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5.11 Push Pack Review

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

If you’ve already read my article on How to Put Together a Survival Kit then you know that I stress the importance of making your kit modular and multi-tiered. In this article I will be reviewing the 5.11 Tactical Push Pack which is a perfect solution for a modular, second-tiered every-day carry (EDC) kit.

First off, from the other products I’ve experienced, I highly recommend 5.11 Tactical as a company. They have a great selection of quality made clothing and tactical gear and this bag is no exception.

The PUSH Pack, short for Practical Utility Shoulder Hold, is a multi-compartmental, modern-day concealed carry bag. Fashioned after the messenger-style concept, you wear this over your shoulder and the bag sits to your side allowing for easy access to your EDC gear and firearm.

5.11 Push Pack Selling Points

Despite the many features of the bag, two main components stood out to me: The easily accessible concealed carry compartment and a restraining loop that sits on the outer part of the bag that lies flush with your body.

The benefit of the concealed carry pocket is that it allows for storage of a full-size pistol. When I’m out and about, I’d much rather be carrying my full-size Glock than my little Walther PPK. However, due to clothing restricitions (especially now that the weather is getting warmer) lugging along the Glock is just not practical.

Since this bag is now a common companion in my travels, carrying the full size is no longer a problem. The dedicated pocket has the additional benefit of being lined with the loop part of the velcro which allows for attaching a velcro-lined holster pouch (also made by 5.11) — keeping your firearm secure.

The other component that I mentioned was the outside restraining loop. One of the biggest headaches with backpacks and many other bags is the issue of them bouncing around when you need to be mobile. This loop — albeit simple in design — is brilliant. It allows for easy attachment to your belt which keeps the bag snug to your hips — a great benefit when you need to hot-tail it out of an area an not want your bag flopping all over the place.

5.11 Push Pack as an EDC Bag

If the 5.11 PUSH Pack had just those two features it would have been enough to sell me on it. But given that it has so many pockets and compartments, it’s also perfect for storing essential gear that you want to have with you at all times — like diapers, wipes and bottles (I’ve got a new baby after all 🙂 ) Besides, the diapers here’s what I’ve been recently storing in mine (this list is always subject to change):

  • Water Bottle
  • Compass
  • GPS/Phone
  • Wallet
  • Firestarters (lighter and ferrocerium rods)
  • Emergency Blanket and Poncho
  • 3600 Calorie Emergency Bar
  • 50 ft. Paracord
  • Fixed Blade Survival Knife (Bark River Bravo 1)
  • Leatherman Wave Multi-tool
  • Surefire Flashlight
  • Full-size Pistol
  • Lockpick Set
  • Polar Pure Water Purifier
  • Collapsible Water Jug
  • Quick Clot Trauma Dressing
  • Boo Boo Kit (iodine, butterfly closures, gauze etc)
  • Writing Implements
  • Rite in the Rain Notebook

As a final note, the PUSH Pack is also equipped with MOLLE/PALS webbing which allows for even more mods and attachments. This bag is awesome.

Video Review

I wanted to do my own video review showing not only the features of the bag but also how I tricked it out, but due to the fact that I’m barely able to keep up with my writing for this blog at the present time (it’s been crazy at the homefront with the 3 year old, the new baby, a wife that’s recovering from surgery, and me playing mr. mom as well as mr. dad) I’m going to leave the video review to the boys over at 5.11, so enjoy (email subscribers will need to click the link from the site):

Got Hacked

Friday, May 7th, 2010

At 2:13PM today, my sight got compromised by a malware-injection hack. Luckily, a friend of mine was able to contact me letting me know something was going on so I was able to fix the site very quickly.

Basically it took over each of my blog’s pages and would redirect users who visited my site to a malware site (which could potentially infect your computer if you inadvertently downloaded the program that the malware page feeds).

If you had visited my site between 2:13PM and 11PM EST today, then you may have seen some erratic behavior caused by the malicious code. Please accept my apologies for any issues this may have caused. I’m still trying to find the source of who may have done this.

Getting Ready for the Apocalypse

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

For those of you who are interested, a couple weeks back I was interviewed by a reporter from the AFP (Agence France-Presse) — a French news agency along the lines of Associated Press and Reuters. She had contacted me through this blog to do a piece on the growing interest in everyday people “prepping” for disaster — economic, natural, or otherwise.

It’s amazing that after many hours of doing the interview and taking video it gets cut down to under 2 minutes! Although I’m not quite sure how I feel about the title, I thought it came across well and didn’t make me out to look like some wacko (although I admit I am a bit strange ;)).