Are We Heading for a Food Shortage?

by Erich

Here’s an interesting infograph by

Let me know what you think, is this coming?

An infographic by

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Comment by Ruby Rijl
2013-12-21 10:17:35

I think not. Possibly year on year but not in the long term. If food is short over an extended period prices will rise and existing farmers will till more land even if they have to borrow the money for land purchase. Gold mining goes through the same cycle as does oil exploration. In a free market system. Anyone that has driven through the American west understands the huge amount of land that could be brought into production if it became economically viable.—–

Comment by nola
2013-12-21 10:35:00

Yes, I can see major food shortages coming. How better to control the masses than controlling their food, shelter, etc.

Coming from a family that has farming & ranching as major history I can confirm that family farming is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Even my cousins who now have the family farms (& love it) have other income. Those big corporate farms have gone out of their way to destroy real farming & ranching. Local dairies, locally grown produce, locally grown meat (& butchers) are more difficult to find than a specific needle in a needle stack.

Being able to get food from any source other than a “super”market is next to impossible. And finding seeds that are not genetically modified, open-pollinated is becoming more & more difficult. I am searching on-line for seeds and making a real effort to remember how to butcher wild game. If nothing else, I at least DO have the knowledge required to be able to feed my family. Having the resources is another matter.

Comment by Gabe
2013-12-21 10:53:22

Some truth, some hyperbole in that chart. Plenty of fear mongering in it. As a farmer, I truly believe that if the .gov would quit meddling we wouldn’t have near the problem that we do today. Their price support schemes throw everything out of whack.

Comment by Snoopster516
2013-12-21 11:05:28

I think so since many past agricultural lands have been sold off & have been developed for home sales. Gold mining & oil exploration can & are conducted in many areas were crops can not grow. Experts worldwide see 2 major shortages within the next 3-10 years water & food. Unless we desalinate sea water & move it inland to 11-15 large urban centers over the next 3-5 years places in Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Northern Texas, interior sections of California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho & Wyoming will all have a massive water shortage. Even great grain &livestock belt states like Iowa & Nebraska have water shortages now. The interior of the Carolinas, Washington D.C. & other central Atlantic state have water shortages now. No water no crops.

Many former agriculture land center have reduced to entire wet lands like in Southern California. Other are baron dry zones as in many parts of Colorado, Oklahoma & Texas. Just having huge tracks of land does not mean that they produce nutritious healthy food crops. Many of the fertilizers today have unintended consequences on many people. We have become an over sterilized human race with no resistance to any highly chemical imbalances in our food supply or any thing else.

There have been several cable station documentaries showing where, when & how food shortages will occur. Some even come up with the solution as to start bringing back the old ‘Liberty Gardens’ of WWII to ensure families of healthy, nutritious & an abundant food supply. They see this could end some global economic structures as well force several manufacturing industrial sectors to begin start-up factories in each regional areas of the US to provide basic farming resources for individuals in their own backyard. Think again my friend!!!

Comment by dmm
2013-12-21 11:22:54

Agree with Rudy and Gabe. Free markets with less government meddling is the way to go.

Comment by Gen Early
2013-12-21 11:32:20

“In a Free Market System” says it all. It hasn’t been a “free market system” here since FDR. Now with Executive Orders from whoever is King (president) the entire apparatus of growing, transportation and distribution is under final authority of the federal government……. in an emergency of course! But isn’t that the point of preparing? For Emergencies? or for just a “new normal”?
No, that could never, ever happen here in the USSA. It just happens in Veneuzela where they elected Socialist-Marxist Leaders and that would never,ever happen in the good old USA!

Comment by Sally
2013-12-21 11:34:42

Much of that land in the west is not suitable for farming due to lack of organic matter necessary to sustain crops or lack of water (another dwindling resource). Even if the soil could be improved quickly enough and water was available, the poor soil produces lower yields meaning more acres have to be farmed and this requires gas and oil to operate machinery. At some point it is not just a matter of price…

Comment by Bo
2013-12-21 12:22:29

If you use you property right anyone can grow there own food its not easy but possible free market went out the window when government took control of seed production by law you can’t use seed you harvested from plants you grow . Look up monisota where government controls the seeds you buy . The seeds are developed to kill insects such as bee’s among other bugs . No bee’s on pollination no plants no people. I see government control going to decides who lives who dies . This with health care means government control . Welcome to the new world where the rich get richer the poor get poorer and the middle class goes away . Smile

Comment by Phil
2013-12-21 12:52:04

Here in the Eurozone the EU are telling us what seeds we can sell and buy and what home made pesticides we can and cannot use. i.e. some heritage seeds are forbidden as are pesticides made out of rhubarb leaves
May the money grabbing eurozone sink without trace.

Comment by tom
2013-12-21 13:56:19

I’m an old guy. Grew up between farmland and heavy industry. I’ve been watching this population grow wildly for many years and used to listen to the centenarians of my childhood talk about the madness of the world getting so big, fast and overpopulated.
As a kid, my family experienced industry shutdowns and crop failures causing very long and scary food shortages, but we managed together. However, now, with globalization and endless government control, I think when it comes, and it surely will, we had all better know how to grow and forage food. Actually, we had better start now. Trucks stop running, and it gets hungry out there. Add that to your computer being inaccessible….
I think the complacence of the masses who have never endured periods of need or the imminent spectre of death just increases the popular belief that we can rely on tech and the government to solve all problems; that has been the myth for many years since the Industrial Revolution. It’s a pretty sturdy myth, but pretty fragile reality.
I don’t think about Doomsday much, nor do I believe that our governments (most of them) are evil and dictatorial. I do believe that the Choice of Trust within the masses is blind and naive sometimes; and Be Prepared is a good Boy Scout attitude for those who have an eye on the bigger picture of our world.
Blind optimism is comforting when one does not see the reality of our resources and the increasing balancing act of humanity; and everything is reasonably stable right now. What’s that game? The ones that you build the tower of blocks and then remove them one at a time?

Comment by Randolph
2013-12-21 15:57:55

Excellent infographic. Contrary to the poster above who thought it had plenty of hyperbole and fear-mongering, I feel it really didn’t go far enough, at all. The biggest over-sights to reality that I spotted were “the weather” ie, emissions-fueled Climate Change, which the prepper community of almost all clans is so hesitant to acknowledge, I’ve noticed.
The second thing was bee deaths… A situation far, FAR more advanced and widespread that the little image and caption communicated.

Also though agree with another poster that mentioned farming will expand again as the need, prices etc are there. Unfortunately that assumes a LOT, including sufficient rainfall, pollination, and lack of strong-arm government and/or corporate non-interference.

My “prepper clan” is the eco-survivalist. Working to help advance this in social media, small resilience consulting biz, and personal practice.
Good post on this idea at

Be Ready ~

Comment by Randolph
2013-12-21 17:02:25

Also very, VERY worthwhile sharing here on this topic…..This will blow your mind if you have not yet seen it.
Allan Savory – How to green the worlds’ climates and reverse desertification

Comment by Marilyn
2013-12-21 18:53:59

The world cannot sustain the ever increasing population. Eventually we WILL hit a crisis point. Governments need to let people grow their OWN fruit and veggies as much as possible and stop arresting people for growing veggie gardens on their own private property!!! The govt wants to control ALL the food, control he food and you control the people, simple as that. Be a rebel and grow at least some of your own. Learn how to now, before your life depends on it.

Comment by laurey
2013-12-21 19:12:04

I have seen this coming for years…that’s why i am starting a CSA this year at the farm i just moved to. I also plan to teach home canning, dehydrating, cooking with stored foods. I have gardened for over 20 years, and am now into the seed saving aspect of gardening. When i was married and had a farm, all our winter veggies, pickles, jams, etc came from the garden or forging and were put up for winter. I hope to start a blog (income redundancy Erich! 🙂 about all of this and growing up old school in Vermont, but don’t quite get the whole computer- linking and click- for- this- or -that thing!

Comment by Gabe
2013-12-21 20:31:34

The “emissions propelled climate change” has not been proven. I’d be willing to listen except that at this point the proponents of climate change have put themselves firmly in the camp of the boy who cried wolf.

With that said, we’re our own worst enemies when it comes to destroying farmland and by extension, the environment. As a couple of others mentioned, the very thing causing this the most is .gov intervention through subsidies.

Allan Savory is a genius. Wonder why there’s no subsidy for proper cattle management… hmmm. (Not in favor of subsidies, just trying to make a point.)

Comment by Joe
2013-12-21 20:51:18

Heirloom seeds are available and you can harvest the seed from what you grow. If you tell no one, who will know assuming that you do not run a commercial operation. Patented seed(monsanto) cannot be saved and planted but others can be. As to the comment below, the EU may tell you what to grow and what homemade pesticides you cannot make/use but again what they do not know is hard to control. Some pesticides homemade or commercial do have bad side effects and are residual in the soil. There are alternatives.

Home gardening needs to make a comeback, much better than what you buy and having worked for Kroger with their filthy, rat infested prep and storage areas, much safer. The more we all grow for ourselves, neighbor and/or for sale, the less that has to be bought from the dirty supermarket, corporate farms and Monsanto. Learn to slaughter your own meat, messy but not too hard. Raise chickens in your backyard if you can then slaughter them when they can no longer lay eggs. A little on the tough side but fine for stock, soup, stew, chicken salad, etc. Easy to raise, tons of info on the web and the poo is great fertilizer.

Comment by Carroll
2013-12-22 02:25:11

I agree with this data along with other data and I believe only the sheeple either deny it or their all asleep. It seems information can be right in front of some people and they still won’t see it. I have watched the decline since I was a small boy and it only get’s worse by the year. That’s why I’m going off grid to assure I won’t have to pay for ever increasing prices just to stay alive. The meat will reproduce and be harvested. The bees won’t have dangerous chemicals to feed on because I’ll supply them plenty of healthy plants and in turn will get plenty of food. I’ll have my own fresh water from below the earth. I will survive while the cities go mad because they were asleep or refused to believe the most obvious.

Comment by josh
2013-12-22 02:45:33

You presume, mostly incorrectly, that farmers have the ability to just start farming more land. Land costs money, leased or bought. Most farmers are not wealthy people and it normally do not have a pile of cash, nor the resources available to just go start farming more.

Comment by Pam
2013-12-22 10:31:34

The decreasing number of farms and farmers will not affect the quantity of food produced as the land will be gobbled up by big farma. The changing climate and the loss of bees will impact the supply. Big farma’s greed and government’s incompetence and duplicity will increase the prices. Yes, I agree there will be a shortage. We can only hope that government’s incompetence and duplicity will not extend to preventing us from supplementing the supply with home and community gardens.

Comment by Clay Roberts
2013-12-22 14:29:19

Sooner or later it will happen. This is why people should start eating local food now. get to know your local small farmers. Start gardening for your own food and leave the dangerous, precarious industrial “food” supply behind. It’s better for your health and your family.

Comment by laurey
2013-12-22 16:38:50

Joe, it does not have to be heirloom seeds; any no-genetically modified or engineered seed can reproduce. I, however, only use organic seed to save seeds from. There is a Seedsaver Exchange on line, or you can google seed swapping in your area. Here in Vermont we have a network called Freecycle. I got several different seeds that were posted there last spring. You can also get together a group of people and order from FEDCO seeds out of Maine. (On line). You get a large quantity of seeds for a relatively low price compared to store purchases. You can split the seeds between the group to save money. Community gardens may be an option for some. Any land that is not used can be turned into a garden; communities on the average are happy to have something constructive done with unused land than let it go to weeds. Check with your local town for availability and ordinances. The one I was with in Vergennes was free; there are some that charge a fee for supplies etc.

Comment by Tom Bowie
2013-12-30 21:50:21

With an overabundance of food prices are low but rice somewhat with less produced.

If a company(s) has food to sell as a commodity or other wise just sufficient to meet a nations need the price may be a bit higher than expected but if they have only a portion of the needed food, the price more than triples depending on if the portion is 9/10 to 1/2 what is needed. This occurs not only if not enough food is grown but even if the GMO food is found unsafe or any number of possibilities.

Yes, there could come a day when a company(s) claims its own food is unsafe and increase its profit greatly by having too little food.

Comment by w
2013-12-31 01:06:55


Comment by Brian Kern
2014-01-26 18:12:26

I think while prices might go up thirty to forty percent (not related to inflation of course) we won’t see much of an actual food “shortage”. Advances in agricultural have reduced the number of small farmers so seeing a drop in the number of “farmers” is hardly something to be worried about. Large scale “industrial” farms are the norm now except for specific products and even then – if we started looking at alternatives in FEED crops or hell, just cut the ethanol requirement, and we’d be able to feed millions for YEARS.

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