down hill from there.

Comment by Thomas R.
2013-11-20 01:37:30

Off topic but I just joined the site and watched the Bug Out Bag video…great info and thanks for that…now back to topic;
I think most common people suffer a severe delusional or Hollywood homogenized ideal of the hero and the good guy doing what he has to do to survive. Most people that I know have little or no idea what they would do if the SHTF. They admit that they would probably be lost until forced into an animal instinct, reactionary, impulse driven, zero thought process of “Crap,,,what now?” All of the movies are fun to watch and like most I sit there with the “Yeah, that’s what I’d do too.”, thing going on.
For me the truth was plain as day years back when the fuel shortages happened in the 70’s. I can still remember the lines at gas stations and stores having shelves bare from one end of the isle to the other. I grew up as an only child so self preservation and entertainment wasn’t an option it was a way of life. Imagination was a huge deciding factor in some of the things I have focused on in years past and recent. My biggest current concern has nothing to do with the power grid or zombies but rather the US Dollar losing it’s value if the European Union has it’s way and gets the USD replaced as the World Reserve Currency. I wish if Hollywood was going to make an apocalyptic reference that they pursue the more realistic socio-economic downfall and subsequent mass riots and government vs. the people situation and film it in the same “real” way that they did with Gravity. Put the public on notice…wake ’em up…get ’em thinkin’ about what is going to happen not about some perilous anti-future.

Comment by Ravin
2013-11-23 08:23:35

We can be very close to a devastating event. Just look at Tacloban Philippines, The tornado struck areas. Living without electric, water and food close at hand is extremely tuff for most people used to living the last 40 years. We haven’t had to grow our own food or find our water and our batteries will die after the first couple of days. Find yourselves some basic skill sets and start re-learning how to fend for yourselves as our great grandparents did. On another note look at the economic situation. Our basic money system is very close to collapse. Learn what barter is all about and start collecting barter items as well as survival foods and water systems/filters. Good luck to you all.

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2013-11-23 16:56:52

Very true Ravin. At any time, it could be “the one”. We just need to be vigilant and prepared.

Comment by Suzanne
2014-01-14 14:21:49

My answer…

All of the attention to “The End of the World As We Know It” idea is, in my opinion, a positive and needed thing. I am basically a very upbeat, positive person (but you wouldn’t believe it by what I write here), but I have noticed more and more in recent years how negatively the world is changing…primarily due to greed. I’m not the only one noticing these changes; therein lies the reasoning behind the rapidly growing interest in this topic.

The things I am seeing are indicative to the things we see in history preceding a revolution.

• Corporate companies are changing drastically…GREED!!!
o More interest in rates, than in loyal, happy, company-minded employees
o Less interest in the welfare of our country…moving their companies outside the U.S. so they can make more profits by hiring at lower wages
o A majority of the workforce is working 9 to12-hour days 5, 6, and 7 days a week due to cutbacks of the numbers of the employee workforce and shifting the loads to the people who are left. (company analogy: “if they don’t like it they can quit…there’s plenty of people wanting a job” … that will put up with the unfairness)
o Companies all over the map are, in their continuing greed, looking for ways/reasons to get rid of long-standing employees (who have been loyal for so many years, earning the right to the higher wage that they are making through years of raises), so they can bring in cheaper labor.
• Government at various levels is becoming almost sinister in its efforts to control our freedoms.
o Laws and raises are being voted on and changed SECRETLY!!! THIS IS SCARY!!! It’s in the news every day and no one seems to be doing anything about it…or know what to do about it…how to change it. Is this what our country was founded on? Our government should be ALL SERVING…not ALL POWERFUL. You wouldn’t know it any more but our government was established all those years ago…to SERVE us…not CONTROL every aspect of our lives.
o The Second Amendment is a prime example of the twisting of facts to attempt to control one of our major freedoms…The Right to Bear Arms. I wonder if the public realizes that, looking at history, this is one of the ways that governments have slowly, subtly, taken control of the people of a country or empire. Government registering of every firearm can lead to confiscation of same, leaving the populace unprotected and ripe for oppression and singular imperial rule. The truth is, the people who shouldn’t have guns will always find a way to get them in spite of rules, regulations, and registration. Look at drugs! Look at prohibition! Did any of the laws made stop the ones in those endeavors from getting what they wanted? No! And gun registration/regulation will do no better! The scary thing is that our government is slowly getting away with it…we are like the frog in the pot of water being slowly brought to a boil. By the time we realize we are in danger, it may be too late!
o Again…Government is there to SERVE the people…not to CONTROL them.
o And congress needs to be turned inside out, cleaned out and revamped. Limit the terms like the Presidency. Congress is there to SERVE its constituents and shouldn’t be wielding the power that they presently have…influenced by companies and power more than by the individual people it should be serving.

My World History teacher in High School imprinted upon us one very strong, true, and revealing fact: In history, preceding the downfall of an empire or country were two main factors…internal weakness and aggression from outside. The internal weakness is already rearing its mighty horns. As for aggression from outside…our country used to be idealized because it thrived on the principles on which it was founded. Now, many countries outside our own have nothing good to say about us.

Many people are seeing all this and that is why there is such a strong, growing interest in books and movies portraying the possible impending results of what our country and our world is doing…the WRONG things it is focusing on.

What I want to know is CAN ANYTHING REALLY BE DONE ABOUT IT…or are we doomed? If anything can be done, I want to be among the first to be informed of it!!

Comment by Suzanne
2014-01-14 14:34:19

Just a quickie…
When you referred to people flooding the stores for food after Good Friday, it brought to mind the fact that, these days, most stores are now keeping a low inventory on the shelves. If they run out and people can’t buy what they want…oh well, its ok as long as they don’t have too much inventory sitting around. That would make such a situation much worse than it would have been a few years ago when store shelves were fully stocked so as not to infuriate people by not having what they want. Competition was better back then so they had to please the people to keep their business.

Comment by mississauga
2017-07-09 15:11:32

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