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Bug Out Security System

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Here’s a piece of gear that I thought you guys would find interesting.

It’s essentially a portable perimeter security system that can be set up when you are camping or in a bug-out situation.

The way it works is through a broadcasted RF signal. Basically, from the center of where it is placed, it will blanket an area 400 sq. feet with an invisible RF “fence”. Anything that breaches that area will trip a loud 120db siren.

Some of you are probably thinking the same thing that crossed my mind, “won’t every small animal that comes into the camp area trip the alarm?” Well, after doing some more research from the manufacturer, it appears that the signal is broadcasted in line with and above the device. So if you raise it up a couple feet, it will allow small animals such as racoons, skunks and others to come and go underneath whereas anything bigger (bear, deer, human etc) will trip it.

Without having actually tried this product myself, I can’t speak to its effectiveness. However, there are a couple of things with it that could be potential issues, especially in a bug-out scenario:

  • Limited Broadcast Area: The area that the RF signal covers is only around 400 square feet. So if you were to place the device next to your tent for example, it would only have a perimeter that is around 10 feet from any side of the tent (20 x 20 foot total).

    For this application, it seems that it would hardly be an effective early warning device since whatever threat breaches the perimeter would be practically right on top of you.

    One good thing though is the loud 120 decibel siren would definitely startle an intruder (especially an animal), perhaps giving you the needed time to reach for your weapon.

  • Weight: At around 10 lbs this device may not be heavy when carried by itself, but if you were to include it in your bug-out bag — where weight and space come at a premium — it could become too cumbersome.

There are cheaper DIY (I’ll post in a future article how to make these) perimiter security systems you could set up that would have a greater range and thus give you more of a warning. I would definitely recommend making a few of these to pack in your BOBs. Here are a couple example videos from southernprepper1 and modernsurvivalonline:

Gerald Celente Predicts October's Unraveling and Upcoming Trends

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Gerald Celente, top trends forecaster of the last 3 decades, is pinning October of this year to be the start of the big unraveling with a warning that Americans should prepare for a rough ride this winter.

In his interview with Infowars Nightly News host Alex Jones, he lays out the coming trends just over the horizon:

Gerald Celente on the Timeline for Collapse and Recommendations

When is it going to collapse? Like I said, I’ve never seen a summer like this. I think we’re going to see the Winter of Discontent…You’re going to start seeing an unraveling more and more every day as you watch the news. So, October is my month, and it’s only a guesstimate, that we’re going to see the big unraveling.

Even if it doesn’t happen in October, because you don’t know what phony schemes they’re going to come up with, it’s going to happen eventually. And, that’s why I’m fully invested in gold.

Look at housing. How many times did they say the real estate market is turning around. It’s worse. It’s worse than it was during the Great Depression, and it’s only going to get worse.

We’re seeing a collapse happening. It’s an economic collapse worldwide.

China’s not going to make it out of it, Brazil’s not going to. That old saying ‘when America sneezes the world catches a cold’ – we’re the largest consumers hands down. Us and Europe are going under.

What we’re telling people is, know where you’re money is, because we’re going to see bank failures one after another…This thing is running out of control and we’re telling people to take proactive measures.

You better learn how to protect yourself. Gerald Celente’s three G’s. Gold, Guns and a Getaway Plan. Because it’s not going to be nice.

Increasing Civil Unrest in the United States

Look what’s going on in the UK. Look at the riots – they called them hooligans and criminals. It’s the same thing that’s happening around the world. And it’s going to happen here in the U.S.

You know my saying, ‘when people lose everything, and they have nothing left to lose, they lose it.’ And they’re losing it.

Use the UK as your model. They’re taking away all civil liberties…What happens is, the more the government loses control, the harder they are going to crack down on us.

So, when you see a society where so many young people have no education, they can’t get jobs, they’re wacked out on drugs… you think you’re going to see a lot more violence? The response is going to be ‘we gotta crack down on crime.’

The worse crime becomes, the harder they’re going to crack down on us.

They’ll use it… just as the United States used 9/11 to rape us of our Constitutional rights. That’s where we’re going and it’s only going to get much worse…

False Flag Attacks

Look for a false flag attack – be it terror, or something along the line of fear and hysteria. Things are going to get very ugly. Crime is going to escalate at levels we’ve never seen before. The presstitutes are going to keep coming out with these phony figures, just like they do with inflation, just like they do with unemployment. They’re going to come out with them in crime.

The Growing Gap between the Rich and Poor: The Great War of the 21st Century

It’s the beginning of the first great war of the 21st Century…The war is underway. It’s class warfare. It’s going to be a battle between the have’s and the have not’s. Only a very few have everything and way too many have much too little.

For the complete interview, see the following videos:

Top 10 Most Influential Survival and Preparedness Blogs

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

When it comes to the blogosphere there always seems to be a group of blogs, like individuals, that stand out from the crowd and provide great content and a lot of influence. In the survival and preparedness community this is no exception.

In this list I share the top 10 most influential survival and preparedness blogs. Although this may be my list, I did not pick these randomly. I used a number of factors in determining their “influence”: Google PageRank, number of incoming links, traffic, blog comments/discussions, and Alexa Rank as well as “that special something” (very scientific, I know).

Well, without further ado, here are The Top 10 Most Influential Survival and Preparedness Blogs:

10. The Survival Mom (

Starting out the list we have The Survival Mom. Although she caters to the matriarch of the family, Lisa Bedford (aka “The Survival Mom”) has plenty of tips and advice that are great for women and men alike.

With a wide range of articles related to survival and preparedness, consistent updates, and a number of fantastic guest posters, The Survival Mom will have you coming back for more.

Here are a few of my favorites:

9. The Survival Cache (

Although it is promoted as a survival-gear review site, The Survival Cache has such a great number of articles on preparedness and survival that brings it to our number 9 spot within the top 10 blogs.

Given their diverse background (former SEALs and Marines, scientists, hardcore preppers and more) the guys over at The Survival Cache have a boat-load of experience to draw upon — and they use that experience to write excellent gear reviews and articles related to survival and preparedness.

Here are some of my favorites:

8. Surviving in Argentina (

Fernando “Ferfal” Aguirre is unique in the sense that he has lived it (and is still living it). Easily pulling in our number 8 spot, Surviving in Argentina is about one man’s experience in a post economic-collapsed country and how he has had to adapt to the challenges and changes that came about. His insights provide a great model whereby many North Americans (and Europeans) can prepare for an impending economic collapse on their own soil.

Here are a number of great reads from Ferfal’s blog:

7. Survival Topics (

If you’ve been a regular reader here at Tactical Intelligence .NET then you’d know the importance I place on adding wilderness survival skills to your “survival portfolio”. Even if you live and exclusively roam around in a purely urban environment, the core principles you come to understand through practicing wilderness survival will translate and apply to an urban setting.

One of the best sites out there related to wilderness survival skills, and number 7 in our list, is Ron Fontaine’s Survival Topics. Instead of just regurgitating things found in survival books, Ron follows a very similar approach that I do in that he practices and talks about things that he tries/uses/experiments with personally.

Here are some of my favorites articles from the Survival Topics site:

6. Modern Survival Online (

Our number 6 goes out to Rourke’s Modern Survival Online, which aims to teach and inform the average person about how to prepare for difficult times ahead. With the understanding that not everyone has the funds to build and stock a “survival retreat”, Modern Survival Online’s hope is to help the every-day person become better prepared.

Besides the great articles that Rourke puts out, he also has the best (I haven’t found one better yet) free survival resources page — everything from weapons and communications to medical and gardening. All free and all fantastic.

Here is a great collection of articles from the Modern Survival Online:

5. Survival Spot (

Teaching not only the “how’s” but the “why’s” of emergency preparedness, our number 5 spot (no pun intended) — Survival Spot — is dedicated entirely to the practice and philosophy of survival.

William Atkin runs a great blog with plenty of articles, videos and DIYs on topics ranging from wilderness survival to homesteading.

Here are some great examples:

4. The Survivalist Blog (

Number 4 in our top 10 list goes out to

M.D. Creekmore’s TheSurvivalistBlog has an interesting backstory that makes it unique in the blogosphere. M.D. left the rat-race, bought two acres of land off grid for $2,000 and parked a 26 foot travel trailer on it where he lives full-time. Since M.D. lives what he writes, his articles provide many insights and advice that are rarely found in other survival blogs.

TheSurvivalistBlog has so many fantastic articles it’s hard to narrow them down to four. Here are some of my all-time favorites:

3. The Survival Podcast (

Although not specifically a written blog per se (there are some articles), number 3 on the list goes out to The Survivalist Podcast, an excellent “audio-blog” for all things survival.

Jack Spirko, who runs The Survival Podcast, provides a daily online audio program that focuses on modern survival concepts and philosophy. Some of what he teaches are skills such as gardening and permaculture, food storage techniques, alternative investing strategies, keeping small livestock, home energy production, food preservation, and creating individual liberty.

An excellent resource and well worth your time.

2. SHTF Plan (

For number 2 and our runner-up we have Mac Slavo’s SHTFPlan covers a host of topics that include preparedness planning, investing, geo-politics and self reliance. You won’t be disappointed with the daily dose of information, lively discussions (via the comments section) and eye-opening articles.

Here’s just a sample:

1. Survival Blog (

James Rawles’ Survival Blog is probably the best known blog dealing with survival and preparedness topics on the web — and for good reason. As our number 1 spot on the top 10 list, The Survival Blog has a wealth of information with a large amount of the articles coming from guest writers. This allows many “experts” to voice their experience and skills over a wide range of topics that no one person could do by themselves.

Given the thousands of articles, it would take you weeks just to make a dent in them.

Here’s just a sampling: