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How to Make a Quick-Access Magnetic Holster

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

If suddenly faced with a surprise home-invasion (or a robbery at your business), most firearm owners understand the importance of having your firearm available at a moments notice. But constantly carrying it on your person while lounging around the house isn’t comfortable or practical and leaving it out in the open is — for obvious reasons — not a wise thing to do.

To rectify this, there have been a number of manufacturers that have come up with magnetic-type holsters that you can install in strategic, concealed parts of your home (or business) allowing you to place your firearm in whatever room you happen to be in at the time. Some of these magnetic holsters (like the “FAST” holster) goes for upwards of $30 a pop. Why pay this when you can make one yourself that costs around $6 and takes about 5 minutes of your time to put together? Here’s the process:

How to Make a Magnetic Holster

What You’ll Need

  • 3 Ceramic Block Magnets (available at most hardware stores)
  • Wood Paint Stirrer (a wooden ruler works fine too)
  • 1″ diameter Shrink Tubing (available at some hardware stores or automotive stores). You’ll want about 8″ in length (this can be two pieces of commonly sold 4″ as well).

Assembling the Magnetic Holster

Step 1: Lay out the magnets. You’ll want to place the three magnets on the paint stirrer close enough together that side-by-side they can fit within the front and rear sight (for vertical hanging).
Step 2: Slide Shrink Tubing over Magnets and Wood: Next, slide your shrink tubing over the magnets and wood (overlap the tubing if you have two 4″ pieces) leaving about 3/4″ of tubing on either side.
Step 3: Heat the Shrink Tubing: Now using a candle, torch, or heatgun, heat up the tubing until it completely contracts around the wood and magnets.
Step 4: Drill Holes and Cut to Length: Using a wood drill, drill a small hole on either side of the magnets and cut off the excess wood.

That’s it! Pretty easy huh? Now just install them wherever you think appropriate in your home or business. Here’s some examples:

Some Examples on Where to Install the Magnetic Holsters

*A quick note on safety: These magnetic holsters can be installed pretty much anywhere you think is appropriate, safe, and easily accessible. If you have small children in the home, I recommend only placing your gun on one of the magnetic holsters when you are in the room (ie watching a movie, working etc.). Guns should definitely NOT be left unattended around the house attached to these types of holsters when there are little, curious hands about. Also be mindful of local laws.

In a Closet

In this picture you can see my Walther PPK can be attached to this type of holster just as easily as my Glock.

Under a Table

Storing your firearm under a coffee table or workbench makes your firearm easily accessible while you’re working or watching television. In this picture you can see it hanging in a vertical position.

Beside your Bed

It’s a good idea to keep your firearm close by while sleeping.

Video Example

Also, check out this quick video I put together showing how easy it is to grab and store a firearm with one of these holsters:


Many thanks to SafeArmsReview for the inspiration behind this idea!

Urban Survival: A Growing Trend in America

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Here’s a short clip from Fox News that I thought was interesting on how “survivalists” are becoming more mainstream. I’m all for it, the more of us that are prepared for tough times, the better able we are to help ourselves and others when those times come. Enjoy!