Weekly Tactical Touch-Point

The Weekly Tactical Touch-Point: Surviving at Work Edition

During my lunch break at work I will often go out for a walk in some nearby wooded walking trails. It’s during that time that I try to find one wilderness survival skill that I can practice for that hour. This past week I concentrated on fire. You’ll be amazed at the many opportunities you […]

The Weekly Tactical Touch-Point: Cattail Hunt Edition

To prepare for this week’s articles on how to process what I call The Fantastic Four, I took my 2 1/2 year old daughter out with me on a cattail hunt. As we were hiking through marsh and muck it was a joy to see just how much she loved it. Even though it was rather […]

The Weekly Tactical Touch-Point: Backup Bug-Out Bag Edition

Last week I posted a quick alert that www.NewEmergencyPreparedness.com was going out of business and was having a 70% off of everything sale. Well I had purchased a bunch of items, among which were two ready-made 72-hour kits (bug out bags). And they arrived today! Since we already have 72-hour kits at home which are highly […]

The Weekly Tactical Touch-Point: LDS Storehouse Edition

This morning I’m meeting up with my dad at the LDS Storehouse so that he can get some more long-term food storage (wheat, powdered milk, etc). For those not familiar with the storehouse, it is run by the LDS church (Mormons) of which I am a member. They have bulk staples such as wheat, legumes, […]

The Weekly Tactical Touch-Point: Paracord Belt 2.0 Edition

After making a paracord bracelet and most recently the Paracord Belt two weeks ago, I’ve become addicted to paracord crafts. Since I find paracord to be one of the most useful survival resources you can have it pays to have some around. This week I’ve been working on a paracord belt upgrade. I didn’t particularly like […]

The Weekly Tactical Touch-Point: Cheap Hennessy Hammock Edition

The main thing that stood out this week related to preparedness for me is the great deals one can find online. Two-days ago I just purchased a practically new Hennessy Hammock (Explorer Deluxe A-SYM) which normally goes for $200 for only $70. It belonged to this guy’s son who ended up only using it once […]

The Weekly Tactical Touch-Point: Reorganizing My Food Storage Edition

Each weekend (Saturdays) I’ll be posting up a collection of links that I’ve found during the week which have interested me, introduced by a short blurb about what I’ve been working on this week relating to the topics of this site. This week I’ve been focusing on reorganizing my long-term food storage. While much of it […]