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Infographic: The Survivors Guide to Lockpicking

Wednesday, July 13th, 2016

We’ve all thought about the vast array of things that we can to in order to be prepared for a real life survival situation. Clean water, food rations, tools and a diversity of skill sets are all a great start. However, one thing that many of us overlook is how we are going to keep getting water and food when our rations have run dry.

Since most of us live in cities, towns or near cities and towns – there is one vital skill that you should have in your back pocket. That’s where the skill of urban lock picking comes in. Knowing how to pick a lock can save you and your family in an urban survival situation. Imagine being starving, with a food truck right in front of you, full of Twinkies and other delicious and life saving treats but you have no tools to breach it… That would be one sad day with a lot of extra energy being spent trying to figure out how to get inside.

The infographic below shows you the basic steps to breach almost any lock out there with enough practice. Padlocks are notoriously easy to pick with this method although it can also be implemented with standard knob locks, deadbolts and others. Our friends at Picker Of Locks
made this east 4 Step Guide to get you started on your lock picking skill training. If you want to check out more in-depth articles on how to pick all different types of locks, lock pick set reviews and more – head over to