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by Erich

I just wanted to quickly say thanks to all of you who sent me congrats via comments and email about the new baby. She and mom are both recovering and doing wonderful (there were some complications during the birth that gave us a scare).

Since my wife being has been out of commission for a bit I’ve been quite busy holding down the fort (I never realized how much she really does on a day-to-day basis until now) on top of taking care of my own responsibilities. I want to thank you for your patience and hanging in there for me while we adjust to this new addition.

With that said, it looks like things are slowly returning to normal so it’s time to get back to the important work of preparing ourselves. So stay tuned, I’ve got some great articles coming!

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Comment by Dustin Tarditi
2010-04-07 09:30:41

No baby pics?

Keep treading water, man… it gets (a little) easier.

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2010-04-09 11:53:19

Funny (but true) 🙂 I’m rediscovering sleep deprivation. Not fun… but overall it’s wonderful.

Comment by Ray
2010-04-28 21:54:48

Eric, congratulations to your new addition to your family. Ray

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2010-04-28 22:44:36

Thanks Ray, she is a joy!

Comment by Sense of Urgency
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