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Homemade Medicine: How to Make a Violet Infusion

Thursday, June 5th, 2014

Last week I posted an article on the edible and medicinal uses of violet.

One of the recipes I mentioned was for making a Violet infusion. With that said, I decided to upload a quick video demonstrating how easy it is to make one of these. Click here to watch How to Make a Violet Infusion or watch below:

Uses of a Violet Infusion

As a recap, an infusion made from Violet (Viola odorata) is fantastic for any kind of mouth sores (both internally and externally), bronchitis, cough or strep.

And since Violet is also an anti-inflammatory, the infusion is helpful for rheumatoid conditions as well.

Monovault Caching System

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

Caching items like food, gear, ammo and weapons has been a long-standing tradition of preppers and survivalists.

Up until now though, preppers have been repurposing other objects like PVC pipes, ammo cans, steel drums, 5-gallon buckets and other makeshift containers as their go-to caching containers.

Sure, these can be very effective when prepared, sealed, and buried correctly (I have many of these caches in different locations myself and teach others how to make them in my Prepper Academy course).

However, with the surge in popularity of prepping, there are finally some very good products coming out to make the prepping process a lot easier — and when it comes to caching, the Monovault definitely seems to fit the bill.

The Monovault Caching System

The Monovaults are designed as a done-for-you caching system, allowing you to focus on worrying about the gear you put in without worrying about whether it will still be useable when you unearth it.

The manufacturers (located here in the U.S. in Idaho) have really covered the three key requirements of a successful cache container:

  1. It’s strong
  2. It prevents corrosion, and…
  3. It protects against humidity and moisture

If those three requirements are met, you’re cache will stand the test of time and be there when you need it (of course, it needs to be buried in a secure location too, but Monovault can’t take care of that for you. Again, if you want more details on this, be sure to check out Prepper Academy).

So how does Monovault address each of these three requirements? Let’s see…

The Container

The Monovault container is made from a very strong commercial-grade polyethylene plastic. The lid is a “gamma” styled screw on lid with a rubber o-ring, allowing it to seal water tight by hand without needing special tools. To protect this screw-on lid, Monovault equips you with a heavy shield cover which helps to keep the lid safe from water or other environmental factors that would cause mechanical damage.

Corrosion Control

To protect against corrosion, the makers of the Monovault supply VCI (or Vapor Control Inhibiting) bags which feature corrosion-inhibiting compounds coated on the bags themselves. These are ideal for firearm storage as these compounds protect and help prevent corrosive gasses from coming into contact with the metal.

Humidity Control

The final requirement (humidity control) is met through the inclusion of a desiccant which adsorbs (not absorbs) the ambient moisture still left in the vault at the time of sealing (as well as adsorbs any future moisture that might migrate into the vault).

Final Comments

Overall I’m very impressed with the Monovault systems. They really are a fantastic turn-key solution for your caching needs.

If you’re looking to buy some, you can find them on Amazon or through Forge Survival (they sell the complete burial kits) and many other online survival-gear retailers.