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12 Survival Uses for Duct Tape

Thursday, March 20th, 2014 just recently released a pretty cool infographic showing some interesting (some, like the helmet, are a bit ridiculous) survival uses for duct tape that I thought you’d be interested in checking out.

At the end of the graphic are some additional survival uses that I like to use it for. I’d love to hear some other uses that you’ve found so leave them in the comments below.

7 Additional Survival Uses for Duct Tape

Here are a few additional uses that I’ve found (and used) for duct tape.

  • Remove ticks from clothing: Anytime I’m hunting or walking in the woods I often find ticks crawling up my pants or shirt to find a warm, dark spot. I use duct tape to quickly grab them like improvised fly paper.
  • Improvised boot lacing: There was one time I needed a boot lace while out in the woods to make a bowdrill fire. The lace eventually broke so I was left without one. I used some duct tape to wrap around the boot ankle as “lacing” for a tight, supportive binding to get out of the wilds. *Note: I now use paracord in place of lacing for all my shoe wear. These don’t break when doing a bowdrill or other heavy-duty activity.
  • Survival arrow fletching: If you can’t find feathers, duct tape will make a very serviceable arrow fletching.
  • Water container repair: Duct tape does a great job at repairing small leaks in water bottles or bladders.
  • Cordage: Duct tape makes for excellent cordage in a survival situation. Either used wrapped around objects like stakes for building shelters or even twisted on itself to make actual rope.
  • Improvised water containers: Yes, you can even fold and piece duct tape together to make a very serviceable water container.
  • Container sealer: Duct tape makes a fantastic air/water tight seal for food storage containers or ammo cans.

What else do you use it for? Leave a comment below…