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How to Stock up on Antibiotics without a Prescription

Monday, June 30th, 2014

Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes only.

Be certain to consult a medical professional before attempting any of the information herein.

What we nowadays take for granted, could become life-threatening in a collapse type situation.

For example, a good friend of mine got a simple scratch from his cat which developed into sepsis. Because he was able to get to a doctors and be treated with antibiotics nothing really happened but the thought came to him, if he didn’t have access to modern medicine, he probably would not be here right now.

For that reason, it is extremely important that you have a good stockpile of medication put away for a future time — antibiotics being one of the most important.

The problem is, it’s not very easy for the common layman to gather a good supply of antibiotics (or other medicines for that matter) without knowing an understanding doctor or being one yourself.

However, at least when it comes to antibiotics, there is a way around it. And that’s through…

Stockpiling Aquatic Antibiotics

What many new preppers don’t realize is that the fish antibiotics they commonly sell over the counter in pet or aquatic-pet stores is the exact drug found in antibiotics that you’d purchase through your pharmacist with a prescription at often 10x the cost.

Don’t believe me?

Well, there’s a simple test to determine what the ingredients of a drug are by the label that appears on the outside. To do that, all you need to do is head on over to and put the details of the pill/tablet in question.

Here’s an example of the commonly sold “Fish Mox” you’d find at your local big-chain pet store:

Taking one of them out and you’ll find the following data printed on each of the red/pink pills:

Putting in the pill you can see that the results I come up are that are not some crazy special drug that is exclusive for fish but they’re nothing but 500mg of pure amoxicillin:

How to Use Fish Antibiotics in a Collapse Situation

Since I am no means an expert when it comes to pharmaceuticals and their use I’m going to defer this to two people that I highly respect in the prepper community that are also very knowledgeable when it comes to modern medicine. They are Dr. Bones (MD) and Nurse Amy.

If you haven’t yet heard of them you definitely need to listen to their show as well as buy their excellent book:

To learn how to use the various fish antibiotics, check out these great articles:

Where to Purchase Fish Antibiotics

If you’re looking to purchase some aquatic antibiotics there are a number of places you can get them, such as most pet stores that sell common aquatic supplies.

If you’d rather purchase it online I would recommend going to one of my sponsors There you can pick up the whole gamut of fish antibiotics at some great prices. The antibiotics they have available there are:

  • Amoxicillin
  • Ampicillin
  • Cephalexin
  • Ciprofloxacin
  • Penicillin
  • Doxycycline
  • Clindamycin
  • Erythromycin

How Long Can I Store Aquatic Antibiotics?

Although the expiration date listed on the packaging is typically about a year, recent studies have shown that expiration dates last much longer than that.

For example, in the respected medical journal “the archives of internal medicine” the following article was a breakthrough finding for preppers:

October 8, 2012 — An analysis of 8 medications indicates that most of the active ingredients they contain were present in adequate amounts decades after the drugs’ expiration dates, according to results from a study published online October 8 in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

Lee Cantrell, PharmD, from the California Poison Control System, San Diego Division, University of California San Francisco School of Pharmacy, and colleagues used liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry to measure the amounts of the active ingredients in the medications. The medicines, which had expired 28 to 40 years ago, were found in a retail pharmacy in their original, unopened packaging.

To meet US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards, an active ingredient must be present in 90% to 110% of the amount indicated on the label. Drug expiration dates are set for 12 to 60 months after production, even though many compounds can persist far longer.

In the new analysis, 12 of the 14 active ingredients persisted in concentrations that were 90% or greater of the amount indicated on the label. These 12 compounds retained their full potency for 336 months (28 years) or longer. Eight of them retained potency for at least 480 months (40 years). Dr. Cantrell’s team was unable to find a standard for homatropine, 1 of the 15 ingredients.

Only aspirin and amphetamine fell below the 90% cutoff. Phenacetin was present at greater than the cutoff in Fiorinal (butalbital, aspirin, caffeine, and codeine phosphate, but was considerably less in Codempiral No. 3. The authors attribute the deficit in Codempiral to conditions that led to preferential degradation of phenacetin because of its amide group, compared with codeine, which is also in Codempiral but is more chemically stable.

Three compounds persisted in greater than 110% of the labeled contents: methaqualone (in Somnafac), meprobamate (in Bamadex), and pentobarbital (in Nebralin). These relatively high amounts may reflect degradation of other components of the compounded drug, the fact that the samples were produced before FDA-instituted quality control measures in 1963, or inconsistencies of the analytical techniques between when the drugs were compounded and now. The new findings are consistent with the efforts of the Shelf-Life Extension Program, which has extended the expiration dates on 88% of 122 drugs tested so far. Extensions range from 66 to 278 months.

“Our results support the effectiveness of broadly extending expiration dates for many drugs,” the researchers conclude. They also point out that extending shelf life can significantly lower costs to consumers.

Limitations of the analysis, the investigators write, include an inability to confirm the storage conditions of the drug samples, as well as imprecise dating of the samples. The authors have disclosed no relevant financial relationships.

In addition to the above study, there was another sponsored by the FDA in collaboration with the Department of Defense called the “SLEP” or Shelf Life Extension Program where they had tested a number of different drugs and have noticed that they far outlast the stated expiration dates on the packaging.

You can read that study here.

Now keep in mind that these test were done on medications that are in pill or tablet form. This does not apply to liquid medications which will lose potency far sooner than the pill or tablet form.

TI News Alert: The UN Pushes for Global Gun Disarmament

Friday, June 27th, 2014

It’s no secret that the United Nations has been after global gun disarmament for all citizens of all countries for some time now.

They’ve even been pushing (thankfully, unsuccessfully so far) for a binding international treaty that will supersede the US Constitution — with the full support of our current administration let me add.

Here are some direct quotes from US delegates to the United Nations:

“In New York, right here on our own shores, we’ve got a Trojan horse. They won’t accept U.S. firearms policy. They want to take the decision away from the U.S. electorate and undermine our Constitution.”
Ambassador Faith Whittlesey
US Delegate to UN Small Arms Conference

“That’s really their ultimate agenda – to bring the United States down from the pinnacle of freedom to simply being another one of these socialists states where the government controls everything.” Former Congressman Bob Barr US Delegate to UN Small Arms Conference

If this is all new to you, the following video should be a real eye-opener:

So does the United Nations really have any power to take away our second amendment rights?

Luckily, not at this time. But with the current administration’s support of more involvement with foreign assistance during a disaster it might be a perfect excuse for foreign troops to be on our soil under the guise of “aid” — allowing for the implementation of some more draconian measures.

For example, check out this recent press release from The Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense and Emergencies. They confirmed in 2013 that America’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will be coordinating with foreign militaries and security teams during disaster operations on U.S.-soil:

Several documents signed during joint work of Russian Emergency Ministry and FEMA

The Russian Emergency Situations Ministry and the USA Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) are going to exchange experts during joint rescue operations in major disasters. This is provided by a protocol of the fourth meeting of the U.S.-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission Working Group on Emergency Situations and seventeenth meeting of Joint U.S.-Russia Cooperation Committee on Emergency Situations, which took place in Washington on 25 June.

The document provides for expert cooperation in disaster response operations and to study the latest practices.

In addition, the parties approved of U.S.-Russian cooperation in this field in 2013-2014, which envisages exchange of experience including in monitoring and forecasting emergency situations, training of rescuers, development of mine-rescuing and provision of security at mass events.

At the end of the meeting the parties expressed their satisfaction with the level of cooperation between the Russian Federation and the United States in the area of emergency prevention and response and agreed to develop it in order to respond efficiently to all kinds of disasters.

Source: Emergency Command of Russia

What This Means

Does this mean foreign troops are going to be here en masse during the next Katrina-level event? Not necessarily. This could very well be just a benign form of cross training and idea sharing. Nothing more.

However, what we do know is the current administration’s standing on the UN Small Arms Trade Treaty and if there is anything they can do that will help them put that in place (as well as support it) we as citizens need to be vigilant and put a stop to it.

What You Should Do About It

The first thing you should do is look out for and become aware of these types of things.

It takes some reading between the lines as well as searching beyond the mainstream media, and I’ll do my best to inform you of these kinds of developments but ultimately you need to be empowered to search these things out for yourself.

The other thing is you need to do is tell your representatives that in no uncertain terms should they be supporting any measure that would ultimately abdicate our rights to the wishes of a foreign power.

How to Make Baking Powder

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Baking powder is one of those must-have ingredients in everyone’s pantry. If you plan on cooking any type of cookie, pancake, muffins and so on and you need to have baking powder.

As far as prepping goes, the problem with baking powder is that it’s shelf life is only about 9 to 12 months. And what I’ve seen — especially when it’s been already opened — the shelf life appears to be even shorter than that.

So in an extended SHTF situation, what are you going to do if you need to bake some cookies (only slightly kidding here)?

Well, luckily the core ingredients of baking powder have an indefinite shelflife and there’s a good chance that they are already in your home right now.

How to Make Baking Powder

What You’ll Need:

  • baking soda
  • cream of tartar

The Process:

This process is so simple I don’t even know why I bother to put up pictures but it basically goes like this…

Mix two parts of cream of tartar with one part of baking soda and there you go, you have baking powder.

The “two parts” can be anything from 2 cups to 1 cup, or 2 teaspoons to 1 teaspoon and so on. So, instead of making a huge batch all at once, the best thing to do is just make the little you need at that very moment.

Again, because cream of tartar and baking soda both have an indefinite shelf-life, these are fantastic additions to your long-term storage if they’re not part of it already.

If you like these kinds of tips, but want to go deeper in your preparations be sure to check out my step-by-step prepping program called Prepper Academy.

Take care and stay safe you guys,

– Erich

Product Review: How to Turn Invisible with the Ghost Blind

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

Have you ever wished that you could get your hands on an invisibility cloak like what’s used in JKK Rowling’s Harry Potter series? Imagine the cool things you could do with that?

Well, we might not be able to have an invisibility cloak but there is a relatively new product on the market today that can very well mimic this sort of effect with surprisingly good results.

It’s called the GhostBlind and it is marketed to the hunting community but I see some fantastic applications for preppers (which I’ll get into in a second).

But first…

What’s a GhostBlind?

A GhostBlind is basically a portable hunting blind (or hide area) that conceals you from your quarry.

What makes it unique or different from other blinds?

Well, typically when you set up a blind it is either one that is made from natural materials or a commercially made “portable” blind.

The nature-made ones use materials from the land you’re hunting in and can be made to blend into an area with incredible effectiveness that man and animal will pass by without notice. Here’s a great example demonstrated by

The problem is, once it’s set up (which can take some time), it’s not possible to simply pick it up and place in a new area. It’s basically married to the spot that it’s in.

To remedy this, the hunting-sport marketplace has a number of portable blinds that are basically camouflaged shelters that are easy to set up like a tent. These are intended to be placed in an area that is frequented by your game (like deer or turkey).

The problem with the portable blinds are that (unless blended in with natural materials) they don’t fool man or animal. They are pretty easy to pick out in the landscape:

The above picture is obviously an extreme example, but even when situated in an area that it’s intended for, they are still pretty noticeable:

Why use it in hunting? Well, the goal with this type of blind is that you want your quarry to become used to or “acclimated” to the blind, so over time they don’t see it anymore. Once they habituate around it, it becomes a very effective hunting tool.

What a Ghostblind does is takes the best of both worlds. You have a tool that can make you invisible in any environment AND it’s super portable.

How Does a GhostBlind Work?

The way it works is actually very simple.

The outer surface of the blind that faces your intended prey is very reflective (it’s made of Mylar). So after setting it up, the surface is naturally angled toward the ground and will reflect whatever ground area you have in front of it — making it appear that there is a seamless surface in front of you (check out the video of me demonstrating it):

Is it Really That Effective?

With regards to hunting (its intended purpose) I’ve had some fantastic results. Just recently, I was on a turkey hunt with my friend and I decided to test this GhostBlind out for the first time. My friend was buried deep in a thicket (how we normally hunt turkey), completely camouflaged from head to toe, and was making a hen call to draw out a Tom so that we could fill our tag.

Sure enough, after a few minutes a Tom, looking for some action, came strutting out into the open within 5 yards of my blind. Now keep in mind, I did not have any camouflage on whatsoever. Unlike my friend, I wasn’t buried deep in a thicket but I was completely exposed and out in the open. The only thing I did use was a camouflage headnet to break up the features of my exposed and non-camouflaged face peeking over the top of the blind.

So how did it turn out? Well, that turkey was on the menu that night.

For those of you who aren’t too familiar with hunting or hunting turkey, let’s just say it is even more impressive when you realize that one of the best senses a turkey has is its sense of sight. It’s actually quite amazing how good their sight is.

Note: if you’re interested in learning how to hunt, specifically how to “survival hunt” (basically how to use hunting for survival purposes) be sure to check out Tactical Intelligence’s most recent product release called Survival Hunting

If any of your camouflage isn’t just right, or you’re not hidden in the right way, or you make a wrong motion, then the turkey immediately will do it’s “putt, putt” alarm and take off running. They especially get super-wary at the end of the hunting season (which is when my friend and I were testing the blind).

The fact that I was completely out in the open and the turkey hadn’t noticed me shows that, for all extents and purposes, I was invisible to that very aware bird.

Using the Ghost Blind for Prepping Purposes

Besides hunting and acquiring food, how does the GhostBlind relate or apply to prepping?

Well, going back to hunting, one of the great things about this blind is that it is super light and easy to carry into the field. The advantage of this is that you can set the blind up practically anywhere with fantastic results.

So, in other words, you don’t need to set up a more permanent blind as you would normally do when you hunt – thereby making your presence known to others that might be hunting or traveling in that area.

So again, it allows for very easy setup and takedown which makes it super discrete.

The other advantage is that it works very well against two legged creatures – in other words, man.

For example, I love to do nature observation and photography and this blind has come in real handy for that. While I am out in the bush, I will set up the GhostBlind oftentimes in the middle of a field to observe deer and other wildlife in their natural environment.

I’ve often had hikers and other people walk right by the field within yards of where I was setup (again, out in the open) and not see me.

I’m sure by now the wheels in your head are spinning and you can see the application as far as defense of your retreat or home with a blind such as this.

Check out this video that I did that shows just how effective this blind is:

Since you know the secret of how this blind works, you may have picked it out but hopefully you still can see the benefit that it provides.

Of course, the downside of this blind is that it is not bulletproof — it may make for good concealment but it definitely makes for terrible cover.

If you did want to make a more bulletproof type of a blind then I would recommend making one of those bulletproof, portable walls I demonstrate in my Prepper Academy course. These would go hand-in-hand with this type of blind. Also if the blind were to be situated in front of some type of cover like a stone wall or something similar then it would also be very effective as both a great form of concealment as well as cover.

I’m sure you guys can think of a lot of other applications but so far these are some of things that have come to mind for me.

If you’re interested in getting one of these blinds yourself, the cheapest place I found them is on Amazon:

Ghostblind 4-Panel Predator Blind

Take care guys and stay safe out there,

– Erich

TI News Alert: De-Dollarization is Starting To Happen

Saturday, June 21st, 2014

It’s no secret that the U.S. Government has been living WAAAY beyond its means for far too long now. Currently as it stands, the U.S. is 17.5 trillion dollars in debt and with a GDP of 16.7 trillion and tax revenues at 3.5 trillion, we won’t be catching up with the current rate of spending anytime soon.

Add to that the constant Quantitative Easing (ie “printing” of money) to pay off our debts, and what you have is the continual devaluation of the dollar.

So why aren’t we seeing huge inflation and a world-wide running away from the dollar as we have seen in Argentina or Zimbabwe? Well, one of the BIG reasons is that the dollar has been the world-reserve currency for some time now, but it looks like that is changing…

What’s Happening

Not surprisingly, none of the mainstream media is covering this but what should be front and center for every “aware” American is that Russia is actually making a move against the petrodollar.

Again, this isn’t entirely new news. Since earlier this year in April, Russia has been talking about a “de-dollarization strategy” on the petrodollar (the U.S. dollar) as reported in The Voice of Russia:

Russian press reports that the country’s Ministry of Finance is ready to greenlight a plan to radically increase the role of the Russian ruble in export operations while reducing the share of dollar-denominated transactions. Governmental sources believe that the Russian banking sector is “ready to handle the increased number of ruble-denominated transactions”.

According to the Prime news agency, on April 24th the government organized a special meeting dedicated to finding a solution for getting rid of the US dollar in Russian export operations. Top level experts from the energy sector, banks and governmental agencies were summoned and a number of measures were proposed as a response for American sanctions against Russia.

The “de-dollarization meeting” was chaired by First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Igor Shuvalov, proving that Moscow is very serious in its intention to stop using the dollar.

This would be a HUGE economic blow to us here and would essentially end the dollar’s monopoly as the petrodollar.

So were they all talk back in April? Just mad at us for the economic sanctions we slapped on them earlier?


It looks like it’s really happening…

Russia is Abandoning the Dollar

Gazprom (who is our planet’s largest natural gas producer) has just finished signing agreements with some of their largest customers to switch payments for natural gas from U.S. dollars to euros.

So how does this relate to Russia? Well, the Russian government holds a majority stake in Gazprom, so this deal did not happen by chance, but happened with the full approval of the Russian government.

The following excerpt comes from a news report by the ITAR-TASS news agency

Gazprom Neft had signed additional agreements with consumers on a possible switch from dollars to euros for payments under contracts, the oil company’s head Alexander Dyukov told a press conference.

Additional agreements of Gazprom Neft on the possibility to switch contracts from dollars to euros are signed. With Belarus, payments in roubles are agreed on,” he said.

Dyukov said nine of ten consumers had agreed to switch to euros.

Gazprom isn’t the only large Russian corporation moving away from the dollar. Here’s another report by RT (Russia Today):

Russia will start settling more contracts in Asian currencies, especially the yuan, in order to lessen its dependence on the dollar market, and because of Western-led sanctions that could freeze funds at any moment.

“Over the last few weeks there has been a significant interest in the market from large Russian corporations to start using various products in renminbi and other Asian currencies, and to set up accounts in Asian locations,” Pavel Teplukhin, head of Deutsche Bank in Russia, told the Financial Times, which was published in an article on Sunday.

Diversifying trade accounts from dollars to the Chinese yuan and other Asian currencies such as the Hong Kong dollar and Singapore dollar has been a part of Russia’s pivot towards Asian as tension with Europe and the US remain strained over Russia’s action in Ukraine.

And to further pound the proverbial nail in the coffin, Russians have been pulling their money out of U.S. banks at an unprecedented rate:

So in March, without waiting for the sanction spiral to kick in, Russians yanked their moolah out of US banks. Deposits by Russians in US banks suddenly plunged from $21.6 billion to $8.4 billion. They yanked out 61% of their deposits in just one month! They’d learned their lesson in Cyprus the hard way: get your money out while you still can before it gets confiscated.

What This Means to You

Again, because the U.S. dollar is the world reserve currency, we gain a massive advantage in that the value of the dollar is kept artificially high and at the same time our borrowing costs artificially low.

Sure, if Russia pulls out of the dollar it will hurt us, but the REAL BLOW will come when other countries follow suit — leading to a financial avalanche.

This is just the turning point of the collapse of the dollar and our way of life as we’ve come to know it.

What You Should Do About It

I’ve always been a big proponent of holding a good portion of your assets in gold (and to a lesser extent, silver)…of course, AFTER you’ve stocked up on food, water and energy storage.

So if you haven’t yet, its time to start getting prepared. This collapse won’t happen immediately, but at the rate things are moving, I don’t think we have much more time.

If you’ve been struggling with getting prepared, and need a solid, step-by-step approach on how to do it, be sure to check out my “hold you by the hand, step-by-step” prepping program called Prepper Academy. Check it out here.

Product Review: The SIRT Training Pistol

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

If you could shoot thousands of rounds from the comfort of your home for practically no cost and at the same time be coached in proper trigger control, would this intrigue you?

There’s so much demand for ammunition right now from both the civilian sector as well as government that not only the cost of ammunition has risen but it’s made it difficult to find quantities in stock.

Because of the prices and difficulty in finding ammunition, many preppers, law-enforcement agencies, and civilians are seeking for cheaper and alternative ways to supplement their firearms training.

Dry-fire training is always an option however few have the discipline or even patience to use this method of practice.

…Enter the SIRT training pistols from Next Level Training.

SIRT stands for Shot Indicating Reset Trigger and it is one of the most unique laser training devices I’ve encountered on the market in a while, and it really adds a tremendous dimension to your dry–fire training.

Mike Hughes, a former cast member and finalist for History Channel’s Top Shot, is the founder and CEO of Next Level Training and creator of the SIRT pistol.

So why should you train with the SIRT pistol? Well, Mike (along with many firearms instructors) feels that one of the important (if not the most important) techniques to master in firearm shooting is proper trigger control.

Proper trigger control can only be mastered with high volume, repetitive training along with proper diagnosis from a competent coach. According to Mike, the SIRT training pistol’s greatest benefit is that it allows for self-diagnosis — in other words, the pistol will tell you when you are shooting correctly or incorrectly.

So how does it work? I’ll do my best to explain in the following video:

You can see that the primary benefit of the SIRT pistol is that it will tell you (or your instructor can easily see) if you are mashing or whacking the trigger based on how the laser moves and dances all over the target.

In addition, the all-too-important “take up and reset” part of multiple trigger presses is easily drilled into your technique with this training pistol.

When it comes to putting bullets into your target consistently, reliably, and accurately, there are two main areas of concern. The first is front site focus and the second – and most difficult to master – is trigger control. If you can learn to master trigger control, you’re shooting ability will go through the roof.

You can check it out over at Amazon:

TI News Brief: Gov't Initiative "Operation Choke Point" Aimed at Closing Down all Gun Dealers

Saturday, June 14th, 2014

What Is Happening

I guess I’m not surprised anymore at the current administration’s obvious disdain for anyone (except their goons) being able to have firearms.

The latest anti-gun measure coming from the Dept of Justice is affectionately being called “Operation Choke Point” as detailed in The Daily Caller:

Operated under a cloud of secrecy by the Department of Justice and in coordination with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Operation Choke Point forces banks to keep a closer eye on companies in industries that are deemed “high risk”, including gun and ammunition dealers, coin dealers, payday lenders, and debt consolidation service providers.

What This Means to You

This may sound reasonable or benign since gun and ammunition dealers are just part of the mix with coin dealers, payday lenders, and others but in reality it has nothing to do with “high risk” in terms of the financial health of a company.

For example, Mark Cohen, who owns Powderhorn Outfitters, a Hyannis, Mass. gun retailer, said that his longtime bank, TD Bank, refused to extend a line of credit because of the business he is in.

It has nothing to do with his financials or that he is really a risk in any way, in fact Mark and his business have excellent credit and have been in business for over 20 years without so much as a missed payment.

“Our loan was turned not because of our credit — we had perfect financials and been working with the same bank manager for 20 years. It was just because we sell guns — and they said that to us specifically,” he said.

The Washington Times had reported the following about Operation Chokepoint:

Operation Choke Point has caught the attention of lawmakers in Congress, who have called for investigative hearings and potential legislation if the operation isn’t stopped.

The “extraordinary breadth of the [Justice] Department’s dragnet prompts concern that the true goal of Operation Choke Point is not to cut off actual fraudsters’ access to the financial system but rather to eliminate legal financial services to which the Department objects,” the congressmen said in their letter, of which The Washington Times has obtained a copy.

What You Should Do About It

TD Bank, who denied gun dealer Mark Cohen with a line of credit, was pretty surprised when Mark emailed his entire customer/contact mailing list as well as wrote a blog post for the website Northeast Shooters about what happened.

Because of that, hundreds (and growing) had closed their accounts with TD Bank and moved on to other banks more supportive of the Second Amendment. TD Bank had since tried patching things up with Mr. Cohen, but justifiably he wanted nothing to do with them:

“They want to kiss and make up, but it’s too little, too late,” Cohen said.

This should be an example for us all.

First off, if you do do business with TD Bank or another bank that is anti-Second Amendment, it’s time we take our business elsewhere…and tell others. If enough of us do this, they’ll be forced to push back against this administration.

Dollar Store Survival

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

There’s no argument that prepping can be costly.

There’s food storage, weapons, ammunition, bug out supplies, emergency supplies for the home, fuel for cooking and heating, medical supplies, various training and so much more. The costs can become so high that it prevents people new to prepping from even starting because they think they will never reach a state of being prepared.

Don’t let the lack of money stop you from prepping!

It’s better to get started at least with some things and bootstrap your way from there.

For cost effective prepping supplies there is probably no better place than your local dollar store — sure, it might not be the best quality but you need to start somewhere. And when you have more money to spend you can upgrade a lot of these things that you get at the store for better quality supplies.

One warning though: there are many items that you can get elsewhere much cheaper. Some stores you can save a lot more when you buy in quantity from places like Walmart, Costco, and Sam’s Club.

In other words, do your due diligence as you’re shopping and you’ll be good to go. Aside from that, you still can get some pretty good deals at the dollar stores so check ’em out.

Here’s a gallery of items that I took pictures of from my local dollar store that should get you started with some ideas for emergency supplies for your home, for your car, as well as your bug out kits:

Around the beginning of gardening season you can find dollar stores selling vegetable and fruit seeds. I’ve even been able to find some heirlooms which will let you use and save the seeds from the veggies you grow.

Alcohol gels are a great addition to any bug-out bag or for emergency cooking in the home when forced to shelter-in-place.

18 liters of water for $1 is not a bad deal at all.

Bleach has many uses in a survival situation from disinfecting to water purification. Keep in mind though that the shelf life is only around 6 months at which point it starts to lose its effectiveness.

Fire from sun anyone?

Even though these socks are “death cloth” (cotton) having a few extra in your bug-out bag is not a bad thing when the ones you’re using to hike out to a safe place get wet.

Although I prefer a Shemagh (because they’re a bit bigger), bandannas still have a ton of survival uses from slings, to sediment filters, to tourniquets, to much more. They hardly take up any space and should be part of everyone’s bug-out bag.

Protection from the rain. This should last at least 72 hours which is perfect for a BOB.

Baby wipes and other sani-wipes are also great for around-the-house or bug-out bag cleansing needs.

People tend to forget the importance of entertainment and other morale boosting activities when in a stressful situation. Dollar stores have a lot of easy-to-pack games and activities that are great for your kids bug-out bags.

Although you can get them cheaper in bulk, I like the small supplies of over-the-counter meds that the dollar stores have for my bug-out bags since I don’t want to carry a full-size bottle.

Alchohol, Hydrogen Peroxide and other first-aid items can be found cheap at the dollar stores and are great to have around the house for emergencies.

Cotton balls and Vaseline (not shown) are great firestarters for your BOB.

Although they’re not Lithium, having a bunch of batteries around is always good until you can upgrade to some better supplies.

Mouse traps are not only good for trapping small game if bugging out but can be set up as early-warning devices around your bug-out camp.

LED lights both last long and are pretty sturdy. A must have in your home and BOB.

Steel wool and a 9-volt battery (also sold at the dollar store) can be decent firestarters in a pinch (although I’d much prefer a lighter or matches).

Work gloves are another important item to have in your BOB.

Steel wire is excellent for improvised animal snares (and human) while out in the bush and may be something you want to add to your BOB.

Drop cloths can make serviceable lean-to shelters.

Some type of cordage (preferably paracord) is a must have for survival situations.

Bungee cords are great for many things like binding kindling, holding items to your pack, securing shelter components and much more.

Dollar stores have surprisingly many food items that can be a great start to stocking your pantry.

Ramen is a great high-energy, lightweight meal to add to your bug-out bag.

Coffee filters are another great sediment filter for cleaning water prior to boiling it when out in the wild.

Although I would highly recommend NOT buying a knife from the dollar stores for survival use, if that’s all you can handle financially it is better than nothing at all.

If you’re packing your BOB with canned goods, don’t forget the can opener.

Matches, lighters, and other fire-making implements are always a very important part of survival.

Aluminum foil is great for cooking food in fires, as a heat reflector (like Mylar space blankets), makeshift water containers, as well as a signaling device.

These ziplock bags are great for using the SODIS method of water purification. They take up practically no room and are a great addition to your BOB.

After your water is purified, a straw makes it a ton easier to drink from a plastic bag.

These Sham Wow knock offs absorb a ton of water like a sponge. These are great for wiping the morning dew off of grass for water collection in a survival situation.

Trash bags are another multiple purpose survival item — again from makeshift ponchos, to water collection devices, to floating aids when crossing deep water, and much more.

How Animals Can Save You From Disaster

Monday, June 9th, 2014

As I teach in my end-to-end prepping course called Prepper Academy, being aware of “pre-disaster indicators” is absolutely key if you want to make a strategic (and potentially life-saving) exit before the SHTF.

Typically these revolve around keeping your eyes on things like global economics, the currency, local and national crime patterns, newly passed laws, and other trends. As you become perceptive to these occurrences and trends you’ll be at an advantage when it’s time to bug out — avoiding the masses of “blind” people stuck or left behind because they didn’t see disaster coming (in whatever form it may come).

This cool infographic originally posted by does a good job at opening up your eyes to nature-related “pre-disaster indicators” courtesy of mother nature herself:

TI News Brief: Gov't Going too Far? Forced Child Detainment and Questioning in American Hospitals

Friday, June 6th, 2014

Would you be comfortable with your child being detained and questioned privately the next time you bring them in for a routine medical checkup like a physical?

Yeah, I wouldn’t either. But it’s happening.

There is now a new Michigan medical records access law that reportedly requires doctors to have a private conversation with minors when the parents bring them in for medical care.

Here’s the sign that Christy Duffy was confronted with when she brought her daughter in for a minor foot injury:

When Mrs. Duffy got home, she wrote this response on her blog as a public warning announcement:

Let’s get one thing straight: no doctor or nurse is going to sequester my children in an exam room and talk to them privately. Period. This public service announcement made necessary because of this sign, posted at the check-in counter of my doctor’s office.

I was there last week for an appointment for Amy. She hurt her foot, which makes dancing difficult, so we had to get that checked out. Amy is 17; I asked if this policy was in effect and if so, how could I opt out. The receptionist told me it’s a new law and there is no opting out. Working to keep my cool, I said, “I’m sure there is.” She said, “No, there isn’t.” At which point I asked if I needed to leave and go to the urgent care center because I was not submitting my daughter to such a conversation.

That did not go over well.

The receptionist closed the window. Almost immediately, the office manager turned the corner and said, “Mrs. Duffy, may I speak with you?”

She said there was a new policy that would allow a child to access his/her medical records online and the child would be allowed to block a parent from viewing the website. The nurse would also inform my children that the doctor’s office is a safe place for them to receive information about STDs, HIV and birth control. That is what the nurse would be chatting about with my children without any pesky parental oversight.

I kindly informed her that no one would be talking with my children privately, and I needed to know how to opt out of this policy before bringing Amy back for her physical next month. (Yay for physicals! Amy is so excited.)

By this time, the doctor was ready to see Amy so I had to cut the conversation short because I was not letting my girl out of my eyesight or earshot. Not when it was clear that these people were angling to undermine my parental authority.

Does that sound a bit dramatic to you? It shouldn’t. Because that is exactly what they are trying to do.

Make sure this is crystal clear: what they want to do is talk to your child about sex and drugs (maybe rock and roll – who knows?) without your input. Is it really such a stretch to imagine that a doctor who does not value abstinence before marriage would encourage your daughters – as young as 12! – to receive birth control? Is it really such a stretch to imagine a nurse telling a young boy – because a 12 year old boy is a BOY – that she will give him condoms so he can be “safe”? Is this what you want told to your children without the ability to filter the info through your world view?

Should a doctor ever ask to speak to a child without a parent present? If he/she suspects abuse then of course. But short of evidence of abuse, a doctor should not need to speak to a child alone.

I am the Mom. I will pick who can talk to my kids about sex and drugs. And rock-n-roll for that matter.

Regardless what health care provider you choose, please know that no one has the right to remove you from your child’s exam room. Perhaps if more of us stood up for our rights as parents, this ludicrous undermining of parental authority might end.

This is just another example of the overreaching we’re seeing at all levels of the government.

You may think that this is a very minor thing but keep in mind that more and more of these laws are getting into the books with more coming.

It may start as something seemingly benign, but if we’re not careful and we let these “harmless” ones pass without resistance it’s only going to get much worse.