Alone in the Wild

by Erich

Alone in the Wild For those interested in wilderness survival, National Geographic will be airing a new show sometime this month (September) called ‘Alone in the Wild’. It will cover the exploits of Ed Wardle, a self-shooting documentary producer/director who is dropped off alone for 50 days in the Canadian Yukon.

What I found really interesting is that according to National Geographic, Ed does not bring years of wilderness survival expertise to the show but instead is only an experienced outdoorsman seeking to test himself in the wilds. This will be very interesting to see how he fares compared to Discovery Channel’s Les Stroud (Survivorman) who has some obvious skill in survival.

One thing that I did notice right away in watching some of the online video clips is the amount of gear that he brought with him — it looks like he’s got a 65 pound pack full of gear, another large duffel with food, some guns, and a canoe among other things. So for you disappointed purists out there, give the guy a break, he is after all doing a show on being alone in the wild, not showcasing his survival prowess.

In any event it will be interesting to watch and I look forward to seeing it when it airs. Despite the gear, 50 days in a ‘survival’ setting is still a difficult task and I have great respect for him. After all, the longest I’ve been out in the wild in a survival situation (I only had a knife, a wool blanket, and a firestarter) was for a week and even that was pretty difficult.

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Comment by Steve_O Adams
2009-10-04 00:34:14

What a PUSSY…All he does is complain..He doesnt know what the hell hes doing

Comment by Erich
2009-10-05 08:12:15


To give the guy some credit, he was out there for 50 days. Although he doesn’t have much survival experience, he never claimed to be an expert. I still give the guy props. He gets my respect.

– Erich

Comment by thom carroll
2011-05-09 08:17:05

your survivorman series (sucks) i myself lived in alaska only a real survivalist like bear grylls has my respect the rest of these socalled survivalists better not to to be so critical but momma boys come to mind city boys so on etc. etc.give the guy a break backseat critics all of you. 30 yrs later can still do the same only an idiot goes into the wilds with out weapon or rough knowledge and if you can pack it in take it with you. feedback welcomed

Comment by Paganwarrior
2011-07-15 11:57:09

This guy makes alot of rookie mistakes. Don’t get me wrong It takes guts to attempt 3 months in the yukon with his level of experience. But men who knew way more than him have died in those forests.

Comment by Tactical Intelligence
2011-07-15 19:24:31

He does, but like you said he’s got courage going out there to rough it on his own. On top of that, I’m sure he learned a ton from that experience.

Comment by Zeljko
2011-09-13 04:31:48

It is not a phisical strugle that he iz going throug it is mental. It only shows what hapends inside your head when you are alone in the wild. I would like to try this, I too, dont have any experience but I would try it, yust to see what whill hapend whit me, for how long will I stay.

Comment by Delta
2016-06-27 14:17:38

RE> To give the guy some credit, he was out there for 50 days

No he wasnt.. he got airlifted out after 3 weeks
Suffering from mental delusion based on a complete lack of training, skills or ability.
This person would be unsafe in any survival or combat situation.

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