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How to Make Humanure: Recycling Human Waste


Humanure is our urine and feces in a nutshell.

We see it as waste Nature sees it as a good by-product of human existence. Our manure contains many nutrients that enhance plant growth. Human excrement could be a major source of soil fertility if properly recycled. When discarded into...


The Non-Preppers ‘Go Bag’


With all the terrible things bad people are doing in city precincts, shopping centres, cinemas etc. I began thinking how would I prepare for an emergency if I didn’t want to ‘technically’ prep? I don’t want to purchase all these gadgets and gizmos. I don’t need a fire starter, fish...


My New EDC Knife: Review of the Benchmade 551BK-1 Folder


Before I get into the actual review of the knife I really wanted to quickly provide some context and background about what knives I currently carry as an every-day carry knife and where this knife fits into that.

When it comes to daily carry there are two knives that I will...


Mental Games to Improve Your Survivability


You have prepared your food, water, shelter, and security, but have you prepared your mind?

There are many people who may have taken the time and effort to prepare all the “stuff” but when the SHTF they will freeze or fall apart because they haven’t taken the time to prepare...


How to Tan Rabbit Hides


Although this site covers various topics such as wilderness survival, personal protection, and getting your financial house in order — if there were just one topic that I would want you to work on, it would be this: Food Storage. If possible, every family should have some amount of food storage on hand — three...


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